Pz.II J Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

ItÙs on sale!!! Rushed video special.

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  1. You know what lower tier matches are like,yet you have spent a whole video
    moaning about it!!

  2. Be very careful and make sure to do your sums when WG offer something for

    In a recent bundle offered I did the sums and discovered the pricing was
    way off and it was cheaper to buy the gold and/or tanks separately, rather
    than by the bundle on offer. than.

    The Pz II J is not on offer on the SEA server, but if it does come up I
    will let you know how the sums work out.

  3. Will they ever sell this on the NA server? who knows…

  4. I’m sure the that tank isn’t even good for your WN8, only for your win

  5. A cheaper, on par troll option imo is the tier 3 Pz. S35 739. Decent armor,
    a great gun and it will actually make you some credits. And on sale its
    only 1/30 of the price of the Pz.II J!

  6. If you want to buy more gold now is a good time to do so since you get the
    Pz II J in the deal. Otherwise, don’t bother.

  7. Indestructible Nokia 3310 in WOT form :)

  8. The fact Wargaming has sold this twice is just ridiculous, YES it brings
    them a good income for the specials, yes alot of people want it, but this
    tank is borderline broken… I cant imagine the new players having to deal
    with this bullshit that isnt even that rare anymore, it doesnt affect me
    because i dont even play under T8 (AT15A the exepction :p) but the new
    players will have constant games against this dumbshit tank… *sigh*

    • +PTMxCh00bX I don’t think they are selling too many of them and that is
      probably the reason for bundling it with the most expensive gold package.
      Also, since it’s an almost guaranteed money loss to drive it few people do
      it regularly.

  9. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Covenanter spamming APCR.

    I detect a stat padder….

  10. you got an ace because you killed one tier 4. 🙂
    and NA server still does not sell the PzIIJ . They like us

    • More like they don’t need the cash? I never thought any WG girl fruit group
      would pass on a chance to grab cash.

  11. Speaking of premium tanks. How about the second bundle on offer with the
    FV201, has that one won you over?

    • +osirish We have to buy it for 30euros, other servers get it in a mission.
      What do we get? The Shitter Max!

    • +osirish Grand. Stockpile those repair kits, that ammunition rack is going
      to need some help.

    • +Dobey Just played first game in it … first class badge … basically a
      stock caernarvan. Will do a first impressions as soon as I get another few
      games played in it.

  12. Errenst Harvey (Tigerhunter3)

    This tank is so much fun

    I will never forget my first game in it.

    Campinovka no tds and only one red arty.
    I drove right in the middle of the fild and receved so many hits. I blocked
    almost 3000 damage.
    My graficcard (gtx 760) was struggeling to animate the bounces.
    They shoot ap bounced they shoot gold bounced. Some starts shooting HE and
    fail to do damage.
    I got killed because i could not angel probably because of the lag.

    I never regret getting this tank. The gold got handy, too.
    But this tank will not only cost 100€, you should also own some
    The Pz.II J will burn your credits.

    Its like a greedy women. She want it, you give it. And if you dont have
    money, she will freeze of. But untill this point, YOU HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR

  13. Im not saying it is a bad deal but i just cant convince myself to pay 100
    euros for something digital. I want it, i like it, i want to pay for it but
    still… 100 euros for something i can not touch feals like a lot

    • Is this much different than any online game that charges you for monthly
      fees or the software? It’s all just digital bits that are only good as long
      as the servers stay active.

      I get what you are saying though. But if I enjoy the game then I don’t mind
      giving the developer some cash.

    • +Marc L. It really depends on how much gold you normally use. Buying one
      large gold package is a better deal than buying several smaller ones and
      now you also get a tank thrown in. The gold can then be used to buy premium
      time if that’s what you normally do. If you normally don’t use much gold or
      have a premium account then don’t bother, the tank isn’t worth it.

    • +Marc L. I agree.

    • +Marc L. Putting it another way … if you plan well, you could buy a tier
      8 CDC and 6-7 lower tier premium tanks for the package.

  14. Jordon Reimer Covers

    You’re so dirty irish…

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