PSA ASIA SERVER + Day 22 Advent Calendar 2017!

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  1. The Asian server is not controlled by War Gaming

  2. Load the Skill rounds

    Just watched the YT video for WG wot holiday ops and ya they don’t mention the decorations in the purchasable gift boxes at all. I guess holiday ops is going to suck for those guys on that server.

  3. wow i didnt even know about this ahahha, internet too slow to load the special site
    update: HOLY SHIT

  4. almost done with those fam

  5. i was quite clearly shocked by the fact that we Asian players don’t get the same crates as you guys do in the NA & EU. But that also increase the chances of yourself getting a tier 8 premium tank since i got my type 59 in the traditional christmas crate .

  6. Well. I’m on the na server and 1 in 4 boxes showed the exact same screenshot. After submitting a ticket, I was told all goods were submitted. Not sure if I believe the response. Any advice?

  7. Too late already opened 75 boxes for APAC.. damn grinches.

  8. I’m sure that in china they need to disclose the odds of getting items in lootboxes so that might actually be illegal

  9. i got deko tu lewel 10 but i dident get the last prises for compliting tu 10 . so fack wargaming

  10. Soviet Bananana Gaming


  11. i got 5 blank boxes from the 25 that i bought

  12. Well, that’s unfortunate. User experience aside, way to go passing up an annual revenue booster…

  13. Has anyone else noticed that tier 4 and 5 drops in game are very rare? I bought loot boxes and was nearly at level 10 right away. I don’t want to go full conspiracy theory but if I were trying to grind this out in game I don’t think I’d even have my level 10 garage. But why would WG want that limited?

    • The max you can get to reasonably with the way that the shards drop in game is Level IX and that’s if you’re INSANELY lucky with drops. I also maxed out at 14% for every nation because the same damn Level I items kept dropping for me over and over again.

    • So I bought 3 loot boxes for all nations except China since I have nothing in that line. I have no idea if anything in those boxes were for China. I ASSUME that nothing was for China. Given all that, I’m at 24% for China just by doing missions. But the more I play the less I see tier 4 and tier 5 presents. I could be wrong but it seems like the loot boxes were a HUGE bonus for this garage event.

  14. WG the new EA

  15. WG saw your twitch giveaways on stream and thought “We could do that” 😉

  16. I had a few boxes that appeared to be empty on the NA server

  17. Welcome to the SEA, this kind of stuff happens all the time….

  18. God I hate WG.

  19. We should all boykot WG.

  20. SEA gets holidays ops a week later
    SEA gets NONE decorations from loot boxes
    Fuck me

  21. Awesome vids circon, love these !

  22. Sircircon are you using adblocker?

  23. That 59 Patton looks pretty similar to the T95E2

  24. In EU I got the Type59,Lorraine 40t,Patriot with out camo and 1 tier5 and 1 tier4 premiums and I got 30.000 gold, credits and a lot of consumables and all Chinese decorations level 5 all this in the 75 crates bundle.

  25. Day 25 tank reveiled on the daily bounce as the german superheavy mauerbrecher.

  26. thanks for fight for asian server too circon 🙂

  27. I am in NA server and I experienced the “non decoration” issue several times for both standard and premium boxes. However, even though it didn’t show anything, I actually get staffs from the boxes. So I guess it was caused by my bad network. It may or may not be the same thing for ASIA server.

  28. Same thing happens in NA. To solve this you exit out and enter back in to open boxes.

  29. someone in latam got the same sheit

  30. Thanks Sircon, for speaking up about this.

  31. Ovidiu Alexandru Hubert

    Dude what is with 10-15 seconds black screen at the start of every episode from this serie… try edit a bit

  32. I wonder when WG is going to have their games restricted to 18 or 21+ (depending on region).

  33. I had the same issue on NA Server with both types of boxes, bought, and free… I ended up having to completely restart my PC in order for the boxes to fully open. Because as you can see there is no “Affirmative/Open (XX) Boxes” button under the red ribbon, this means you cannot confirm that your box has nothing in it, nor can you confirm what is in it, and thus move to the next box, you have to do a full PC restart for it to be fixed.

    However it appears as though ASIA is just being a dick to the max…

  34. Thanks very much for speaking about this, was actually going to comment on the fact that we ASIA server players didn’t get any decorations in the boxes… feelsbadman

  35. WOT it’s a fucking scam.They don’t give an absolute fuck about you ,the player who’s making rich this stupid apes.Don’t put money in this it for free or desinstall this garbage WG scam. Wot would be beautiful with pro team not this abused redneck WG team. Disgusting faggots!

  36. Should have watched your video before purchasing those fxking boxes in ASIA

  37. Asia always got fucked in WoT. Which is partly why I don’t play anymore.
    Still enjoy watching content though.

  38. Obviously something was broke on Asia. There’s absolutely no point to sell different “style” boxes if you don’t get decorations so why would they do that instead of just selling one type of box?

  39. tomorrow will be is2 berlin and then maubrecher

  40. Circon, these videos on the advent calendar tanks are super helpful for the future (already got a M4A1 Ravioli from Black Friday)! Keep them going, and I hope you cover more events like this!

  41. The only thing they’ve done so far is giving people a certain amount of shards per box. But that’s ONLY if you bought tge boxes before a certain time, and I’m pretty sure they still aren’t putting decorations in the boxes.

    Their “excuse” for this disgusting behavior is that you get more boxes from completing missions than on other servers.

  42. Thanks Circon for pointing this out. I just submitted a ticket to the Asia server asking WTF.

  43. Congratulations, here is nothing, HAHAHAHA!

  44. Discrimination, blatant! WG, lift your ethics.

  45. **[Updated 22/12]

    Tank Commanders,

    Please be informed that due to local regulations of the APAC region’s supported countries, Xmas Gift Boxes sold in the Premium Shop do not contain Decorations.

    Decorations are available in our in-game Decoration Boxes, which can be earned by completing missions. These boxes are set to award at a higher rate on the APAC server, due to the fact that they are not contained in the Premium Shop Xmas Gift Boxes.

    Unfortunately, some of our announcements did not contain all of the correct information when the event launched on 22 Dec @ 14:00 UTC+8.

    As a result, compensation will be issued to players who purchased the Xmas Gift Boxes from the Premium Shop prior to 23 Dec @ 00:01 UTC+8, at a rate of 1160 shards per Premium Shop Xmas Gift Box.

    In addition, all players will receive 5 Holiday In Game Decoration Boxes for their inconvenience when they first login between now and the end of the event.

    The WoT team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy the Holiday Ops!**

    Having a %100 chance of getting decorations is gambling but, having a chance of getting prem tanks isn’t gambling… #logic

  46. Misleading picture, the contents have not yet been displayed. Absence of the action button, like “open next box’, below the red ribbon confirms this screen shot has been take between box being opened and contents being displayed.

  47. Can confirm as an Australian player we have gotten the shit end of the stick when it comes to these holiday ops crates

  48. I don’t think there is a way to fix it – damage is already done. I feel sad for Asia community. Hats off for WG again, good job boys you again met expectations as poor, poor company of your standards would have.

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