^^| PT-76 Tier 1 Armored Warfare HYPE.

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Source: SirCircon

Enjoy! Armored Warfare HYYYYYYPE
Watch stuff like this live!


  1. Artorias “The” Abyss Walker

    I met you ingame hype!


    • +SirCircon What about the T-15 mastery badge, with the 0 ammo ram kill? I
      would definitely want to see that again ;-;

    • +SirCircon

      Circon! you killed me yesterday! Last match of the day, you were in T-62, i
      was last enemy alive in the scorpion, being chased all over the map before
      you ended me 🙁

      Would love to see that game uploaded tho, that ‘Fast and Furious Tank
      Edition’ definitely was fun for me at least ;P – that is, if you recorded
      it and are given permission to upload it obviously.

    • +SirCircon this train is going places.

  3. Fun Match in the Scorpion Circon, those damm autocannons hurt alot XD.

  4. Took me the whole time the eu server was up today, but i got the t62 and
    i’m nearly done with the m60. GAME IS SO GOOD

  5. The Queen of England


  6. RollerCoaster47

    Such a copy of WoT, I’ll never give this game the time of day. If anything
    though, it might make WG get off their asses and improve their game more
    and give out some more good missions in the hopes they don’t lose too much
    of their player base, similar to all the x2 exp weekends we got when WT
    Ground Forces came out.

    • +RamJB BF is competing with cod but other than being a shooter it has
      nothing in common… That was a terrible example IMO. Also take a look at
      my previous comment.

    • +Nazar I mentioned CoD and BF as standalone franchises. There are many CoD
      games, all of them a carbon copy of the previous one “fixing” what was bad
      with it. Same with Battlefield. BF3, BF4 and the weird ass BF thing out
      there now in a timespan of 18 months, the latter 2 which could perfectly be
      expansions of the previous one being so similar. I wasn’t saying BF is a
      copy of the CoD (even with BF has decidedly moved towards CoD style since
      BF3), so you got it wrong ;).

      And your previous comment is really exciting. If everyone thought like you
      we’d still be living in the jungle, indeed, for original thinking is what’s
      gotten us to evolve technologically. If every game developer ever had taken
      the approach most companies take nowadays, we’d be still playing Pong. A 3D
      photorealistic one, sure…but Pong. Keep on not asking developers to stop
      sitting on their asses just copying other games… that way we’ll still be
      playing WoT (in one way or another) in 2040.
      If you want that for entertaining software, all right. I want a lot more,
      because a lot more can be achieved. Seems noone cares for innovation
      nowadays, certainly not in the gaming industry, and if an industry stop
      innovating, it stagnates. Maybe you don’t care about it, but I do.

    • +ramjb Regarding BF/CoD, they own the previous games, so they can copy
      themselves as much as they want, also they are poor examples, because even
      tho they copy their games they do not actual improve them, long time
      players do not get what they asked for and loved mechanics get removed.
      While with AW it is definitely an improvement over WoT as disliked things
      have been removed and wanted things have been implemented and so on.

      Regarding the rest of my comment, it seems you too have failed to
      understand my comment, even tho unlike yours, mine was clearly stated and
      without any obscurity. I did not claim that everyone should copy one
      another, what I said is that all of humanity’s ideas are expansions on
      ideas of previous humans, every song you ever heard was inspired
      subconsciously to the singer by some other song they heard, every game is
      inspired by either another game that previously existed or an idea that has
      also already existed, by working on top of the ideas that already exist you
      expand them and reveal new ones.

    • +Nazar Expanding other ideas is innovating. But to do that you must EXPAND
      the ideas. Copying something done by someone else adding a couple changes
      here and there won’t do. That’s not expanding nor innovating, it’s just
      doing the same with minor modifications. WoT was released some years ago
      and the next big studio that takes on making a tank-based online arcade
      game has done the same game with prettier graphics and some gameplay
      adjustements that might be great but don’t change the core of the game.
      That means that until yet another big studio takes on this theme, we’re
      stuck with exactly the same game we’ve had available for the last 5 years.
      How long until someone else tries to do a game of this thematic? another 5
      years?. That means maybe a potential 10 years of gaming with exactly the
      same stuff out there.

      10 years.

      In gaming.

      And if then the next guys who do something of this thematic will do yet
      another copy with “some improvements” and prettier graphics. Unless the
      playerbase sends clear signals they won’t bite on it. But as it is right
      now, what the playerbase is yelling is “give us moar of the same, plox,
      we’ll throw our money at it”. So probably the next dudes who do something
      like this will do the same stuff yet again. Until people wake up .

      Whatever, if you don’t see the point is obvious you’re not going to see it
      anyway. No sense in insisting on it. I’m just sick of tired of developers
      doing this crap all around the place. Games are prettier than 5 years ago,
      but aren’t any different, because noone BOTHERS doing anything different
      because noone DEMANDS them doing something different. As long as the
      players keep on sucking games which are in essence clones of each other,
      this industry won’t offer something new. IF you’re OK with that, be my
      guest. I’m not, at least, but it’s clear I must be in a massive minority
      here. At any rate as I said, if my point hasn’t gotten across by now
      insisting on it won’t do any good, so I’ll leave it here.

    • +ramjb The degree to which you need to change an idea before it becomes
      original is a slippery slope.


  8. after the time and money put into WOT i could care less about his game!

  9. I look forward to watching the stream later tonight.

  10. Are We having Fun yet?….Like little kid with new toy…ty for
    vid….Cheers B.

  11. HAAAATE >:O

    Only cause I am stuck at work and cant get a founders pack and play aaagh

  12. were is you modpack for wot =/

  13. good to see you having fun in games other than tanks, but to me this isnt
    enjoyable or entertaining to watch. this game is not for me.

  14. lol, first bitch confirmed.

  15. A shopping busket 😀 I can see that too now.

  16. I dident stop unrealistic skysluts who are deleting 90% of agressive
    playing. I think i need check this game

  17. No doubt u r happy gg ;)

  18. Wow, the first thing that I have noticed more than anything else is that
    this game does tier 1 so much better than World of Tanks….

  19. So basicly you just shoot anywhere on the tank. upper plates and all..

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