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0:00​ INTRO
2:08 if you think like that (game one)
6:19 that think will think (game 2)
14:47 so much it will turn into (game 3)
21:41 into a thought (wow grape) (game 4)
27:07 bye


  1. I saw the video and was like WTF phly explain, EXPLAIN PHLY

  2. good day for a puma gameplay

  3. 1:18 Didn’t know Bill Cosby spoke German

  4. Dieser Kommentarbereich ist nun Eigentum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

  5. Day one of asking Phly not to listen to the other people making daily requests for him to do a certain thing.

  6. :)))))))))))))))

  7. FL Studio Tutorials

    Thats a new rule in game, if you’re playing with german, 99% chance to lose even you take 20 kills.

  8. please dont do the reverse intro again.

  9. Watching this as a half german viewer is hilarious.

  10. 1:10
    All german subsribers un subscribed

  11. hey phly go make a vid on the charioteer mk VII. you’ve never made a vid on it before and it’s the only 20pdr vehicle that gets to face tiger 2s and sometimes even 1s often!
    attempt 5

  12. The constant ad interruptions is killing the watchability

  13. it’s sonderkraftfahrzeug
    sonder (o as in on)-kraft(craft)-fahr(almost far), zeug (zeug lol)

  14. The Tenet Intro, well done!

  15. Grandadmiral Thrawn

    What should i say….. Why are so many Americans just shouting so weird when they try to speak German???
    In the beginning it was kinda funny but it’s such a misinterpretation of the German language 😐 I can say that because I’m German 😅
    It’s a hard speaking language but still kinda beautiful 😉

  16. I’m pretty sure The Man from Another Place was driving the PAK in that INTRO . Old men will know xD

  17. Waiting for mike to comment on this video

  18. “Poo-ma”
    Bloody colonials………

  19. Play the Puma in Enlisted!

  20. Day 10 of asking PhlyDaddy to play the Type 74 G(ang) and USE the wacky suspenison fore a tactical advantage

  21. Yow @phlydaily can you make a vid that includes the marder tank? I honestly that tank is so good for its BR especially with it’s 150mm or so penetration thanks

  22. Still to this day, red is not known

  23. Whydo you loose so often by capping? IS RB so static that your team doesn’t dare to move to the cap zones?

  24. GHOST_ Davmanessk

    Phly can you do a panther f intro like you did on tiger please your intros are awesome

  25. How can the 234/4 carry 36 rounds if only 12 fitted inside the vehicle?🤔

  26. Username ladiesman_217

    German lesson: Du bist ein problem = you are a problem

  27. day 1 : me264 plus realistic tank battles

  28. Hey, I am learning german, I can correct you 🙂

  29. I love how fast the puma turns. It is awesome

    The Pak Puma is beautiful

  30. You dont understand German you cant Butcher it.was geht in dein Kopf ab

  31. Lovely tenet intro

  32. When he goes quiet it’s either because hes angry or ANGRY.

  33. Huân Huỳnh Ngọc Gia

    24:45 MAGIC :))

  34. Those damn T55E1 are the reason I carry HE when I play tanks that constantly face the T55E1,

  35. Tried to sound German, winds up sounding like Bill Cosby

  36. i found that if you take the abrams silver bullet, and shoot at a leopard 2A6 in protection analysis
    if you shoot though the driver port, smack dab in the middle of that piece of glass, you’ll make everyone in the tank red, the engine red, and the turret ring and breech red.
    its not consistent but often it happens

  37. Die Amerikaner schlachten auch die englische Sprache aus, oder (aus britischer Sicht)?

  38. I congradulate you on the most confusing intro ever

  39. Did I just have a stroke watching that intro?

  40. Phly getting teamed at 10:15

  41. Or is it just me.

  42. Ivan Korobeinikov

    revers playback of english , thats how swedish was invented

  43. I just find 1 puma on the tree tank where is the rest of the 5 I can’t find him someone tell me where are they ?

  44. Poomers need sick rims and they’d be way more awesome.

  45. Who else got the warpath ad and let it play?

  46. At 15:40 poor Tigor, that’s the worst torture ever! :p

  47. 🤣 said puma party

  48. Gniewomir Ciołek

    You should compress your sound

  49. bsjqksbak

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