^^| Q&A #7

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  1. tim calco (Dwiezal)

    Q: What would your opinion be if wargaming made artillery more like Armored
    Warfare, where there is a warning, and/or they drop smokescreens and stuff?

  2. Q: Which is tougher, Circon’s beard or Stalin’s moustache?

  3. Q: Are you from The Netherlands or the UK?

  4. Q
    how many maps would you consider to be adequate for world of tanks? is 25
    enough? 35?
    follow-up question: would you like to see every single map for every single
    tier? or reserve a couple of maps for lower and/or higher tiers

  5. Q: What do you think about the current powercreep in WoT? And if you feel
    something is wrong with it, how would you fix it?

  6. About AFK Panther – on console it is a premium tank now. All players who
    grinded it recived it for free. Don’t know why PC players can’t get the

  7. Q1: Will you ever try WoT on console?
    Q2: Why there are no more Blitz streams? It was so fun!

  8. what was that about the M53/M55 ? ^^

  9. Q: what is the best map & what is the worst map?

  10. Q
    world of tanks is a tank game which has 443 tanks (of which 106 are
    139 of these tanks are tier I through tier IV (just over 31%!), yet there
    are no Marks of Excellence for these and almost everyone considers these
    tanks as either not worth their time playing or disregard them alltogether
    and bypass them with free xp or play at little as possible.

    so my question is: is there anything which can be done which would make you
    go back in playing lower tiers and use this vast amount of tanks.
    follow-up questions: do you think that having the lower tier premiums earn
    more xp helps? do you think having seperate MM que’s for people with more
    then 800 battles and less then 800 battles was a good step?

    i find it very weird that more then 30% of the tanks in the game are seldom
    played. i understand that seal-clubbing should be dealt with and all that
    but still, you are talking about alot of tanks.

  11. Whats your view on the lower tiers in wot? personally I think they turn
    more people away then anything else… I think the game should nearly start
    at tier 5 were it’s a bit more fun.

  12. Q: What are you going to do after you 3 marked every tank?

  13. Fazakerley Patterson

    Q: What’s your favourite Overwatch character and why?

  14. circon, do you think your twitch will ever recover to pre-mexico levels of
    viewers? also do you think that that vacation was a mistake?

  15. what tanks would you rework specifically to make the game more dynamic and
    see a little more variety in the teams?

  16. Q: Off all the bonus game modes that wargaming have done e.g. Chaffee
    racing. What one would you want to bring back either permanently or

  17. Hey circon how would you rebalance WoT as a whole?

  18. Would u ever do a vid with QB or jingles one future

  19. How did you choose the name “Circonflexes”? Also, what does the skull have
    to do with your amazing self (other than the glorious beard)? The story of
    how media stars chose their online names always intrigues me. :D

  20. Circon, whats your favourite seal clubbing tank?

  21. Circon, if WG were to release a tier 6 premium Panther (a proper Panther)
    would you buy it?

  22. Q: What new games coming out are u looking forward to playing?

  23. Jeremy Schuller (GamingsFinest)

    Q: Will you play armoured warfare again cause tonks is dieing slowly

  24. Q: why is the 112 so dumb

  25. Q: if numbers on servers for World of Tanks begin to decline do you
    possibly see cross console servers being possible? (i.e PC & Xbox)

  26. Q: WoWS do distroyers resemble the arty of the sea and do you hate them to.

  27. What is the most common mistake you see new players making? How can they
    fix it?

  28. Q: should WG introduce PvE too WoT and how

  29. Which new country would you like to see a tech tree from?

  30. Fireside Chats with Santa Circon, would be a great name for your Q & A, Lol

  31. Q: what do you like speaking more dutch or english and do you speak
    something else?

  32. Q: do you sometimes struggle to speak fluent dutch / do you sometimes have
    problems finding a word in dutch bcuz you speak so much english

  33. Q:How did you meet Foch and Jingles? Its quite interesting how popular
    streamers in Wot are quite connected even though they are bassically

  34. Q: If you could have only one tier 9 and 10 of each class, what would be
    your picks?

  35. If you could add any one tank into the game, which and why,

  36. I have a two part Question first part is Would you ever dedicate a day of
    wot to play with your NA fans on the Na server? I would love to play with
    you. Second part is Do you think server roaming would be a viable option
    for WoT or account cloning to make your exact account on a new server for a

  37. Hands off my M53/55 !!! It’s the last fun left in my miserable life,
    besides torturing my cat. I’m smelly, retarded sociopath- basement dweller
    , girls don’t like me. Pleeeease don’t

  38. Q&A video title? “Recollect and Interconnect with Circonflexes”

  39. Hey circon, how do you feel about the removal a while ago of hidden village
    and pearl river? :D

  40. Q: In what ways has World of Tanks changed the most since the beginning of
    2015 (new tank lines, new meta, overpowered/underpowered tanks)? Also, what
    do you think of the Centurion AX?

  41. Might as well leave another comment this week:

    The Leopard 1 is shit, as far as tier 10 meds go. It’s so depressingly
    underwhelming. How do you think it could be fixed? Over the top mobility
    buff, fix the shitty dispersion, almost STB levels of DPM?

  42. Question: how have you been feeling doing live streaming on twitch? Is this
    the kind of community you wanted to attract to your twitch channel and are
    you happy where you are now with both your twitch and youtube account and

  43. Hi circon, big fan small question, do u think that control alt delete arty
    would make the game better ?

  44. Q: I what direction do you think WoT will be moving (more nations, tanks,
    maps, or rebalancing, new game elements etc.) ?

  45. The AFK panther was the best tank to ram tier 8 meds in…

  46. Which mod pack does he have?

  47. What’s your opinion of the 59 patton?

  48. if your still looking for a name for this series here is my suggestion:
    “behind the memes”

  49. Thomas Fitzgerald

    Circon whats your opinion on Swedish tanks?

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