PROJET 4-1 – First Look in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is testing the Projet 4-1 on the supertest. Here's all you need know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. And then next month will be another tank. The game needs to evolve

  2. My little brother

  3. reward or remake of tech tree…a trend

  4. Crap, this thing could make me grind hard for FL in 2020 (if it’s what WG do with it) s much as I did in 2019 and told myself “I’m done with this” …

  5. First we got the Scorpion G the the Scorpion Blyat and now the Scorpion Baguette

  6. it looks a lot like the UDES 14

  7. Parce que… c’est NOTRE PROJET!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. BatChat accuracy 0.38 ? Don’tmake me laugh .

  9. I think it looks like an owl, disguised as a tank… or a tank disguised as an owl, idk 😀

  10. Longest intra clip reload is on bc15558

  11. UR CLOSE TO 600kkkk

  12. i wish they had their low tier medium tanks lead to at least their non autoloader mediums. there should be enough paper tanks for that.

  13. Ugly AF.

  14. It will be like swedish tanks I bet

  15. Does it looks like a different version of the manticore? but it is a medium.

  16. It has an interesting look to it, looks pretty cool.
    Always nice to have more French tanks in the game. Hoping we get FCM F1 and Char 2C once multi-turret mechanics are sorted out.

  17. So can someone link me to Where this tank was an actual real tank ?

  18. WG: nEw TaNk!
    Me: let us use both guns on Lee and Grant

  19. its T9 which means reward vehicle for those who have no lives and can play all day every day.

  20. its not pronounced “projett”
    its “projai” or “projeh”

  21. Dear OB, I’ve benn watching your YT videos from almost the begining. I’ve seen that you use a customise mouse in order to play this game. May I know the DPI that you you use on playing? Thank you!

  22. That lighter is so loud

  23. Wow, French tank and it goes backward real fast. Uhm

  24. What’s the tank equivalent of whale riding? Is it this?

  25. could you implement a short section where you talk about the advent calendar tank?

  26. Is this a similar situation to the Soviet autoreloading/double gun heavys? Shows tier 9 first, rest of line gets introduced, premium talked about, basically confirmation of a sniping french autoloading medium line. Maybe it will have amazing camo, or siege mode, either way I am excited for this vehical.

  27. The Projet 4-1 looks somewhat close to the FV 1066 Senlac, the British tier 8 premium light tank

  28. This is what we clip tank:)

  29. For no reason it looks like a borsig for me

  30. everyone sub to quicky

  31. did he just go down on subscribers to 599k from 600k? or is it just me?

  32. CW reward calling it now >.>

  33. Oh great another french LT! Like the ebr wasnt enough

  34. Why wouldn’t you compare it to the T9 BC Medium?

  35. And still the T54E1 is trash on pen …:))

  36. It looks interesting in the current state. With your suggested changes, qb, it would just be a smaller bc. We hav the bc 25t ap for that, no need for a clone. The ridgeline capacity looks interesting and as a whole new playstyle for french autoloader, so i’d prefer it the way it looks now.

  37. Hull looks a lot like a UDES 15. What are the odds of this being a French auto loading hydraulic suspension tank?

  38. The thing hanging off the ass looks like a thermal baffle to redirect exhaust from a turbine engine. It’s too exposed for fuel or ammo and too distant from the engine housing to be anything related to the engine expect perhaps ventilation.
    The box on the turret, tho… that’s the ammunition store… have fun getting ammo racked whenever it takes any damage whatsoever.

    5 rounds per minute, 4 rounds per clip… means the reload time on that thing is going to be pretty bad. This means it’s going to be relegated almost entirely to sniping. And with that exhaustively long cycle time per shot it will either need to withdraw between shots or hope it can get two or three off before its lit and fired on, or the target just finds cover.

  39. Very nice tank I hope I can grind my way trough the missions

  40. Who cases if its a reward tank, I’ll never get any of those since I do not play missions or is good enough to do it without exploding in frustration.

    Maybe it should replace the AMX 50 120, that would be worth a grind.

  41. WG got tired of hearing you call the Progetto 46/65 *projet* so they made a new tank and named it a the Projet 4-1

  42. Those boxes on either side of the gun look like giftw-rapped ammo-racks waiting to happen

  43. It looks like a french UDES. The storage box at the back and the flat turret with the gun high up.

  44. I wonder when they fix gold shells, becouse now in tier 10 not even fun to play then all shoots only gold

  45. maybe it will go as a progression from the 50B heavy line to the mediums and likewise?

  46. @2:40 box is likely ammo rack, so not only a hit box but decapitation box as well

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