PUMA POWER | How This Scout Vehicle Can Carry Games

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Source: PhlyDaily

Just A T-72A Blasting Ejecting Shells


  1. The AB 43 in the Italian tech tree is like a br 2.0 version of this thing, except its gun probably won’t do well when up-tiered

  2. Just A Weird Tree

    Where even is the “D Point”?

  3. Phly please I beg of you re update on how bad the game is i swear they never listen to anybody

  4. I got to say. One of, if not the funniest intro to date. I think it was the recorder bruh.

  5. Puma? Puma pants?

  6. Hey he did my request!

  7. Hey Phly would you be willing to make an updated video on the J2M3 Japanese fighter? Last video I could find from you was 6 years ago.

  8. YES! I only take the Puma out on 5.7. Finally, it is appreciated. Only drawback: people get so pissed at getting killed by you, they will do anything to get you.

  9. Tartaglia The Wig Splitter

    phly’s thumbnails are satanic

  10. How does scouting work?

  11. Ben07Unit1 Not Sponsored

    Sorry but all Pumas deserve Retribution from a KV-2

  12. In big open map games a Puma can dash out and get into a good position and just absolutely shut down the other team with it’s scouting ability alone. It doesn’t even need a gun to be effective, but it can still kill quite effectively well above it’s weight class and BR if you’re patient. I regularly use it up to 6.3. Not quite God Mode territory but all the same…

  13. STuH 42 turns much faster mannnn, play it more I love that thing

  14. The soviet gamer

    This vehicle will make you question your driving skills

  15. Hey! I was in that last game on corelia! I was lagging behind the main fighting force at the end there and was chasing you trying to stop you from flanking, but you were just so quick that I ended up going in a circle following your tracks….

    On a side note, I’m unsubbing.

  16. kaisarpanther roblox

    Please play the m22, I heard it’s fun but idk how to use it properly. Now I’m curious how do you play with it

  17. Reminds me of the M18, still using it at 8.0, still one my of my better performing vehicles 😛

  18. Love the puma…but I’m grinding the USA now

  19. Day 13: Lets get a throwback to the Crusader Mk III. It’s become my favorite tank in the game and I still bring it up to my 7.7 British lineup!

  20. Hey phly can you maybe do a video with some sort of eyetracker?

  21. That last thought on letting the enemy push your spawn and destroy them is the german play style phly

  22. Man it’s too early to use CallMeCarson meme rn lmao

  23. As Sneaky as a Snek ……..Snek is Sneaky…..

  24. Phly I can teach you the way!

  25. i like the puma

  26. Request: FV4005 at 10.7

  27. Mouthfullofbees Seppl

    HESH only leopard pls
    Day 4

  28. Here’s an idea for your next video, play the Pz.II C (DAK). Its pure chaos at 1.3 when you use it. You feel like the doom slayer

  29. is philip adding more and more salt every episode?

  30. in wotb its ten times more suffering

  31. Day 87: can you play the 75/34 M43?

  32. Hey phly.. Ik u might not see this but I had a pretty bad day. I got dumped and my birthday is this Sunday:/. I don’t feel like myself anymore. I can say your videos help by making me laugh so I appreciate you! Would it be possible to watch you play your favorite line up this Sunday? 3/7/21. That would be awesome to watch!

  33. “Germany Suffers”

  34. Hideous thumbnail. Great video

  35. Hey Phly, I love your videos and I’m thinking of starting a Youtube channel. What editing software do you use?

  36. Phly be like: WHAT IS THIS GAMEEEEEEEE???!!!! 5 seconds later: continues playing like nothing happened

  37. Day 7 insanity challenge: play the t-34-1942 with heat or shrapnel only

  38. wow phly your killing Lithuanians left and right that’s like the second Lithuanian i seen dei at your hands. i hope to never meet you in combat on the enemy’s team.

  39. lamaleafonthewind

    PUMA pants

  40. when does a bad joke become a dad joke? When it become apparent, or is fully groan

  41. 12:50 NICE WHEELS

  42. Play m6a1 please!

  43. Ive started using the Luchs on 6.3. Really fun and it still works. Especially early game towards other light tanks. Then respawn in the Do335b.

  44. TheCowboyFromCali

    wonder if he is gonna do a mega vid for 1M subs

  45. omg world of tanks advert on war thunder vid

  46. You should bring a pershing only lineup to celebrate general Pershing’s birthday

  47. 0:06 phly makes a10 warthog noise

  48. This are the tanks who kills me before I rage quit

  49. phly should now play the t50, it’s a soviet puma but bulkier

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