^^| Q&A #4

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  1. Do u like quickly baby and would u do a collab with him

  2. Circon, are you still dye your hair ?

  3. Cristian Valentin Dobre

    Sup Circon, Cavaleruu here, did you played The division lately, any plans
    to get some video from that game?
    and why not run some game replay on the background of the Q&A?

  4. Why are you not into World of warships, it has improved with every patch
    maybe you should have (another) go?? . With your tactical overview you
    should do well i that game.

  5. Graham Montgomey

    What is your favorite tier to play?

  6. Type 4 heavy bad? What about Type 5? Sorry. I’m too lazy to look into the
    stats :)

  7. jayrodmurderface

    Q&A: What is you absolute favorite tank for each country in WoT?

  8. What do you think about the Muslim refuge crises in your country and your
    neighbouring countries?

  9. When are you going to New Zealand or Australia?

  10. Circon, do you think that the actual fixing of artillery, if it ever
    happens, will result in a massive rise of players surging back into the
    game? Recently I reinstalled the game to see who was still playing and most
    of my friends haven’t logged in in at least a year, and those that have are
    incredibly tired of the game and barely get on.

  11. What is the game you think of when you think of you youth

  12. What is your dream job, besides youtube?

  13. GoodCopBadCopGaming

    Name idea Mingles with Circon

  14. Hey Circon, what is your most played tank?

  15. Do you think it could be a possibility to see a tank line with different
    tank classes,
    like having tier 1 and 2 light tank, tier 3 is a td, tier 4 is a medium,
    tier 5 a heavy, tier 6 a light again and so on?
    And do you think you should enjoy to grind that kind of line?

  16. I_-Treadstone-_I

    I came back after a long break, all nerfs and buffs and whatnot. Which tier
    X’s are the best to grind for?
    I have IS7, E5, T57, 50B, E100, Obj140, soon Bat and Patton(not good
    statistically but I like the style). What would you advise? I’m looking at
    Skoda, Obj263, German meds(both), Grille and STB.
    I almost have JgPanzer and Obj 268 but I’m discouraged by many negative
    opinions on these.

  17. The Sanity Assassin

    Hi Circ, Q: When is the time of a clock like the whistle of a train? A:
    When it’s two to two

  18. for q n a #5
    Have you ever been banned from world of tanks, and if you have what was it

  19. Why you always play E3?

  20. s anagnostopoylos

    Circon, if you get to stay on your own apartment are you going to stream
    more hours/ days?

  21. for Q&A, what is the flag above your camera for?

  22. Can you answer more than 10 questions the next Q&A video?

  23. Could you please make those windows/screens with questions a bit bigger? I
    can’t really see them while watching on my phone…

  24. What would you be doing if it weren’t for twitch/YT?

  25. What would you be doing if it weren’t for twitch/YT?

  26. Not to bitch but could you make the question a bit bigger. So its a bit
    easier to read

  27. if your a damn good play; fcm is best credit grinder

  28. I love hearing about his E3 struggles because I got incredibly lucky and
    got my ace on game 13 lol.

  29. Vlad The Installer (Xemawth)

    In reference to what Circon said about getting ace tanker in the E3 or the
    T95, I have had several games in a WT auf Pz IV doing like 7k damage with
    no ace

  30. is this mingles with circon?

  31. Carlos Valenzuela

    Hy Mr Circon, my question is , How would you fix arty?

  32. What is the tank that works for u like nearly every game?

  33. Do you have any tips for stock tanks without the need of free xp/gold? Most
    of the time I find it so horrible to play them, that it screws my WN8.

  34. Miodrag Mijatović

    His bros are 8 years older… Circ was an accident!


  35. Are you married

  36. Dont mind me im fine

    kv-5 plox

  37. What is the most over powered take in the game?
    Did u think the wt e100 was broken?

  38. Circon, whats the best beer in your country?

  39. Circ I need a respond of this plz:Messi or Ronaldo?

  40. Yup, got my cent 71 to 93.7% but than i dropped aigan and stopped with it

  41. What would you consider the most OP tank in WOT that isn’t a prem

  42. answer on the comments or on another video if you like… What is your
    favourite tank in WoT/most joy to drive and why.

  43. +SirCircon
    What is your Opinion on Reroll accounts. is it a bad thing that somebody
    wants to have a Better wn8 now that they have Learned the Game or are they
    Just Stat Padders LOL :P

  44. Peter “Special K” Kamenkovich

    Considering the current state of the Sandbox, are you satisfied with the
    changes to artillery? Or is it a lost cause (aka just remove them)

  45. Circon can you please 3 mark the m48 Fatton with the 90 mil??

  46. Circ said he was late and I could have swore he said he was a lame child…

  47. Jandre Labuschagne

    Circon do you think the PZ 58 Mutz is a replacement for the AMX CDC ?. It
    has better gun handling and better soft stats for slightly lower top speed
    and accel . + dank Bear memes

  48. circon do you agree that the mediums of tier 9 and 10 are overly dominant
    in the current meta of the game? considering they can perform the roles of
    hts lts and tds as well as the traditional mt role meaning theres next to
    no reason to play the other classes. personally i think wg could be heading
    in a good direction with the sandbox in decreasing the mts ability to just
    totally dominate the game.

  49. is the tier 9 bat not getting the same 100mm as the lorr did? (the amx 50
    100s top gun)

  50. Chicken or fish?

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