PSA: Make Sure to Turn On All Notifications

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” by Scott Buckley –

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  1. I’ve been hearing from some subscribers that they’re not getting notified when I publish a new video – here’s an easy change you can make to you notification setting so that you never miss an episode of Road to Unicum again!

    • Hi Taugrim, that can be youtube too. I’ve been subbbed and bell on all notifications and sometimes still miss a notification so keep that in mind.

  2. thanks for the great content! How are you?

  3. nice content my guy

  4. great content dude

  5. It may actually be a YouTube thing as well. I’ve seen at least two other streamers mention that their notifications aren’t being seen.

    • Yes, YouTube can’t necessarily show a video thumbnail for every video published that a person subscribes to – it simply doesn’t scale.

      There’s only so much real estate on a subscriber’s home page so YT has to make decisions on which creator’s video thumbnails to feature.

      By turning on all notifications for my channel, you’re essentially telling YT to prioritize my videos.

    • @Taugrim It’s not just that, I’m not getting notifications for any subbed (all notifications) videos at all, been happening for almost a week… I think YT has screwed up something on their end…

    • It happens to me from time to time with different channel subscriptions with ALL notifications on.

  6. Took seven months for that bell to start ringing again…

    • I know dude, if you read my pinned comment from Episode #100, you know I lost my voice and it’s been a very slow processing for it to get better.

      It’s still not 100%, but good enough for me to narrate without aggravating it.

    • @Taugrim It’s all good. Glad to see you back. Happy to see it ring again.

    • Yea I’m glad to be back in the saddle too!

  7. Love your vids man keep up the work hoping to get a tog II* from tank reward missions this month!!

  8. You’re back!

    • I’ve been back! Posted 2 videos in the past week. That’s why you gotta turn on all notifications, so you won’t miss a RtU episode😉

  9. I am a subscriber but I turn OFF all notifications except for channels I want alerts from. It works much better this way.

  10. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    I don’t have any bells activated and never had a problem with YT. But I never visit YT Homepage either, purely Subscriptions page.

  11. Serbian Highlander

    Man pump those videos,ever platooning with Claus?

  12. This so called PSA is beneath you…

    • Well according to YouTube the % of subscribers for my channel who have not turned on notifications is below average 😟

  13. I have it turned on all the damn time, just pump out more videos 😀

  14. Alex Jackson-Smith

    I have it switched on for several channels, still I have not been notified. Youtube either has a bug, or it decides if you really want things irrespective of the setting. I don’t sub you, but I check once a day manually, the only way to be sure. 🙂

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