PUMA 20MM Auto-Cannon GO BRRRRRRRRRTTTT | Sd.Kfz.234/1 (War Thunder)

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PUMA 20MM Auto-Cannon GO BRRRRRRRRRTTTT | Sd.Kfz.234/1 (War Thunder)



  1. Come on guys, I wasn’t the first who started using synthwave/retro music anyways.
    If Phly want’s to use it let him, I don’t mind it’s not my property 😉 He used hardbass music in his videos way before my channel was even created, maybe I’m copying him? So no need to complain , just be happy he’s using some synthwave , bigger music variety is always good 😉

  2. I demand more retrowave

    Especially collabed with dollarplays

  3. whiney bitches never created anything. fucking dildos

  4. rene wasgehtsiedasan

    where is that music at 8:30 from? I know it but cant make it out

  5. Just getting killed by a B1 bis named Saint_Croissant

  6. gilang suryadharma

    legend says he hate feline

  7. I ask everyone who complains about others copying someone elses style/art/thoughts etc. to step back and ask themselves (and maybe others:) how culture and generation work.
    Since humans exist the older ones pass on thoughts and ways to do stuff to the younger ones, people see how others do something and like it and start to use it themselves, sometimes altering it in the process. If I was pressed to define cultural/human developement in history/art/technique it would be that. And if one starts to try to follow traditions to get back to a presumed original, you likely always find it to be a modified copy of something older/else.
    So please, Phly, go on copying, experimenting, modifying what you find in the world – in short: please stay creative.

  8. Stop the whining now Fatty.

  9. I liked the part where he is in the tank.

  10. The new and improved a-10 thu…. um… I mean puma

  11. Phly you should also quit youtube, eating, driking, breathing, …
    I mean there’s already a lot of people doing it 😂
    No seriously people go fuck yourself once in a while

  12. If I see another Puma on this channel, im reporting you to the high priest for Heresy!

  13. i just realized that phly is a simp in some ways (not a bad thing dont scream at me plz)

  14. Pls turn grass on

  15. Who else remembers the p1000 ratte video phily did

  16. Sorry. Phly did. Does it matter?

  17. Um why are the recommend vids gone now

    Anyone else having the same problem?

  18. What even is outside anymore

  19. You both are awesome love both your guys videos keep it up guys

  20. bigrick superthick

    Autism is strong with the complainers

  21. Schade das sowas erst angesprochen werden muss…

  22. Recipe for fun: 12 air-cooled diesel cylinders, 8 wheels, 2 drivers and one rapid-firing 20mm

  23. Слава Заика

    тот самый- русский комментарий, который ты искал

  24. Nikola Nikolovski

    Whats the song at 3:07 ??

  25. Exploring With Carson Bradburn

    RIP the mighty maus

  26. Use a StUg as a charging vehicle and charge the ranks of the enemy
    Phly I want to see you ride the fury road
    And we shall whitness

  27. Why can’t people just watch a video for the content and stop complaining about every little thing a creator does because it’s “not original”. I’ve been watching your videos for years man and have loved every video you make, keep up the good work!!

  28. you have to try out the Delat Torn its an absolut beast at its br

  29. When gaijin said they wanted to focus on higher tier vehicles. So they change the BRs and add this thing *shrug*
    Not many ppl play high BR and they nerf nations for no reason.

  30. LadaSoda Explains

    20mm goes Brrrrrrrrrrrr

  31. Patrick Wolfgang Hall

    What’s the song at 3:10?

  32. He plays this game like it’s gta

  33. I had just the same problem with russian spawncampers i feel you on that bt5 i just want to play with my flakbus sturmhaubitze42g and my pz IV G

  34. Play ze Leopard A1A1 L/44, it has never been tested on your channel and we need to show our full macht to the tommycats. Attempt #16

  35. Any chance you can turn grass back on in third person view? The game looks terrible without it in my opinion

  36. “how did i get racked”
    **next screen is him taking full ammo into the battle**

  37. When he sees a enemy hes like aigh i’ma hed out

  38. PH* em Phly, your content is phreaking awesome keep the 80’s vibe going !!! <3

  39. Been called out over your editing haha some people really dont have a life lol

  40. Isolation = normal. 😁

  41. Youssef Khaled El Hemali

    Keep it up man, if you sneeze in a video someone would claim you stole his Mighty Sneeze .. ignore them , keep up the good work

  42. Comments below!!!
    You do what you do phly, dont listen to the haters, MORE FUNNY EDITS I SAY!!

    do us gamers even go outside xD
    no, no I dont….. what even is outside? i have no idea.

  43. TaNk BuNt dOwN!! !1!!

  44. the obnly reason that i ant grind obj279 is that i have social life 🙁 i hope i can get pewpewpuma

  45. That first game, that’s me all session everytime I play this game

  46. what has this game brought to me.
    1. broken monitors
    2. broken knuckles
    3. more broken monitors


  47. hey why dont you guys (dollarplays and phly) make a fun video together i think thats gonna be quite fun

  48. Video from yesterday was awesome, community can get bent. END.

  49. All things have been done. Everything is an inspiration of someone’s work. You can’t call it copying. Basically if you have a YouTube channel you are already a copycat 😉

  50. Maybe it is not so common to get an ammo rack on such types of ammo, when shooting them with a big round, because the round is so big it just smash -esh is it all out, you feeling what I am trying to say ?

    Just a suggestion tho !

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