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  1. I know its a balance thing, but it still urks me that we have cold war vehicles in ww2 battleratings.

  2. USS Sims, Hull number: DD-409

    I really like this SPAA because its the first one in a while that doesnt have the anemic American 40mm guns and actually has a decent fire rate

    • Which is sad, because 40mm boffors are a death sentence for everything IRL

    • Yeah sadly gaijin fucked up their fire rate. What the barrels should fire off cycle from each other and each barrel is capable of what gaijin has listed as it’s fire rate

  3. 12:54
    america! fuck yea!

  4. btr-80a is 6.3 iirc so it wouldnt be bad for this to be 6.3 as well, it’s just as capable imo

  5. Boyfriend from earlier……. lmfao!

  6. Liking the new extra edits. I love the goofy stupid add ins some of the other no commentary vehicle montage war thunder youtubers do.

  7. 6:58 warthunder summarised “no nononono im having fun dont kill me!”

  8. there are always tons of tigers at this BR. LOL wehraboos everywhere.

  9. Day 28 of asking for you to play anny of these tanks (basically the same) the italian m14/40, m15/42, m14/41, m13/40, the 2 I always use are m14/41 and the m15/42 with the APBC

  10. 0:35 Team X-ray is pleased!

  11. You would have absolutely gotten that diving fighter if it wasn’t for the reload timing. You’d think having a twin ammo feed on the chaingun means that one box can be reloaded while the other one is being expended…

  12. Love the whoever is editing this, the Rita throught instead of just the intro is glorious.

  13. 8:13 Bro I’m actually dying 😂😂

  14. never cut yourself out phly

  15. Phly is an PH1 phan!! Hell ya! What’s your thought on Danny Ric coming back?

  16. Oh I suscribe SO hard to the idea of making commanders visible to fire the top MG, specially for the 50 cals that can kill light vehicles without having their main gun up.
    Though, I would also add the mechanic that if only the commander is killed, the machine gunner/radio operator should be able to replace it.

  17. There should be a button to deploy the turned out MG gunners on tanks, or the commander gun shouldn’t be usable.

  18. Did I just get waxed by phlydaily on a BR 1.0?

  19. I love these types of vids.😂

  20. All I have to say is….


  21. Could you not have shot into the back of the tiger turret? Surely it’d pen the back of that Tigers turret right?

  22. as a heavy tank main I do think it would be cool to have a commander on the lmg instead of it being remote controlled, also i wouldnt mind if it was optional to replace a dead crew member instead of it being automatic

  23. I’m really liking the more edited style!

  24. Drs open you watch F1?

  25. The new editing format is nice

  26. “I’m having fun don’t kill me” phlydaily says as he plays ***warthunder*** 2023

  27. Loved seeing you play this! It has been an absolute blast since it came to the game! Also, always a great laugh watching your content! Sidenote, you have a great editor haha!

  28. HUGE fan of the sound effects, hilarious! Keep it up xD

  29. Nice editing and good video, still hate the SUB though, it’s basically the R3 but worse.

  30. Synchrony was fine.. 20:30

  31. R3 T20 is still better in every way

  32. Utolsó ゴジラ Kecske Lovag

    I’m literally 1 research away to get this, sadly I need a better tank beside it, because the ST-A1 is not good enough

  33. The Sub-I-II also has the added benefit of being the next AA vehicle you research after the M42 Duster. Practically anything is better than the M42 Duster.

  34. I witnessed a funny bug, so apparently the buildings around the hanger/where you currently are
    Are destructible and the OBJ 211 slammed jnto the tower in the back and destroyed it
    I just busted out laughing

  35. Best vid I’ve seen of yours to date! Bravo Phly 🤘🏻

  36. Just a random bird

    15:17 but i wana be distracted from the problems in this hellscape

    Edit: props to whoever edited the vid, ye did a great job! Phly and the editor deffinately make for an entertaining duo

  37. CarrotTopIceCream Cake

    Moves ww2 kugel that was fun for 6.7 lineup to 7.0 then adds futeristic auto cannon to 5.3 with apds🙄 I miss my f*cking kugel😔

  38. editor really outdid themselves today lmaoooooo

  39. spaced city skater

    I always play alone and know nobody who plays so I play in silence a lot BUT you say ALL the things I think while playing lmaoooooo “no no no don’t kill me im having fun”

  40. Day 1: Can you play the A20G please?🥺

  41. Exactly the commander is literally non existent half the time u get ur gunner killed and driver war thunder be like ur a dead man

  42. Sweden not in Nato cos. They are supporting terrorist groups working in middle east and Turkey. (What we been told) 🙂


    germa 5.7 still blind AF !

  44. Do a leopard 2a4 ples. Day 1

  45. I mean, its a large wiesel at 5.3

  46. Bro was hitting facts at 15:00

  47. Love the new editing style lol

  48. new music edits are cool and all but I feel like its a little too much

  49. Germany suffers.

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