^^| PZ.B2 Great Success Stream Highlight

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This might be on sale during all the xmas sales, who knows, so have a replay of it!


  1. Hey, it’s success* 🙂 Might want to fix that title.

  2. premium round seal clubbing at its …..finest?

  3. it’s like your op shields failed in the last minute :P

  4. ” Uanoobis ” in platoon :D

  5. I might buy this if they sell it. I kinda liked the Char B1, but thought
    that the fact it could face tier VIs with that stupid little gun was BS. A
    version of it with better matchmaking might be a fun diversion. Plus it
    could be useful to train my German crews a bit as I advance into the upper
    tiers. (Yes I know tier IV premium won’t train that much, but at least
    it’ll train somewhat while I make credits with it, so that’s a nice plus.)

    You’re a crazy mofo, Circon. I salute you.

  6. Did Jedi really say that Pz1c is useless in tier5 games?

    I iz dissapoint.

  7. gotta re-balance Circon

  8. EU gets all these amazing sales, an advent calender, and 25 gold per day.

    Meanwhile NA gets jack shit as of yet.


  9. full gold and still make a profit? no problem in PZ B2

  10. I love my B2

  11. But my body…. MY body’s telling me yes!

  12. For sale only $500 with 30,000 gold & 3 days premium (and BONUS free camo

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