Province, ’tis a silly place.. – AT-2 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

really is silly..


  1. Going live soon for a longer stream: : )

  2. Is this an april fools joke? 2,4 k dmg on tier 5. Man…

  3. i kinda like mines tbh

  4. That heavy breathing while driving =P Nice game with AT-2.

  5. Maine Striper Guide

    I love my AT2. My rating in the hall of fame is #20 with over 150 games, BUT the nerf and the uptier games I am put in make it an easy target for higher tier tanks. It bounces nothing, it’s slow, and though the rate of fire is amazing, the pen isn’t something a tier 7 worries about. I no longer play my AT2 for these reasons. In same tier -2 matchmaking it still can be a beast, but it’s new weaknesses in frontal armor make it average at best.

  6. The AT2 is so silly when its top tier xD

  7. Thanks Circon, I loved this video with AT-2. Several years ago I played this for weeks on end, the speed would drive me mad but loved the quick fire gun and good armour. I think WG nerfed this tank about a year ago which was shame.

  8. never thought I’d see you in the at2

  9. you can spot through other vehicles as if they aren’t there, even dead ones. LuckyLeopard did a series of WoT mythbuster videos, where the spot somebody through another tank myth came up as well (you can spot a ELC through the Type 5, even if it is elevated above the tracks, so completely covered by the hull of the Type 5).


  11. Final stage of the battle:

    AT2 on 50% HP + T-34 full HP vs. T4 polish cardboard tank with lol xd T3 gun and a T5 arta.

    Me: “The Lefh has to fuck up big time not to win this.”

    This is fine,yep,nothing wrong here…

  12. I like Paris when playing a heavy.

  13. This tank must‘ve been filled to the brim with shell casings at the end of the match…

  14. What’s the problem with Studzianki?
    I haven’t played much since it was added.

    • The heavy tank hall on the right is a stalemate every game, TD positions around it are useless, the middle plain and trench prevent lights from spotting from far so they need to move close enough to be spotted when they poke out (and they can’t even shoot from that position), TD bushes in the middle are passive and situational, the village is a mix of layers of obstacles and bushes that don’t work, there is a lot of arty cover, but few flanking options. It is like they looked at every class of tank to see what makes them fun to play, and then hard-blocked the fun out of them, all in one map.

    • +Pizvo allright, ive mostly played meds and light tanks there, and will usually go far south or far north. This has mostly been fun.

  15. I fart in your general direction !

  16. BorisTheBulletdodger J

    They could make arta only to tear 8 and have match making like old school light tanks)

  17. On second thought let’s not go to Camalot. Tis a silly place.

  18. They nerfed the crap out of the AT2. You used to be able to hold down the W key the entire match and get lots of steel walls.

  19. I Love Province (the old one with the houses and shit also in the middle of the valley), up to Tier IV (maybe V?). So I guess I loved ?!

  20. the second coming of Steve

  21. Richard MacDonald

    88 million credits on your account? That’s insane!

  22. Spamming gold in an AT2 just isn’t cricket, old chap.

  23. Mines is fines.

  24. Your whining anout arty again? that’s getting old. Really the only thing that needs to be done to arty is limiting it to a max of 2 per game.

  25. ıʞsʍoq ǝɿɓıqǝɥʇ

    i like the superunicums whining about arty (sometimes they are a pain the the ass, i’ll give you that) but on the other hand they play shitbarns (same as an arty piece, because it can oneshot most tanks) or other completely broken gift tanks that average players can’t get.

  26. …and folk say the E25 is op…lol

  27. I looked up the Lefefefefe player to see if this person was one of “those” kind of players that liked to play those “special” tanks/arty all the time. Was shocked to see this person was not one of “those” people with only 257 battles played in it.

    • Wargaming likes a quick dollar. If they can sell something broken in loot boxes or whatever, you bet your ass they will. You see more Leafblowers now than ever because of that.

  28. Mihai Segirceanu

    10:45, how do you look around while zoomed in? I have never been able to figure that out, is it a mod?

    • Occasional Glory

      I believe you hold “CTRL” or the Right mouse button, I can’t remember which off the top of my head.

  29. tell the t34 to update his bot system. their is an update to where he can shoot and move…

  30. can someone explain why i havent gotten this map in about 2 months.

  31. ‘It is I LeFH’ in the style of ‘It is I LeClerc’

  32. Matthew Sinclair

    Clutch Steve!

  33. AT2 with howitzer?

  34. We are the arty who say, NI

  35. MajesticRaithier

    Don’t forget Northwest and Dragon’s ridge..

  36. This was moar dakka.

  37. lol of course the lefh plays like a pussy and doesn’t even try

  38. EASY CLAP!

  39. Just stay there Steve, pretend to be a bush.

    LOL. A mate was trying to improve his Light tank tactics the other day. I just kept sending him messages along the lines of “Be the Bush”.

  40. snowisthebestweather

    Was really hoping for the derp on this tank. Oh well.

  41. Steve is our hero!

  42. “Huff puff huff puff huff puff”
    “huff puff huff puff huff puff huff…..”

  43. Steve and Circon combined for 8 kills and one cap.

  44. Paris is great if you’re a heavy tank with a lot of flank protection. Otherwise it’s rage-inducing.
    Mines can go die in a hole though.

  45. circon why are you afraid of artillery?

  46. If you hate arty then Dez has a solution for you. 😉

  47. A hard map I think it should only be on lower tiers

  48. I once heard that dead vehicles don’t block vision, that’d explain how that is possible

  49. I love you man and don`t get me wrong, but you and most of popular streamers are become like main stream media. non stop bitching about same thing.
    spg blah blah blah, arty blah blah blah…
    be a Man, play your game and stop bitching.

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