Q&A 12.7.2015

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Source: Rita Sobral

– the release build for 9.9 is already assembled, it is not possible anymore to remove vehicles
– M46 in HD is significantly higher than the SD model, Storm claims it’s however not that big a difference:

– the developers were not considering giving the Kanonenjagdpanzer a 105mm L7 gun
– it’s possible the Kjpz will be buffed yet
– IS-7 in the game does have the correct size, it was verified when the vehicle was reworked to HD
– Storm on why Xbox One has so many good features WoT does not: “Yea, no comment. Americans are cool and we are not. Of course when it comes to details not everything is as perfect as it seems (the textures there are not 4K but 2K by the way) but generally they made it well”
– developers will attempt to fix the excessive blurring of wheels and guns from the TXAA antialiasing

And the daily:

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