PUSHED TO THE MAX – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm going to be pushed to the MAX in the Progetto 65 – can handle it?



  1. 1:31 subtitles, i agree with you, its the potato 65

  2. Decided not to throw this match for a free day of premium time, then?

  3. That was awesome!

  4. Finally ! QB has a Backup Cat, just like Jingles has with his Akasuki :).

  5. autoloaders, reloaders what have you, have been ruining this game since the french lines were introduced.

  6. British guy wishing good luck from a black cat! What next? walking under ladder…

  7. Sam will never beat Katitta..just saying

  8. What is the voice line you had in this Battle? Was that a mode or a commander?

  9. But intuition doesnt work on autoreloaders, only on autoloaders, right?

  10. I would have waited for the reload and rushed the jagtiger, tanking one shot and maybe the arty

  11. No cat is better than Katita – skill

  12. Nice homage of skill4ltu in the form of a cat in the background XD

  13. Qb pls share yr equipment setup thks love

  14. Ahh, a Katita.

  15. I remember watching this on your stream QB, still was one tense game.

  16. KITTY CAT!!!!!

  17. Akazuki would have provided you with useful advice. I’d sack Silent Sam.

  18. So Quickybaby, how about doing some research and do an episode about the unreal bad matchmaking and the unreal amount of bad players, in the sense of total lack of teamwork and bots. I have kept track (Xcel sheet) of my games last 2 months, 76% of all games are a loss. 83% of games I end up in top 5 players, and I’m a very average player.
    72% of the games lasted less than 6 min, 67% ended with 7+ enemy surviving over my teams. This is in tier V-X. No way this is balanced match making.
    You for sure realize that with such a loss rate grinding for experience and have enuff credits to keep playing without forking S out it’s almost impossible.
    The reason I play this game is mainly for teamwork, sadly that barely exist anymore. The Me and Loner mentality is sadly all over.

    Would really appreciate it if you do some research into that and encourage players to focus more on teamplay instead of trying to only save their HP and make credits by hiding in the back and wait untill they can farm. And it should be possible for WG to adjust the AI to penalize campers and loners, maybe give toon players an advantage etc etc

    • I did the same sort of thing on Xbox on two occasions with similar results. Based off of win rate and WG’s player rank, every game had half the team easily under 50% WR and less than 6500 rank, win or lose. Don’t know if it’s the same on PC but comparatively, I’m at 7977 with a 55% WR. Not great but not an overall detriment to my team. Anything under 7000 is usually a crap player. When you look at just the losses, the sub-50s compose closer to 75% of my team and vice-versa for wins. Those games you mentioned likely resulted simply from the 5 decent players on their team working together or at the very least knowing how to use the map. As far as WG balancing the matchmaking, I wouldn’t hold my breath. The details are fuzzy but I remember reading that they made a couple million dollars on one of the German premium tier 8 destroyers. On one tank on one platform. Judging by the performance of premium tank drivers, a lot of them are wallet warriors, unable to reach tier 8 on their own before they have grandchildren. I can’t see WG giving up that lucrative income.

      Not sure how they could adjust the AI without causing other issues. I hate back-of-the-map campers as much as anyone but sometimes that’s the place to be. Same for loners. Say you’re in a platoon, and both your pals are killed. Do you get instantly penalized? Do you get a time limit to rejoin the other members of your team? What if you have to stay to hold the corner? How would you objectively measure that? What if they counted rounds fired as an indicator of activity? Well, that could effectively remove every slow tank from the game. I’ve had more than one game where my T-95 never even saw an enemy tank. Now I’d get penalized because I went right instead of left. There’s just too many variables to be effective without pissing people off.

  19. Maybe my memory is just bad, but this feels like it’s got to be top 5 heartbreaks, ouch… Incredible game nonetheless

  20. Could you not show one frame of your equipment at the start???

  21. I am so distracted by his cat.
    I want to pet him so badly.

  22. @00:56, QB has 4 rounds loaded
    @01:04 aims (4 rounds still accounted for)
    @01:06, took a shot (switching to 3rd person), and the tank shows only 2 of 4 rounds are loaded.

    What happened to the 3rd round?

  23. 0:03 Welcome “bank” to you, too, Quickybaby 🙂

  24. That southern-left corner where you cannot exit the dip feels like a bad design. I dont know new maps but most maps always had some kind of ramp or something unless you are purposefully driving off the edge. There should be some slower way to go under the bridge and then get up either embankment

  25. The Jagdtiger did the correct play. They are putting pressure on you to deal with them first. Basically wasting your time and letting their teammate cap.

    Was it greedy to commit to the arty in that game? I would have save the arty to last unless you had vision on them in the centre and could remove them without expending all of that time. Since the nerf to arty; they are just an RNG machine that could sometimes be lethal.

    I see the Jagdtiger as a player that respected you for sitting in bush so close to them and holding your shots until @07:35

  26. what a game jeez!, nice job

  27. Evil JTiger just kept pushing 😛

  28. think about if you didnt fire that arty 2 times, the jag didnt shoot u, ofc u saved hp, but that means you didnt fire the jag back, that means he was 4/5 shots

    and ur prog is only 4 shots maxed ( so you would NOT have killed him at the stairs) (means no time to decap the e50)


  29. clappy baby

  30. what means 25m automatically spotting…It means if they are infront of you and have line of sight you see them!. BUTif they are behind a f$#$ng mountain you shouldnt! not even behind a f345ng walls or building! WG spotting is broken. That is needed fixing not the stats of tanks or more tanks in game!

  31. 666k subs demonic

  32. You remind me of Skill4ltu….

  33. I love how people die in 2 min and immediately start raging in chat about the shit team and then you win.

  34. Progetto is the worst tank to have to deal with as a Heavy tank imho 🙁 I hate seeing them when I’m pushing a line. Also QB, I was wondering if you might be able to make the top 10 credit earning tank videos again (Preferably Non-Premium tanks since I feel premium tank players don’t run into many credit issues.) As always, its a ton of fun watching everything you post and I greatly appreciate all the improvements you have helped me make over the years!

  35. I love this webcam. Gaming in the laundry room. Just like my mom with the school work.

  36. Kudos to that Jagtiger player, he was really causing you a great deal of stress chasing you across the map like that, I’m surprised how fast he was!

  37. i bet that this isn’t actually prerecorded and all players in this game are paid actors

  38. whats with the 666K subs?

  39. Everyone know streamers have best rng and mm,rest is circus ,done,finito

  40. Dr. Manfred Göder

    From my experience Progetto 65 was one of three Meta Tanks in last ranked season with stb1 and leopard1. Fieldmods really helped this tank to be fun to play again!

  41. Paid actors as usually. U should have never got out of that dip, ever.

  42. Biggest problem you had was that you had no team..

  43. i got frustrated at a game that was going bad and i told a teammate: “could u please start thinking a bit more when playing and LOOKING at the minimap?”
    given that we were 3v10 and he was going to the empty side of the map, alone and leaving us 2 on low hp…

    the two of us ended up winning with 8k on me and 9.9 on the other guy. that teammate died in the open…

    after the game with 11 kills between us two and 18k dmg the third guy wrote to me to learn to play and that i should better unisntall instead of losing the game for the team. yes ladies and gentleman a player with about 3 times the games i have, who did 780dmg and 1 kill, told me on 8k and 3 kills to not lose the game for team. he also promised me to open a ticket on wg for bots like me…
    when asked to recheck who did what in that game he just started swearing XD.

    that entire game i felt like QB here trying to save the team and luckily we did, but there always are some players that… “know better”

  44. You did great job! Enjoyed video a lot.
    Maybe when 2 vs 2 you could try to engage to geting Jagdtiger’s behind first

  45. QB, watching the real tank movements in your region I hope you and your wider family are keeping a watchful eye open and have a plan to leave should you need to. Stay safe sir.

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