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Source: PhlyDaily


Thumbnail by Abinavski!


  1. Ph 90,000,000 times.

  2. [Pz507] Gott_Lenz fvckn cheater aimbots cheater and radar using scum, people who call themself “Gott”
    really are the most ridiculous losers ever, and as i found 95% are cheaters for sure, what ever: he is a cheater!!

  3. can u try the do17z7 it’s really good in tank rb

  4. Once again, asking if you could please play the PBj-1H

  5. What is your daily login at?

  6. PH in

  7. and the next cheater bstrd: – 88ter – uSun7 fck sht radar and aimbot cheating pos

  8. lol never had a more clear cheating pos then this ahole here:

    [GEGE] Serbia1918 fuckn aimbot and radar cheating pos no chance to aim or to see the tank but killed everyone from more then 2500 meters distance with one shot in BR

  9. Dirty.

  10. Day 255 can you play the conqueror mk.2?

  11. When are you going to feature “Gunner HEAT PC” ?

  12. the little puma is much better on 8.3, trust me

  13. Day 80 : Phly out the VG33 and Dewoitine 520 to show em the strenght of the wine powered Hispano Suiza V12 👀🇨🇵❤

  14. PUMA = early mbt

  15. PH x 90 million

  16. 1:12 Type ph 90 million times.
    Me, engineering student: PH⁹⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰⁰

  17. I have this thing in my 7.3 German line up and it kills no problem.

  18. 1:11 Phphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphhphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphphhphphphphphphphphphphp

  19. Шон Из Америки

    Someone needs to turn phly’s thumbnails into vehicles

  20. At 6.3 I’m god with puma

  21. Why does this vehicle not exist on my war thunder?

  22. 5,000 of us have to type PH 18,000 times. That sounds doable!

  23. Puma sales 📈📈📈

  24. Day 77: We want the whole “Phly Album”, its almost done (Long Range Yeets, The Missile Knows Where It Is, The Final Countdown…), just put them all on one LP and I will buy it.

    Kiss the cat! xoxo

  25. PH 90 million times ; )

  26. PH train

  27. As you can see if you fight hard you will die or if your unlucky you will die , only the last ones in at the end of the battle have a chance to live , I’m glad I was in the Cold War and not anything like this !

  28. Ph 9 million times

  29. Please do a daimler video at 9.0 roughly. It’s OP

  30. Bảo Trần Hoài

    Great video. Now my average German teammates are running around with Puma in 6.3 like idiots.

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