pussycat gameplay presented by Phly (War Thunder Top Tier Tanks)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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pussycat gameplay presented by Phly (War Thunder Top Tier Tanks)

Thumbnail by : https://live.warthunder.com/post/734637/en/


  1. Goetz von Bernlinchen


  2. R.I.P. PhlyDaily

  3. crazycakemanflies

    You’re getting rid of the plane… I WAS ONLY SUBSCRIBED FOR THE PLANE LOGO PHLYGAYLY

  4. 2a4 is getting dm23

  5. Pls play the chally and show how messed up the armour is. I tested it using my chief 10 and could pen its left turret cheek every time with 410mm of pen against what’s supposed to be 470 of KE protection. With the amount of weak spots that thing has you’d expect its actual armour to at least work, but I expected too much. Not buying it till it gets fixed :/

  6. That’s BS you’re not getting any Abrams cuz I’ll be in my brunus and get like 50 Abrams

  7. I wanna see what the xm803 is about

  8. I had no idea war thunder was so intricate in that rounds fired actually effect target points on the ammo rack! Super cool

  9. Phly Daily finally making the official re-branding to Tank Daily

  10. “Rebrand the Channel”
    “Get rid of the Plane”

    DriveDaily Forever Confirmed. ;_;

  11. Very Little Clothes on, for maximum efficency Pussicat Gameplay ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. Post scriptum

  13. “go away” XD thats a new meme

  14. GO AWAY!!! This should be on every video you’ll make

  15. You can change the art, just keep the sweet intro song!

  16. Why do i feel like the tittle was changed

  17. No Ali-A intro, unsubscribe

  18. I killed the leo 2k one shot it in the front with mt mbt70 2/10 times

  19. Next play AMX 40

  20. What about the decal in game

  21. How was he still alive after twoooooo bridges!? Nothing else can explain this other than luck… to me at least

  22. Didnt know war thunder had modern vehicles but i guess they got the idea from armored warfare… Thought war thunder was WW2 LIKE WORLD OF TANKS

  23. hey phlydaily i have a question for you how your turret cannot move and what button for that and wheres is the settings please tell me

  24. TankDaily????

  25. It’s Friday and I can’t wait

  26. Plus for British viewers is roughly 6pm BST

  27. Replace the plane with a tank on the amblem

  28. a random furry gamer

    hey phly try to use a pz.2 20 mm as anti air at medium to top tier (or low if you feel too much of a challenge)

  29. Alysson Almeida

    Destroying the T64 is easy. I want to see fight against M1 abrams by playing Leopard 2k

  30. Stoked for the new layout but phly please play out the Russian I-185 at br 4.0 the 3 Shvak cannons won’t let you down 🙂
    Attempt #13

  31. im going to miss that little plane

  32. Just keep up the content.. I love these.. I dont play game anymore but i love watching ur gameplay tho

  33. More tank daily.

  34. leopard 2K is the new abrams

  35. Otávio Camanho

    Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Play the M48 in stock configuration (you can uncheck the modifications making it stock)
    Or…play the M48 using only the APCR shell. Good luck, you will need it Attempt #58

  36. Ston3bridg3 Viking

    I don’t get it, I meet Abrams every round. ?

  37. are yuo drunko?
    I like drunko
    we all like drinko 🙂

  38. PhlankDaily

  39. too much talk about mighty t-64 while having the most powerful HEAT round out of all top tier tanks

  40. R.I.P. Plane, you’ll be forever missed.

  41. “With very minimal clothes on”
    How lewd

  42. coolhandlukedubble99

    Warning I face Abrames every game, any one else going up against the M1?

  43. coolhandlukedubble99

    Dont do a new coke plz. If it ant broke .

  44. Peoples I think I’ve found the perfect method to grinding in War Thunder especially in high tier all you really need to do is invest in a Premium account and use the tank arcade assault mode even if you only make it halfway through the waves of enemies before they cap the zone so long as you pull your weight you’ll leave the game with a bounty of research and silver lions.

  45. Phlys dying

  46. LOL my bud Godsplay was in this game…. RIP dude, lol.

  47. Jake Winterstorm

    YAY long tankdaily video to pass the time and learn how to be better at war thunder

  48. Lost in the comments section, no way out

  49. Dude this bobanSVK in Vickers that was me, i was like how the F did he kill me with machine gun… 😀 i didnt check killsfeed so i didn’t see its you. Now i was watching your video and i was like duude, i was in this kinda situation few days ago when i scratched the breach of leo 2 and then he killed me with 20mm… and suddenly, i see my name on video of yours 😀

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