Pz IV H Unicum Guide/Review, Ode to Derp Gun

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Pz IV H, a tier 5 German in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 7 Malinovka and tier 6 battles.

The Pz IV H famous for its powerful .5cm derp gun, which with HE ammo capable of 1-shotting opponents and outputting good DPM.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb gun depression (-10)
+ Superb HE alpha (410)
+ For a derp gun, fast aim time (2.3 sec base)
+ For a derp gun, very fast reload (8 sec base)
+ HE penetration high enough (53) to penetrate soft opponents frontally
+ Good HP pool (480)
+ Spaced armor provides protection against HE/HEAT
+ High ammo capacity (59)
– Limited top speed (40)
– Mediocre agility
– Weak turret armor, which offsets some of the benefit of the decent hull armor
– Somewhat tall profile

1. Rammer
2. Optics
3. Vents

You can slot GLD instead of Vents, but I find that the faster aim time isn’t as valuable as the all-around benefits of Vents, given that the Pz IV H just needs to land anywhere on a target to damage it, and the aim time for a derp gun quite manageable.

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Finally u r back

    • I published a video last week, and I’ve been back to playing WoT since late January.

      It might be that you (and others) are not receiving notifications when I post a video – to fix this, below the video where the Subscribe button is, make sure to turn the slider so that you receive notifications whenever I post a video.

    • Taugrim my bad…

  2. you are a great content creator!

  3. Several people have been asking for some low-tier/mid-tier gameplay, so here you go. Also, I’ve wanted to try either the Pz IV H or the M4 Sherman with the derp gun, as it seems like a lot of fun – and oh it is 🙂

    • i play this tank with heat ammo mostly.. has more than enough pen so it gives me somewhat more reliable dpm compared to your loadout. ofcourse i know that you dont shoot premium ammo but if you are a gold noob like i am it simply becomes op tbh.(ps. i got all the equipment, female crew with 3 skills and premium consumables)

    • > play this tank with heat ammo mostly

      That can get pretty expensive, and I don’t think it’s needed either.

      Even with food I run a profit with premium subscription in this tank.

    • Please do a Sherman Jumbo E2 derp review! Thanks buddy

  4. Taugrim, you do magical things with your derp. <3

    • The derp gun with HE is so obnoxious :D.

      I’m ranked in the top 50 on NA in this tank for players with 150+ battles. It’s my favorite tier 5.

    • I’m at 92.5% on my M4, once that’s marked, I’ll try the Panzer derp. Gotta give ya a run for ya money, mate 😀

  5. Is the cromwell b good

  6. PLS DO Unicum Guide for IS6 PLEASE

  7. Another great video! Really enjoy your content

  8. That’s the video I needed. I absolutely despise derp guns for being completely uncapable of hitting moving targets. I rely usually only on my gun – as spotting is always something extra, you never know if your teammates know how to fire 😛

    Maybe that is my mistake, I should rely more on spotting? Then again, there are games that are over in 2 minutes and we win 15-0 and I found myself uncapable of keeping up with my team (as I cannot fire on the move with a derp), so have to stop to aim, and when I fire, my teammates are far away from me and I never manage to get back into the action.

    What do you recommend? What should I do in those games where my team roflestomps the enemy? That happens in derp tanks (3-marked G1 R and currently on Sherman III) way often than I’ve ever noticed it in other tanks…

    • I generally recommend getting as close to the front lines as you can in a given tank, without putting yourself in a position where you’ll be at too much risk. The Pz IV H isn’t fast or small enough to risk being a frontliner in battles where it is bottom tier, and then push when it makes sense (e.g. we are winning a flank, there is an isolated enemy tank, etc).

  9. love this tank, it was my first 3 mark <3

  10. I love you man keep it up ! In all the saltiness that the wot community has turned too its nice having a channel where I can just come and learn

  11. Helpful, thanks.

  12. In hindsight I wish I had heeded your advice and had ignored the chat. You are a little too spiteful for my liking.

  13. Good video! thanks for sharing. One of my favorite tanks – now I should be more effective 🙂

  14. “Soft cover” should really be calling it concealment 🙂

  15. Trust me Taugrim your not that salty in chat….I do it a bit worse because I see these people with anywhere from 30k to 90k games and there stats are so horrible and I just wonder how can they be that bad. Over that many games you must have to excel and learn how to get better but they dont. I just can’t fathom how they just dont get any better and how they even still play because that bad you really cant make that much credits or Xp with people that have 200 to 500 WN8 and tons of games. I dont know how they are not mad at themselves and can still keep on playing. I would just stop and find a different game honestly.But seeing these people that rush up a line and have no clue how to play the game and get to tier 10 with a poor WN8 and stats should reconsider what they are doing but they don’t.

  16. Rizney Martin Soria Padilla

    we need more videos!

  17. Kekistani_Anon_Tor .onion

    Pz4h requires two things 1. Press W 2.left click 3. 69%winrate top kek

  18. I would be really interested to see you play without sixth sense. That’s the one thing I find really tough. you talk a lot about how important vision is, and it is, but It just seems to hard to not camp and be aggressive when you don’t know if you have been spotted or not, especially in higher tier games where the fire coming in is much more accurate and consistently high alpha.

    Low tier is great and all (well, at least I think so, because I have never played above tier 8), but I feel like showing up with a sixth sense tank in a tier 4 match probably REALLY changes the game.

    • I could, but it would be very boring to watch. You have to be very conservative without 6th sense in non-heavies. With the female crew members, 6th sense is much easier to acquire, thankfully.

  19. The mistake you speak of, of light tanks attempting to just drive in front of enemies putting their trust into speed happens to me too often…:(

  20. Good vid, but why so salty all the time?

    • Sometimes I get frustrated with team mates, especially when they do things that make no sense. It doesn’t make it right, of course, but I am human like everyone else.

  21. Taugrim!

    Thanks for posting this. PZ IVH was my first “go to” vehicle when I started playing WOT. Obviously, like a lot of people I went for the historical German tanks. I have more games in the PZ IVH that i’ll admit here publically. It’s A LOT. Working towards my 2nd mark… and I see you’ve been my competition.

    A lot of tankers really under-estimate the value of the PZ. It’s also sort of an anomaly. It has fantastic qualities but none that particularly make it excel. Obvious examples you pointed out in game are the gun depression – yet the flip side of that coin is the paper thin armor. It’s honestly an “average joe” tank in that it’s qualities are across the board. As well… let’s face it… it’s a tier 5. I get that.

    I tend to be more supportive / mid to long range (I know – sometimes a bad choice given the accuracy) with the Tier 5 – 75mm gun AT THE START of the battle. With the mid / long range set up I run it as a sniper with a five skill crew. It can be surprisingly effective. Panzer IVH is a surprisingly versatile tank in that it can fill multiple roles throughout a single battle.

    Also – you commented about creating first shot opportunities w/vision control. An ABSOLUTE MUST with this vehicle. The armor just can’t support hits from return fire. It’s a shame.

    Again thanks for posting this. Appreciated! Sounds like you are still getting over being sick. Get better soon!

    • Oh yes, I think that this tank with the 75mm gun can be effective. In my case I got this tank specifically as it was only the 2nd tank I’ve played that meshes well with a derp gun – the other being the T49. I’ve learned a lot about derp gun gameplay from the T49 and the Pz IV H.

  22. best tactic wot content creator ?✌️

  23. Baguette with cheese

    Is it Hard to 3mark it for an orange/yellow player? (in average)

    • So there’s this perception in the community that getting 3 marks is easy. I don’t think it is. My gut feeling is that a green player will have difficulty 3-marking any given tank. Most orange/yellow players may not be able to 3-mark any tank, just as they have a very low (< 10%) of tanks with an Ace Tanker badge.

  24. One of my favorite tricks with derp tanks is shooting over hills. Notice how at 1:15 the auto aim stays on the target for a bit as he pulls down the backside of the ridge. This hill dropped off pretty quick, so it didn’t last long, and then the retical jumps up. On slopes that are not so steep, or closer to half way between you, before that ‘jump up’ you still have him locked. The pen marker option in your sights will tell you even more. Remember, you don’t have to pen with HE, so red, yellow, and green still have him — black means you’ll probably hit the ground. You don’t need line of sight as long as someone is lighting him and you can get the lock in third person from the view above your tank. The reason the retical jumps up, is that the trajectory is factored in when when you are on the target (the top of your trajectory is halfway to the target), but as soon as you are off the target and don’t have a lock, your range is calculated on the background scenery, or the sky way back there, and you won’t hit what is behind a hill. Follow? A little practice and you can lob derps like low ark arty.

  25. Ahh one of my most favorite low tier tanks. Only way to play that tank is with the derp imo. Although I picked up the M4 Sherman with the tier 5 holiday 100% discount and am loving the 12 degree gun depression on that 105mm! Did you know that M4 45 or were you just making observations from that match and commenting on his gameplay?

    • I don’t know the M4 45. He did several things that I noticed in real time, e.g. camping by our spawn initially, then coming over to a sniper’s hill (and putting us at risk of getting shot at), then driving IN FRONT of the church, which is a stupid thing to do. He did end up driving up hill then down the other side, so he did end up doing what he should as a top-tier heavy.

  26. “enemy team chat has no benefits”

    well you see what you are doing here is having fun in chat. enemy chat = more people to hafe fun with

  27. This and the M4 were my favorite tanks when I played

  28. Blondeucus Plays Games

    Love your vids dude ran into you in a 3 man platoon when u when you were in your batchat 12t and i was rly looking forward to saying hi in chat after the game as you were on enemy team but chat servers were down :'( glad you’re back tho buddy

  29. great stuff

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