Proof War Thunder Can Be Fun (ft. OddBawZ)

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Source: Spookston

When I play Thunder nowadays, I'm usually playing solo for video footage, but fellow content creator OddBawZ was kind enough to reach out and ask me if I wanted to knock out a few matches with him. He's always given me the impression he's a chill guy, so I said yes. We ended playing for a while so this is more of a funny compilation than a proper video, but I hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless. Even when you're getting certified Gaijin moments back to back, playing with a makes it much more bearable.

Check the channel “About” section for the link to the creator of my profile picture.

Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals – Various USA Themes
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

Sound :
Thunder (Pre-release)
Gunner HEAT PC Crew Voices Mod (Personal, go play the game: )

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  1. I was SOOOO hoping I’d get to see this from your side too! More of this! It’s great!

  2. would be cool to play the late great T26E1-1

  3. Мурадян Владимир

    Ukrainian camouflage looks great

  4. Real Sausage Productions

    Ah yes war thunder. The only game that a furry can be a popular content creator for the game and not get bullied

  5. @4:18 I have this happen all the damn time and I don’t know why that is. I play on maximum settings, my rig is good, but sometimes tanks just disappear for me.

  6. Spook: war Thunder is actually fun
    Me who’s uninstalled the game: sure

  7. oddbawz is the biggest goof wt youtuber lol he spawn camps in 3/4 of his videos

  8. Play the T-44

  9. Im sure you and Oddbawz had fun. Not sure about he other 40+ players that had their games ruined by you two smurfing away.. well done CC’s helping Gaij.. i mean the community again !! smurfing hypocrisy.

  10. Are you a furry?

  11. Creative390🇺🇦

    F-fun? I haven’t heard that word in a-ages…

  12. Kenai RodriguezGodzillaboy

    Spookton can you play arcade pls

  13. Please play japan top tier!

  14. Interesting to watch the same games from both of your perspectives.

  15. The Gaming Dragon

    im unable to get your decal 🙁

  16. If you have everything unlocked like spookston does, the game is fun. The painful part is the grind.

  17. This is out of context but I think it would be really cool if you could switch ammo type and fuel amount while landed on an airfield

  18. Wheres phly been at

  19. Now try playing warthunder with ghost touch controller

  20. You definitely got to play as the daimler mk II

  21. this game is only fun if you at least play with 1 mate…. all alone it just voids your soul

  22. Well, you can enjoy this game if you play with friends. If you play with randoms you should always be ready to see idiots of the world representation. And recently the rendering of tanks is shit, the tank can be about 50m away and just disappears all of q sudden

  23. Anything can be fun with friends. Your point is invalid

  24. i love the Chaffee honestly; it’s such a solid, and reliable light tank.

  25. My two favorite youtubers teaming up, that is nice

  26. Oliver de Ambrosis

    play the sherman with the 105mm


  28. Play the M60A3 TTS from american tech tree please. That a nightmare to play this tank.
    Try to use a +/- level 60 crew 🙂

  29. nice you killed my friend HA_W1

  30. Okay, I admit, that thumbnail is adorable.

  31. Mateusz Włodarski

    Pure suffer

  32. I sometimes stop playing after one match so I don’t break my sanity again.

  33. Well no, the shell should act like that in Simulator.

  34. Play the E100

  35. If only one of you could drive the tank while the other aims and shoots. That’d be classic.

  36. This feels like the same vibe as when i play with my friend


  38. Oreos from an Oblivion

    War Thunder is only good when you’re the one getting kills

  39. this is literally just a montage, showing nothing that can help the viewer make the game fun

  40. The fact that you have to make a video proving that this game is fun says alot about this game

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