PT(SD)-76 APCR ONLY | Worst Tank Worst Round (War Thunder Tanks)

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PT(SD)-76 APCR ONLY | Worst Tank Worst Round (War Thunder Tanks)

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  2. apcr sucks in wt


  4. What’s the song called when your your montage started?

  5. I’m in the Philippines and and it is raining like a bitch from the super typhoon. Power went out for just a moment last night. NC is fucked.

  6. Most painful tank? Try Centurion 1 with solid AP…

  7. That handshake meme makes me laugh EVERY time!

  8. Hey phly take out the stuH 42g and ju88 a4 attemp 3

  9. If potshots originated from the military then the first thing that would come to my mind would be dysentery. Popping in and out of the toilet just to make sure it lands on the pot and not in your pants.

  10. phly will gaijin add sonderkraftahrzeug 251/20 dragon tank destroyer with the 7.5 cm pak 40

  11. Play the most weird tank in the game
    Attempt# 1

  12. Chieftain MK.5 STOCK #1

  13. heroes and generals lithuanian

    Loving the unloved chalenger mark 1 ( atempt 1)

  14. I have enough of Tiger I, always in the most important moment i ALWAYS shoot the no pen spot in the front

  15. 6:07 lol I remember that

  16. Challenge time:
    Play Leo a1a1 with apds only

  17. You know you’re having a bad day when you bounce a Chaffe

  18. Bring the american T25,it those everything almost perfectly,it has just to be used the right way and is potential can be unleashed.You’re gonna love it! Attempt#2


  20. This reminds me Stock Leopard 1 with only sabot ;-;

  21. Fun fact, the phrase, “give ’em the whole 9 yards” has roots in world war one. It refers to when machine gun ammo belts were made of fabric and were roughly 9 yards long. Giving the enemy the entire 9 yards of ammunition roughly meant either overkill or everything you had.

  22. you forgot the wordpad at 9:00

  23. F2P Challenge #1 :
    Tiger H1 Full Stock Pz.4 G Maxed and try to kill some Amuricans feel the pain

  24. Anyone else notice that tank on the right at 7:38?

  25. How can i turn on scout button?

  26. 250 rounds of .50cal is 9 yards

  27. Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort]

    Plhy, can’t u play the T-70? It has some sick armour 🙂 ATTEMPT 2

  28. So you really consider PT(SD) to be painfull?!
    Try Acher for damn sake and then tell me (Attempt #1)

  29. Loving the Unloved:
    Play the Pz III N! It has a superiorly buily Howitzer, capable of destroying communists.
    Attempt #3

  30. try the M56 stock AMMO only. it is way worse with everything can kill it. EVEN STONES.
    or M48 stock ammo at 7.7 where literally everything is sloped armor.

  31. u think this is bad??? Try Shitpard A1A1 with 1st shell aganst Abrams XM-1 T-64B and my “favorite” Challenger

  32. Phly, the memes were amazing

  33. So russians have stab on 5.3 tank? GG

  34. You want pain then try the M4A5

  35. how to overcome stock syndrome???????? )))))))))))))))

  36. This is the Leo I APDS round before it got upgraded dew days a go.

  37. Play the unloved! Hanomag henshel jagdpanzer with all apcr and just 3 chemical rounds! Attempt #1.

  38. Bosanski Pan-Slaven

    nah m47 apcr is gayer than that

  39. What’s the name of the song starting at 8:58 ? NOT DARUDE SANDSTORM 😀

  40. Attempt #3. Play the Japanese Ka-mi.

    If there is another bad tank to play. It is the Japanese Ka-mi. It is looks unweidly and it is not amphibious even though it is supposed to be amphibious IRL.

  41. I grinded it out when there was no Stabi in this tank.

  42. Hello comrade. You have received a message from Iosif Stalin da ))!?
    He says play the T-34 85 at 5.7 with only the stock shell
    Good luck, and make the motherland proud!

  43. streaming on twitch and youtube at the same time????? that’s against Twitch TOS!!!!! you can not stream on another platform at the same time as you are streaming on twitch. be careful phly

  44. The Last Killer Shrimp

    REEEEEE Pt-76 is verry GOOD

  45. Yo Phly, why don’t you make a stream with one of gaijins dudes. Like q&a or something like this? U’v got some nice suggestions for sure.

  46. 8:50 All Hail YouTubes National Anthem!

  47. what was the song used at 8:49 it just gave me 2001 flashbacks

  48. it hurt my pride 🙁

  49. the origin of pot shot is from pouching in the uk. taking a quick close shot with a hand thrown stone at game for the pot

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