^^| PZ.4H Derping Around Stream Highlight

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Thanks for watching! Derping around in the .


  1. all calculated boys ?? fuck just watching what he does so awesome to see.
    pulls back to cover and always shooting when others cant see him or shot

  2. Awesome carry!

  3. i’ve gotten 3 marks on my Panzer Führer H :^)

  4. My friend went the E 100 route when I first introduced him to the game. I
    bought this thing back to play it with him, accidently 3 marked in within a
    few dozen games. Ez

  5. I kinda felt bad for “KillaX021” in the beginning as it was akward being
    called out on stream, but then he was kinda a jerk. Good job Circon! ;)

  6. Wow what an engaging first 30 seconds there was in this video! Such
    intense! Anyone agree? xD

  7. The Aimless is such a butthurt loser…

  8. been playing some tier 5 lately in wot and holy shot bishops are so fucking
    annoying their rof and accuracy with its alpha is just so aggravating

  9. my opinions on m4 vs pz4h
    derp 105mm: pz4h>m4
    rapid fire 75/76: m4>pz4h

  10. One of the best fucking plays I have seen 😉 The fucking carries circon!

  11. What’s the flags upon Circon mean? Sorry for the question

  12. Stream highlight in 1080p? Yes please 🙂

    Also, is that a selfie-stick attached to the turret cupola? Looks like
    Circon’s face cam is a live feed from his tank :D

  13. victoriouspancake

    new vid HYPE !

  14. Herp derp

  15. 2nd!

  16. You could say Circon (puts sun glasses on) DERPED around during that match!

  17. last time i was this early, i just watched the video. i need to get back to
    doing that.

  18. Going live with World of Tanks in about 1h30min – http://www.twitch.tv/circon :)

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