PT-76 AMPHIBIOUS TANK (soon™) War Thunder Tanks Gameplay!

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Source: PhlyDaily

PT-76 AMPHIBIOUS TANK (soon™) War Tanks Gameplay!


  1. ProCokkie Minecraft


  2. phirst

  3. Third

  4. third( i think i can count)

  5. your awesome

  6. phly what about a small loan of a million

  7. invincible Stalin combo
    Is-3 and IL-28

  8. m26 t99 and p-51

  9. omg its phlydialy!

  10. Larry Ilyushin (LarryIlyushinTV)

    You want the D?! Panther D and Ju-87D-5!

  11. Alexander Hoyt (HellHawx Omega)

    I guess I’ll try with a combo

    Eagle’s Fury:
    P-51 Mustang

  12. can some1 tell me how to get RP fast cuz in a month i only got to a

  13. FW190 D9 and the Panther G. Defend the Ruhr for the Fatherland. Captain

  14. Jagdtiger 4-5 and mig-15bis

  15. Please do the pe-8 and the su-152

  16. What’s the intro music?

  17. Battle of Berlin combo
    IS 2 1944
    IL 10

  18. Me 262 with 48 rockets and maus…The Experiments!!

  19. Last time I was this early to something hitler shot himself.

  20. I give this a, small loan of a million dollar$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  21. Christopher Hurford

    me thinks it is time for the M4A3 (105) HVSS Sherman alongside SB2C-1c with
    the two 500kg bombs

  22. 10,5 cm tiger and 50 mm me 262 pls

  23. tiger h1 and bf109 f-4


    Tank: KV-2

    Plane: Il-2

    Utilise the finest Derp cannon of the Soviet Union! Just make sure you’ve
    sacrificed enough political dissidents to Stalin, else your shells will not
    be guided by his hands.

  25. Value Meal of Double Big Mac and a Large Coke with Large fries combo plez

  26. The BTD-1 and the rocket Pershing!
    Both the prototypes. Go Phly!

  27. T92 and AD-2!

  28. why does he pronounce leopard in this really weird way?

  29. kv2 and pe8

  30. il-2 and KV-2

  31. Don’t worry phly, I got like 8 kills that game. We fucking rekt them ;)

  32. US Marine Corps battle of Okinawa combo: M4a3(75) VSS & P38J Lightning. Do
    what the Marines do best, kicking ass and taking names.

  33. I vote for small loan of million dollars

  34. Pershing and F2H ples

  35. Intro song name?

  36. Hey everyone, it’s about time Phly should get a small loan of 1 million

  37. I’ve never won but let’s try!!
    I vote for the T-32 and B-29!

  38. MiG-17 is Going to be in the game! What do you think about it guys?

  39. M-24 and P-40 maybe?

  40. Evan Anderson-Navarro

    Hop on The German StruggleBus for a one way trip to Moscow!

    StuH 42 G and Bf-109 F2 (with 250kg bomb or 82mm rockets)

  41. The mother of all Russia the KV-2 and the PE-8 combo

  42. T-10M with the Po-2!

  43. Firefly+firefly super combo :D

  44. The heavy Russian hitters!
    PE-8, not necessarily with Tsar Bomba, and T34-100! Try some different bomb

  45. sherman (105)
    p47 d-25

  46. the russin big gun combo:
    yak-9t and KV-2

  47. I think that this tank should be a perm, not a required unlock.

  48. 12:10 first person ive seen in game chat

  49. Csaba Álmos Debreczeni

    75mm Panther D
    75mm duck 🙂
    Have fun

  50. Leo and the Arado-234 Fighter Bomber!!!

  51. The big boom combo t-35 and pe-8 please

  52. The two Wonder-weapons of Deutschland!
    Keep in mind that none of these ever served on combat.

    The Horten Ho-229 with the HVAP rounds to obliterate the russian DOGS! (no
    offence to russians :P)
    And the one and only…THE HOUSE! oh wait…no…the MAUS! that’s it!

    Good luck Phly! :)

  53. B-29 & Maus pls

  54. First t34 and premium lagg with the ns37

  55. The Firefly and the Lancaster with 2x4000lbs! DO it!

  56. From Sekrit Documents I know a OP Kombi Pzkw.II H and the Fw 200 Condor
    with 3t bombload. Both has a BR 2.3. as backup is the Gepard best with 2.0
    but their are also other 2.3 OPs like StugIII A or Bf 110. I have so much
    fun with these kombi I hope you too .
    Greetings from Germany

  57. soon in gajin language is 2 years

  58. Do the Tiger II and Arado

  59. Fully agree with you Phly. Assault fuse for bombers with reticles, and none
    for the ones without that require that skill. I’m bad without reticles, so
    I liked my kills when I did get em on target correctly with my run.

  60. M60 Patton + ad-2 MURICA (even though I’m English)

  61. Wounderfull combo ! Thumbs up !!!

  62. the british fuck this we’ve got freaking good vehicles combo

    black prince and spit mk24 with bombs or rockets
    black prince because 17 pounder gun is awesome and
    use the spit as a potent ground striker or drop you payload and go kill
    some planes

  63. A13 and 40mm Hurricane!!!

  64. third try m5 stuart and the p-40e warhawk

  65. Phly dude why must you get so irritated lol chill

  66. Boy I got a combo for you plz use the A13 raped fire 2 pounder of death
    with the hurricane Mk4 with the 40 mms AP shells you will fuck them up for
    King and country


  68. Use the Stug 3F and the spaviero SM.79

    Just pretend the Stug is a Semovente tank destroyer XD

  69. the M60 patton and F7F1 with bombs
    dish out some freedom fledaly

  70. Ze german assault is here! Jawol
    Do the pzkpfw IV ausf. F2
    And Bf-109 F4

  71. Tempest and Black Prince plz

  72. Show off the cockpit of the planes you fly (Jets in particular) because why
    not. ^-^

  73. El Mahdi Ettaleb (Amipo)

    Overpowed Combo:
    T-50 with APCR

  74. PT-76 vs reserve tanks.

  75. As much as I like the new intro, I much preferred “Everybody”

  76. Kraftwerk aus Leidenschaft

    Panzer III J or Panzer IV F2
    Aircraft:Ju 87 D3 or Ju87 G2
    Good luck,Phly! ?

  77. you think this has a lawn mower sound just listin to the m109 arty engine
    i hated it for the duration of my service !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. yak9b and zis-30????

  79. Every time phly pronounces leopard like Leo-pard, I die a little inside.

  80. The sherman m4 105 with the p 47 would be really hard sorry for leaving
    hard combo’s try to get an battle against the russians

  81. tbh phly the assault fuse doesnt bother me when i bomb with my p47 the
    1000lbs bombs work flawlesly with it or without it

  82. doom turtle and ground attack sabre

  83. M47 and sabre show the enemy how we Americans role

  84. R2y2! Do it Phly.

  85. Phly you need to do this custom vehicle


  86. APCR is useless! I never use it.

  87. Korean Marine combo!
    M103 & PBJ w/ 75

  88. How about the AD-2 and a T-29

  89. why does this game seem so bad now

  90. I can see it now, the JU 88 got killed by phly’s MIG 15 bis, then he leaves
    the game and starts a forum post that says”RUSSIANS OP GAIJIN PLS NERF”

  91. m47 and f7f

    the give but not recieve combo.

  92. Is-4 and IL-28. Post war combo

  93. Tiago Santos (Supertogo)

    In what resolution do you play? I can’t play more than 2K because if I put
    4K the UI numbers and aimer become microscopic. You have the same problem?
    I’m fine with 2K, but 4K looks amazing although almost unplayable…

  94. M8A1 / SBD-3!

  95. Do a Jagdtiger and CL13 Candair…plez….

  96. we have to make him suffer!
    let him fly the TB-3 superfortress and the IS-4!

  97. MIKE “rideacarr” 222


    Do the IS-3 and il-28

  98. Do a M103 and B57!Bomb out shit in the jungle!!

  99. G-LOC and Assault fuse are the worst things in this patch….

  100. im sad because i cant play WT anymore. since markers are back for some

  101. intro song plzzzzzz

  102. Firefly and firefly!!!!!

  103. New combo:

    Last american light tank !

  104. Murican pride combo
    M4A3 76 W

    Make the stars of Red Tails and Fury proud.

  105. Phly, your new intro music has been stuck in my head for days now

  106. 2nd attempt
    F8F1B with 3v1000

  107. Pick whatever Baba wants, with the TB3

  108. Tier 8? I thought there were only 5 tiers

  109. How do you get the binoculars view?

  110. I love his lawnmower impression.

  111. This gameplay was so cringing to watch…… Especially the MiG one…

  112. The Firefly Combo. The Sherman Firefly and the Fairy Firefly Mk V. Your
    choose is Rockets or Bombs…

  113. It would be great if they brought proper amphibious elements to the game.

    And is there any reason you’re pronoucing Leopard as leo-pard, rather than
    like the big cat?

    Cheers for the vids mate – always enjoy them. Here’s a thumbs up.

  114. M-10 and B-25 later model

  115. How about the Korean kombo (with a k)


    A-1 skyraider

  116. meteor f8 and black Prince

  117. Do the Hurricane MkIV “Tank Buster” and the М10 Achilles!
    Both Tier 2.

  118. how about a patton tank and a helcat

  119. “If they use low graphics im fucked” Phly……Ermmm they fixed that a
    while ago

  120. Dear lord, check back next time guys for more crazy Russian inventions!
    Flying tanks!

  121. Stalin’s Stronkfighters

    Il-10 and IS4/3

  122. Hey Phly! Call me lazy call me stupid but i dont read WT forums very much.
    and you spoke of the bomb fuse added to help tank to not get raped…Did
    they do something to rockets to? I could swear the tiny tims’s accuracy
    just went to shit lately…they use to be aim and kill….now you fire both
    and one goes left the other veers right …wtf?

  123. do the a-13 and the swordfish

  124. In case the didn’t know:
    the nva is was the army of east germany
    die nationale volks armee

  125. Got suspend for a week

  126. t54 and il 28

  127. m103 and the F-84B-26

  128. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    The have fun then cry combo!

    Panther D,the Fun part


    HS-129B-3,Enjoy the struggles!

  129. Korean War one two punch with the M46 Patton and f-86f

  130. CaptainBlanche US 7th Special Forces Group

    People should give combos with a difference of 2.3

  131. Ignar Åndersjøn the Husky (YOU TRIGGERED ME)

    Black Prince w/ Mosquito FB Mk.XVIII?

  132. Why not try Korea combo
    M46 Patton and F4U Corsair with rockets

    Or late WW2 (Advance on the Rhine style)
    M26 Pershing and P51 Mustang

    Phly you are awesome keep it going 🙂

    Hope I’ll see this combo one day XD

  133. RIP Leopards

  134. The best counter for the pt-76 is the good ole M2HB

  135. So the T92 is the US equivalent to the PT-76 but yet it’s a whole 1.0 BR
    HIGHER hmmmmm……

  136. RustEZZEProductions

    M4A2 (76) W with the PBJ with the 75mm cannon! Murica!

  137. Murica’ M18 hellcat and SB2C helldiver

  138. British M-10 Achilles and Hurricane Mk.4!

    Both are BR 1.7, so the 40mm gun combo should be interesting!

  139. Wouter Drupsteen (Revulon)

    Potentialbility – PhlyDaily, 2015

  140. The one bit of information that i gained from watching this is that the two
    newest German high tier tanks are useless, you are better of just walking
    around on foot covered in paper you would probably survive longer that way.

  141. WooT MiGz

  142. 10.5mm Tiger II And Horten 229 with HVAP rounds

  143. “IVAN!, the Pt-76 tank is Being Capitalist Pig!

  144. War iniciation
    Panzer IV F2 and Ju 87 Stuka

  145. please play Panzerwerfer and and and He 111 or any low tier

  146. Your Name (The gaming fruit)

    Cold War Combo

    T-10M (Any Camo/skin)
    IL-28/Mig 15bis (With Bombs) (Any Camo/skin)

  147. narwhal or me 262 50mm cn and maus combo

  148. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    Assault fuse is a perfect example of how screwed up Ground Forces is.

  149. I miss my 0.5 second fuse

  150. m4 105 sherman and p51 with cannons

  151. ☮ Vorwärts mit Leidenschaft, Furchtlosigkeit, und Abenteuerlust ☼

    Phly the only way to satisfy both camps (those that like the “total war”
    experience with planes and bombs – and those who fly into a rage and then
    launch into a long rant on WT chat with many many expletives everytime they
    get bombed) is for Gaijin to stop trying to satisfy both groups with bomb
    delays, etc. and to simply allow for Ground Vehicles Only play for those
    that desire it. Seems a reasonable and simple solution to me B-) Peace

  152. Halp phly I ned halp
    I eez bord
    pls pley dis

    pls du eet phly
    1 liek=1pray

  153. tier 8 tanks?


  154. M4a1 Sherman and b29#??

  155. Do it for the Furher! Tiger H1 and the Focker wolf… you can choose which

  156. Hell no I love the assault fuse bombs because you would die all the time
    for piece of **** bombers

  157. how about low tier for once, please use the M3 Lee and the F2A-3

  158. Why does he pronounce it Leo-pard, instead of leopard?

  159. PT-76 is so easy to kill even with a M18 at like neck and neck

  160. AirProduction - Airbajan

    VietNam Style:
    M41Walker Bulldog
    AD-2 Skyraider

  161. Lets keep the light tank combo
    T92 and F-84 w/ rockets. Pew pew, boom boom!

  162. 105mm Sherman and P 47D with full load out

  163. Is3 and il 28 Come on let’s get it

  164. phly pt 76 vs geparps in a custom

  165. T-95 and B-29 cuz merica

  166. The Assault fuse was To also prevent bombers from killing themselves while
    Doing super low alt bombing

  167. The desert fox combo-Ju 87 r-2 and the pz 2 50mm Dak

  168. Russian Wallet Warrior combo aka. my favorite combo: T-34-100 & Yak 3

  169. i think the assault fuse is fine. it makes it much less shitty to play the

  170. ANY TANK IN SIM!!!!!

  171. I personally like the combo for putting the PT up in the cold war era. I
    find it interesting how it handles in it’s actual timeline as opposed to
    fighting ww2 vehicles.

    M-22 LOCUST

  173. tiger and German p-47, German jugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. Натан Савойя

    Play The T26-4 With Any Chika Of Your Choosing (With Rockets)

  175. Robert M. OrtizJohnson

    LOL Russian lawn mower

  176. Spooky Scary UFO T92 and F7f combo!!! Plz Phly!!!

  177. Did he say potentability at 3:45?

  178. Do you need an ever more difficult combo? Is4m and TB3. Get dem kills!

  179. Assault fuse destroy my Ju87. It destroy dive bomber in general.

  180. 262 with sherman firefly

  181. I feel like everyone over reacts to the assault fuse. It’s only, like, a
    second, no more. Honestly, that’s better than being with instant
    explosions, cause you can bounce off buildings and hills and stuff, making
    bombing people in enclosed areas much easier.

  182. Pe-8 vs biplanes

  183. I still would like to see some fallout 4 rage death videos.

  184. 4:01 was that a joke? xD

  185. Black Prince and is tempted Vickers

  186. F-80 with bombs + M46 “Tiger”

  187. Go for is-4 and whatever plane

  188. Why does he say Leo-pard

  189. Remote fuse bomb the further you are away the longer delay to detonate
    1km = 1.5 second delay etc

  190. 10,5 cm tiger and 50 mm me 262 please phly

  191. cant u set the fuse to explode on impact thats what i have done

  192. Максим Роенко

    M24 and pbj with sherman gun

  193. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr its fuking

  194. Phly, you need to drive the T92. I haven’t seen you drive that tank yet.
    And the plane you are flying is the F7F Tigercat.

    In the words of Lord Palpatine: Do it.

  195. I approve this with a small loan of a million likes

  196. what they need to do is add set fuze and height req’s for bomb dropping
    Say your at 80 feet and your bomb arms at a height of 100, problem solved,
    or add a low level bombing fuze with an increased delay to detonation, you
    can be low altitude, but the detotonation time is drastically increased.

  197. am i the only one who heard we will be fighting tier 8 tanks !??

  198. mig -15 and is4m

  199. Why is Phly talking about tier 8 tanks

  200. M4A1 Sherman (75) and P40E . Early War combo!

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