Pubbie Map Awareness in a Nutshell

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Source: Taugrim

Trivia question: name all the references!


  1. Reading is a lost art today. Unless it is on Facebook.

  2. Trivia question: name all the references!

  3. Taugrim does a meme!

  4. Hey Taugrim question for you how do you deal with losing streaks? the last two days have been pretty bad for me for whatever reason it seems my team always folds super quickly and we’ve been getting wrecked any advise?

  5. I was told in a private message to go back to tier 4 by some high stat player. The thing is we won that match, and I was still in more or less in once piece at the end of the match. I was against two other light tanks it was sand river standard battle. I had retreated back to our base, and my goal was to keep these two light tanks that had tried to capture out base spotted. I knew they wanted me to charge them so they could take me out, but I kept hard cover between us, and eventually. one of them make a mistake and got distracted so I took the opportunity and took him out. (leopard) The thing I was trying to do was hold them up buy some time for our team, and keep the pressure on by keeping them proxy spotted.

    I have the AMX 12 t now its a fun tank. Mine is very much stock, and turns more or less like a beached whale, and is nothing like my ELC, still the auto loader is nice, and I often will press “c” to reload and try to keep a full load. Keep up the good videos. 🙂

  6. Jim Carrey, Dumb and dumber meme. Is that beavis and butthead sfx? And Louis CK tho I don’t really know his material. Honestly I suck at pop culture stuff.

  7. I had this wonderful moment recently where, an enemy 3 man IS-7, WZ111-5A, Pz VII unicum heavy platoon rushed the alley on Himmelsdorf. My team was rushing hill when I said in chat: “Can someone help stop their rush in alley?” And believe it or not, several of my pubbies turned around and went straight there. Several clips from 2 T57s seemed to blunt their rush. And can you believe we actually won that game.

    Definitely a rare game.

  8. it`s always someone else`s problem

  9. Well played sir.

  10. The Modelling News

    We are all pubbies at one time or another – you are better than this dude

  11. or those games you tell arty to move because we lost one flank but even when told they refuse to notice… only to tell the team after they died to learn to play 😀 It’s most amusing when we also win.

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