Pz.IV H Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Doing well even when bottom in the Pz.IV H

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  1. Still such a shame this tank lost the L70 gun.
    Use it with the 105mm and I think, why not use the M4 Sherman.
    Use it with the 75mmL48 and I think, why not use the PzIII/IV.
    In my opinion this tank no longer has a place omong its fellows on tier 5
    Only ‘thing’ it has is side skirts now that it is HD.
    Still not leaving my garage because PzIV

  2. Crouching Hamster

    Thanks for the bonus video, OSIrish!!!

  3. Such a fun tank. First one I got a Radley Walters in.

  4. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    At first I was excited to see how to play this tank when bottom tier. Then
    you went right into the middle of the map in an aggressive position! Can’t
    argue with the results but with my luck an enemy tier 7 heavy would decide
    to work the other side of the ridge.

    I love this tank. The gun is so much fun and it seems to turn really well.
    The speed isn’t bad but at times I wish for more when in trouble. I am
    eager to get that skill where you can see the modules you destroy. It might
    help when you know the gun or ammo rack is out.

  5. How many games did you play to obtain sixth sense? I have got German t25
    premium tank but I cannot see any progress on my perks. 

  6. Procrastinator7

    I’m not sure I agree with you there that you should focus on dangerous
    tanks rather than dangerous players. A good player in a weak tank can
    outplay several tomatoes in good tanks. I think experience is way more
    important than equipment, knowing the limitations of the enemy tank and the
    advantages of your own (relative to the other) is worth a lot. If you get
    rid of the good player you increase your chances of winning the match a lot.

    It is true on the other hand that it is a lot more difficult to hit really
    good players since they know to move and to stay arty-safe.

    • +Procrastinator7 Since turning blue, there is a huge difference in the
      amount of arty focusing me regardless of what tank or tier I am playing.
      They sometimes kill me, but usually, because they spend most of the game
      focused on hitting me, they aren’t shooting the top tiers or focusing on
      the flanks that need assistance. It ends up costing them credits, xp, and
      win-rate in the long run, because they want to hit the blue fast
      medium/scout rather than the big slow heavy or the camping td.

    • Procrastinator7

      +osirish Yeah, you do need to use judgement. I generally avoid aiming at
      fast tanks moving about but when there is a brawl situation or there is a
      reasonable chance it will stay in one place I do try to hit it (trying to
      avoid hitting my team mates of course). Especially if it’s something like a
      Cromwell getting heading towards my position I know I have to take him out
      or I’m the next victim.

    • NinjaMonkeyPrime

      +Procrastinator7 It can go either way. A really good player in a decent
      tank can decimate a team. But if his tank is mediocre then maybe a lesser
      player in a higher tier can handle it. I would agree that if the good
      player is in a very fast track it is probably best to go for the easier
      shot, if there is one. But it can go either way.

  7. A fun tank , with a lot of story behind it and a super HD model c:

  8. your are very good to become ace tankers.

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