Pz. 58 Mutz – First Impressions

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Source: osirish

TLDR: It’s pretty , if you can past the price.

World of for free at http://play.any.tv/SHPHQ


  1. The second gun: Oerlikon 20mm coaxial Panzerkanone 61 autocannon with 240
    You may know this as an AA gun in World of Warships :)

  2. Here is some WG logic: you can stick your barrel into rocks, you can stick
    it into other tank’s turret but you cannot stick it into your mirror.

  3. Glad you’re back. Take good care of yourself and take it easy. We’ll be
    here when you get better.

  4. Norbert Sieniawski

    great material, as always. 🙂

    If I may ask, what mode are You using to make the targeting area to look
    like that?

  5. Delightful Gentleman

    eye infections? if you’re wearing contact lenses be extremely careful with
    that, there’s an amoeba that can infect your eye and it can make you blind
    if you don’t seek treatment early on, it gets in there if you wash the lens
    with tap water, always use a protein-killing solution to clean them

  6. It’s not an indien panzer!!

    It’s more like a tier 8 leopard.

  7. I have no idea what the actual specs of the coax gun are, but obviously you
    didn’t mean 50mm. Sure it could of been a .50 cal, but I would of guessed a
    .308 cal.

  8. Glad you are on the mend. Did you know the eye is one of the fastest
    healing parts of the body? Wishing you are 100% soon! Thanks for the video.

  9. Eye infections can also occur because of excessive use of computer screens.
    Had it myself too and it remained a slight weak point ever since.

  10. sabaton ghostdivision

    are u live mate osirish no videos long time i hope u get better long live
    king osirish !!!!

  11. What do you think about the Tiger Patton?

  12. 1:51 “its got 212 dmg… yeah, its got 240 dmg”

  13. It’s AAAAALLLLLLIiIIIIIIVVVVVEEE, well, you are. Nice to see you back Irish

  14. very nice story and you told it so well ;0 o3

    = === nice

  15. The Rebellious Clone

    “212 damage, pretty standard, 240 damage, pretty standard among tier 8
    – osirish, 2016

  16. Hope you get well

  17. Maybe this is the last of your bad luck. I hope it is. Get well man.

  18. Yay! You’re back! Sorry to hear about your eye(s).

  19. Are you gonna do a 4k subs special?

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