Prokhorovka Rumble

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  1. Last time I was this early, it was the first and only time I ever arrived on time to work

  2. Question: your autoaim behave? I don know what is the problem but in my case it is not working good in 8/10 cases

  3. Ravioli Ravioli man the aprc in this thing is so moody.

  4. 1:38 well that shot went behind the turret of the emil

  5. Youre wish came true 😮

  6. The M4 Ravioli, nice to see a gameplay on one of the quirkier tanks, the gun handling is particularly quirky..

  7. The problems I have with this tank show so nicely in this video:

    Or it misses with .32
    Or it bounces

  8. Circonflexes may I ask what your clan symbol means?

  9. Did anyone realized that he had 666 hp at the end

  10. best in-game comment by @nissalexxxa: “t43 is train spotting” .. rotfl

  11. This gun is so unreliable it makes me mad every time i play it..

  12. im so glad its not just me that struggles with this tanks gunner sometimes 😀

  13. Love how he’s in the middle of playing a game and someone in chat is asking him how to install his mod pack

  14. Single Hot Mom in Your Area

    The revolver has surprisingly good camo for such a tall tank

  15. Circon please tell me how u don’t get mad haha I need ur secrets. I haven’t played wot consistently for a while cuz I get so annoyed sometimes haha

  16. That T-43 mother of god, what in the actual fuck was he doing?

  17. how can Circon be positive about these morons around him, I`ll never understand

  18. Dont get too harsh on the Caravan, HQ radioed that a large coloumn of enemy tanks were spotted on Himmelsdorf heading towards Prohorovka so they ordered him to take a defensive position at the red line. After some time HQ radioed him again that the alarm was fake because the pilot of the recon plane was drunk, so the Caravan got the green light to advance forward.

  19. 10 gun depression is dumb af on this tank, the gun would go through the roof.

  20. i prefer to call the “caravan”, “carnavaroon”

  21. circon .. u are such a pretentious smug …

  22. I guess I’ve never thanked you for turning on the colorblind mode so I can see so much easier what’s going on; so, thanks a lot 😀

  23. Sorry but watching this game was a waste of time

  24. have you not 3 marked the ravioli :O? one of my favoruites and one of the few i have 3 marked

  25. What on gods green earth did I just watch?!

  26. Ive got 6k games and i suck ass at leading shots, but you should have seen me yesterday. I was the god of leading shots xD

  27. Camping pancakes, WoTspeak has developed into a new strain of engrish

  28. You accurate calculations mean shit. you are probably still going to win this game with one hand tied behind your back because, you are you…

  29. damn it Circon check your fire that shot hit me on Steppes

  30. Circon, could you talk about WG’s current pay-to-win specials? Remember when December used to be the best month in WoT? Well, not anymore. No discounts on camo. No discounts on equipment. Tier 1-7 tanks are not on sale. Crew training is only for sale in gold. Next year, we will probably only have the E 25 on a 5% sale.

  31. Circob i found your missing shell it landed on the xbox server

  32. But who is Rosa ?

  33. We should make a gif with that shot at the Emil at 1.40.

  34. Tell that shell he was not a good boy 😀 😀 😀 LOLWTF


  36. “This game should’ve been over 6 years ago, I counted.” ?

  37. Is this tank worth picking up if I already have the CDC?

  38. love your streams,here’s to many more memes next year ♥ !

  39. Is he using the gamepad?

  40. Circon…You are the fucking man!

  41. #noarty game

  42. What a boring map.

  43. That shell hit me while I was camping on mines

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