^^| Q&A #2

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  1. What do you think of the eu trying to create a superstate

  2. what’s your opinion of the excelsior?

  3. The Sanity Assassin

    Wot up Circ, are you going to ever goin to give us plebs a chance to
    Platoon with you?

  4. Hello Circon. Can you please advise if there is any plans to do some
    training room mess around with your clans? Part of the fun with the dream
    team was the possibility of getting to play WOT with you. I am a long
    standing member of Circ3 and joined to play on the dream team nights. We
    met at Tankfest. I was with 2 of my sons out of my 5 children. Just think
    it could bring some fun to those who are already your fans.

  5. princerobertybob

    Thanks for explaining the loss of the Dream Team. Use to love the interplay
    and laughs.

  6. Jordan “ClassicBenz1995” White

    btw circon, I do watch mingles with jingles. my one year old daughter likes
    it too

  7. the story in bad company 2 is nice

  8. Greetings Circon, I have a few questions/suggestions for you. Would you
    ever consider not streaming your music but instead have a chat command that
    links to a playlist of some kind that plays what you’re listening to? This
    would give you the ability to post your streams on Youtube, giving you more
    content on here. Second question, would you consider placing steam dates on
    your highlight videos so that your viewers can watch the VODs of
    highlights? These two ideas would combine nicely since you can post the
    highlight video and have the Youtube VOD in the description for those with
    interested. I apologize if I’m butting into an area that I have no say in.
    I’m just trying to give you ideas to possibly reach a greater audience.
    Thank you for your time and have a great day!

  9. How did you enjoy school when you were younger?

  10. Do You regret branding yourself as a WoT streamer? Do you wish it was
    easier for you break that mold and do more of…whatever instead of just

  11. Hey SirCiron, I’d love to see some map reviews and rants. It would be
    awesome to see what your opinion would be on the very limited amount of
    maps in this game. :)

  12. Hi Sircon, do you think Wargaming needs to redesign the German heavy and
    medium line so the tanks are more historically accurate (tiger 1, Tiger 2,
    and Panther especially) and are more competitive in their tier and play
    more like how they performed in real life? I’ve always thought a tiger 1
    with a buffed HT#6 gun at tier 6 and a tier 7 tiger 2 with the current
    tiger 1 gun would make WAY more sense, especially when compared to their
    competition. BTW I have played them all, and love them. I am not sour or
    anything, it just makes sense given the huge power creep.

  13. Hey look… Another Mingles with Circon episode!

  14. Common question, but what’s your favorite tank and playstyle? Accompanying
    that, what’s your least favorite tank in the game?

  15. Was the T30 better as a tier 10 Heavy or is it better as a Tier 9 TD and
    Was the T34 better at tier 8 or tier 9

  16. Hey Circon, what is your favourite seal clubbing tank?

  17. I wasn’t here if you said anything about it as I live in the United States
    and it’s hard to catch your stream sometime, but why did you stop the
    weekly subscriber replay thing?

  18. Circon do you listen to certain music when in certain tanks. For example I
    like to listen to Rammstein when in my Germans, especially the E-100.

  19. Edmond Paul Murphy

    Hey Circon have you ever played Dayz standalone. If not would you ever
    consider playing it in the future.

  20. Patrick Schüler

    Have you ever played wot with QB?

  21. Are these questions for ants? XD

  22. Q&A : any chance to see you play modded Skyrim?
    Also when are we going to start and fund a Dank Meme Research Center ?

  23. Mike Pegg (Pegguins)

    @SirCircon what do you think of BF2142? It felt like the best one to me,
    the weapons all felt fairly unique and well balanced because they were just
    pulled out of nowhere and didnt have to be at all faithful. Also, what do
    you think about France being DLC in bf1?

  24. Hi Circon, for the Mac wrappers I’m guessing you used PaulTheTalls ones?

  25. where/how did you learn to play WoT at a purple level?

  26. What is your favorit music style, and what is your favourite song?

  27. Do you have a girlfriend or did you have one during the last few years? Do
    you have brothers/sisters?

  28. sovelis holimion

    use BeardCam… plus enlarge the question, it’s hard to read the comments
    from mobile

  29. Hey circon, have you ever played command and conquer (more specifically
    generals, since its my youth :D) and do you still play it?

  30. Mattias van der Wal

    yoow Sir Sircon. what are your system specs? and what do you record and
    edit whit?

    yoow sircon, wat zijn je systeem specs? en waarmee record en edit je?

    gtrz SideCommander

  31. what is the flag above the circam for?

  32. Hey Circon what did you study when you where in school/college and are you
    thinking of 3 Marking the Kv-2 at some point ;-)

  33. Jackson Ferguson

    Would you ever try a game called Ark Survival Evolved? I think it would be
    very funny the things you could do in that game.

  34. Mister Guitarist

    heh, i still use that wot mac wrapper, its based of wineskin, and WoT is
    now actually supporting it someway by advertising it as an option on the
    download page

  35. Did you know that the word “outplayed” is censored in the in-game chat in
    World of Tanks?

  36. Battlefield 1 will bring a bigger audience to your channel. Also in your
    opinion what is the BEST map for farming dmg in world of tanks

  37. any chance for a wow stream when legion comes? if you still play wow ofc

  38. Hey Circon!

    In what province do you live in the Netherlands? I come from there so don’t
    fool me ^^ Groet Collin :D

  39. Circon, have you played one or more Zelda games? If so, which is your
    favourite and what do you think of Breath of the Wild?

  40. Circon you should put some gameplay in the background and edit the comments
    into the gameplay,a bit like scarce does for example with tweets.

  41. Do you ever want to be a guest on the co-optional podcast?

  42. Is unicum wn8 common?

  43. In the last vid you said you didn’t have a name for your Q&A yet, how
    about: •snapshots

    •snapshots with circon

    •Circon’s snapshots

  44. @SirCircon, do you think an artillery balance is ever going to be possible
    without some massive upset? I’ve always thought that Arty should have a max
    tier, like light tanks do, although in the case of Arty I think tier 6
    would be fine. But in that case compensation would be needed to players who
    have managed to grind all the way to tier 10 without killing themselves.

    Would something like a simple choice of the credit or gold value of your
    highest tiered piece per nation be enough do you think? (Eg, a choice
    between 15k gold or 6.1mill credits for a Conq GC) Or do you think too many
    people would complain at the loss?
    I play the tier 9 American arty occasionally to farm tears, but I wouldn’t
    mind going back to just the M44 vs tier 10 if I was compensated. Just
    throwing thoughts out there.

  45. Question: How often do you find yourself annoyed and/or angry with World of
    Tanks and how do you make yourself come back to it?

  46. Circon, why don’t you do a dream team stream on another game than WoT?

  47. some people run a game footage when they do q&a… but who cares… black
    background with little question screenshot is the way of the future.

  48. Hey Circon, what is your advice to improve as a wot player?

  49. Do you want to make some serious work with CIRC for example when the
    campagne go out?

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