PT-76-57 AUTO CANNON | A Vehicle So Good It Make Me Want To Quit Playing

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A So Good It Make Me Want Quit Playing


  1. 3 years of requesting please Phly. I-16 type 10.

  2. The thing with BR is. They messure it on players performance . That’s the biggest afil of Gaijin.

    In the army they teached aus this simple rule of deployment “Impact>Cover>Hiding” meaning the most important thing is your impact on the battlefield. If you can’t get a good impact, go for a good defensive cover. If you can’t find good cover, hide yourself.

    These should be considered in WT. I think the primary weapon of a vehicle is the most valuable trait (Impact). After that I would say it’s mobility (Impact/Cover). And at least it’s actual armor value (Cover).

    Autocanons, despite the all in all lack of penetration and after penetration in comparison to a MBT gun, have a way grater impact due to the shere amount of shells they send of. 20 Rounds of 100mm pen per minute have a greater chance of penetrating a weakspot, than 3 rounds of 200mm pen per minute. But the RoF doesnT seem to even come up in the BR descision making process.

    That’s why highspeed autocannon tanks and armored cars dominating the battlefields on WT. Yeah on paper 67mm of pen looks weak. But with 600rpm of 67mm you’ll find your way in! And also Armor is the last important feature of a tank in WT because there are always weapons that nullify even the strongest armor, making 150mm steel as effectife as 10mm steel. So why having a 250mm steel behemoth when you can evade hits with a 5mm armored car, zooming around the battlefield?

  3. Why did gajin give me this? I generally don’t know why

  4. “why don’t you see me” pretty much sums up all of Phly’s games

    Meanwhile I can’t get out of cover without being banged

  5. Is that AAtank?
    But it look like aatank

  6. For sure, 8.3 min and the ammo is far too OP. Nice play though.

  7. 0:50 is a personal favorite edit

  8. The ready rack on that thing is insane. At 7.0 and as premium, Gaijin apparently want to get those end of year sales up…

  9. It will get moved up, after a lot of people buy it

  10. (The enemies are paid actors…)

  11. With opponents like that nay tank would be considered OP..

  12. Станимир Кирев

    russian bias exactly

  13. I love playing ww2 german tanks vs 1970s tanks its sooo fun….

  14. What was that ricochet on the Wiesel at 4:50

  15. I crit an Object 906 with my Leo 1 and left. Thought it was one of these machines of death. I didn’t see his team mate in the T55M who finished my game.

    Time to go back to BR4 until this this gets changed. At least the my Maus might have a slight chance.

  16. 7.7 for sure atleast ! It will just ruin the game if it stays at 7.0

  17. You pretty much spoiled the whole video in the intro!

  18. One more bad joke to the Gaijin tally.

  19. 17:01 famous last words

  20. Maybe 7.7 / 8.0, probably ok for content creators who are good players with good crew skills (which I don’t have plus I’m only a mediocre player at best), this thing looks so easy to kill from CAS, arty, MG, HE etc.

  21. OP tanks in war thunder, noooo, surely it must be a mistake, Gaijin would never do that /s

  22. At least remove the stabilizer to this tank to be fair.

  23. 16:59 famous last words

  24. Pls nerf gaijoob gun shoot too fast

  25. This tank shoud be called PT-SD

  26. Day 2 of joining the cause, play the P-51C-10 and some em a little trick you learnt

  27. Day 228: Play the BF109-K4, its been years

  28. Notice how phly sounds like a clash royal king when he laughs

  29. I would say 7.3 or 7.7

  30. 8.0 for this thing is optimal

  31. Well this one will be up br for sure

  32. you should play the 9.3 draken

  33. Alleric 'Ulti' Enslin

    My temper has been so much better since I stopped playing this garbage ass game like 2 months ago. Still love the vids though

  34. The Leopard he kills at 5:29, what camo is that? Or is there an NL decal that I’ve never seen before?

  35. Phly How you do that with Rangefinder and setting distance? It’s fast, accurate and totally insane to runaway for enemy.

  36. 7.0 is perfect for this. Finally something toxic on the Russian side to compete with all the the other prototype light tanks and armored cars that harass every Russian tank in each battle around that BR.

  37. Fuck this shit i hope its gone

  38. Gaijin Employee’s design full drunk on vodka at 3 AM:

  39. EnderManWiggins Gaming

    I think it has to many good features to be a 7.0 it should be at least an 8.0

  40. The thumbnail had me confused to how i was watching this video earlier when i just saw it now.

  41. Martian Lives Matter

    Why not queue it with your 8.3 plane….wallah 8.3 PT.

  42. that thing whould be useles above 7,3

  43. It’ll get a proper BR once they’ve milked the battlepass marks.

  44. Brah

  45. the premium tanks are ruining the game, 7.0 with stab.. im playing with germans and they have the 57 in 8.3 without even a decent round, and dont talk about the stab turret. only because it has thermal, but when you fire your cannon you dont see anything.

    it has no sense to play in top tier if you dont buy a tank, im playing with the tam2c, trying to gain the modifications, but is too dificult because you have to play against a t72-av full, or a xm1 full… is so frustating

  46. SULEYMANKUNT > PhlyDaily

  47. tiger ii 6.0 confirmed

  48. this thing is insane

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