^^| Q&A #6

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  1. It’s a slash, not dash. :P

  2. Mike Pegg (Pegguins)

    Surely theres got to be a red alert texture pack mod by now, right?

  3. what is this dramatic music in background?

  4. Q&A #7 : what is you’r real name circon?

  5. when you said ”groep drie’ I was like hahaha I am wondering how circon
    looked like back then haha

  6. do you like rts games like rise of nations, stronghold etc. or strats like
    europa universalis 4 or hearts of iron? if yes, would you stream sth like
    that in the no wot days?

  7. Have you thought about doing more Armored Warfare stuff?

  8. Olympics special! What is your favourite sport?

  9. How old are you and will you ever stream CoD black ops III

  10. how can you regret arty games? You can eat/drink WHILE playing and still be
    as “skilled” as if you’re playing normal. It’s awesome

  11. For Q&A #7: We’ve seen you play with other major Streamers like Foch, and
    of course Jingles… Is there a reason we haven’t seen you and QB in a
    platoon? Is he afraid of being taken to school?

  12. How do you survive free to play?

  13. Alexander Stoyanov

    Oh wow circon is a RA2 fan, **** yea. Love you man, I still play it
    sometimes and its absolutely amazing. The music is perhaps the best ever
    made for a game, Frank Klepacki definitely did his best with that part.
    Keep up the good work and good mood circon and amuse us as much as you can

  14. Dutchstonedgamers

    Hey circon i just wanted to say that i love your vidoes and keep going with
    the content because it is awsome how you play world of tanks !

  15. If you don’t mind tank pref question talk jazz: What’s your thoughts on the
    jpanther vs t25at. Personally I’m in the t25at camp.

  16. Will you do another subscribers replay?

  17. ey circon the command and conquer games is on steam (pretty cheap too)

  18. Alien tank? Looking at tgg I’m guessing its the vk 100.01p.

  19. what is an alien tank? im 4:30 into the video so if you say it later on my
    bad :P

  20. GoodCopBadCopGaming

    New name idea Mingles with Circon

  21. What 1 tank would you buff and what one tank you would nerf if you could?

  22. “ahte rakikala” ei viddu :DDDD

  23. circon would you rather cliff dive on someone for 1000 hit points or ammo
    rack then for 2000? what is more satisfying

  24. I have the Panzer V/IV on Blitz but it’s not that great…lack of gun
    depression really kills it, but also the fact that your side is flat 40mm
    and if enemies know to shoot your turret you’re fucked…I don’t know how
    it would be different on PC but I assume not much better…

  25. CHRoOMAX - magnus1voj

    You want the Skorpion G too?

  26. have you ever played the M7 tier 5 med tank? its fast (kinda)

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