Pz. 1c Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

*Bonus video* Is low tier puppy kicking anymore?

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  1. Couple of things
    1) Was there a reason you didn’t try a ram on the Stuart after you ran out
    of ammo?
    2) Is there a reason your team had 4 unplatooned unicums and the enemy had
    none? GG WG how hard can it be to split them 2 to a side?

    My Fav low tier Tank is the Cruiser II and it’s choice of 3 superb guns for
    whatever mood you are in. Sniper acc/pen 2 pndr, auto loading borfors, and
    of course the 3.7-inch howitzer that just never gets old.

  2. The PZ 1 C has the highest top speed of all tanks.

  3. I thought WG was going to not allow more experienced players play against
    inexperienced players (I forget the term they used) at tier 1 and 2
    starting in 9.9, but I don’t see any difference at all.

    • +Panzer_ Bill There’s been a huge difference at low tiers. “Experienced”
      for WG is over 1k games. So you usually get into games with players with
      5-20k games played, although you can get into games with a bunch of players
      with only 1k games played. I’ve played over 100 games in the R35 (tier 2)
      trying to Ace it, and I’m usually in games with 4 T18s, T-127s, Pz. S25s,
      FCM36pak40s, Pz.1.cs, and Cruisers, all driven by players with a lot of
      experience, equipment, crew skills, and premium ammo. It makes driving bad
      low tier tanks very difficult and frustrating.

  4. Oddly enough my R35 is my main Pz I C-killer.
    Although quite slow and with sluggish turret traverse, I’ve bagged more Pz
    IC in it than with any other tank.
    Not sure why they seek me out but they usually regret it.

    • +FLYBOY805 I use the 25mm. Despite it’s range limitation I fell that the
      rate of fire and accuracy (such as it is) makes up for it.

    • +Wolfogre what gun do you use on the R35? the 25mm or the 37mm?
      i have a Female crew on my ELC and Use my H35 as a poor-mans light tanks
      crew trainer (WIth BiA activated )

  5. Cruiser IV with the Bofors is still the best seal clubbing tank I reckon

  6. I would have been even more impressed if you wouldn’t have fired gold, eve
    if you had to.

  7. Is low tier puppy kicking anymore?

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