^^| Q&A #8

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Source: SirCircon

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  1. Have you ever thought about playing games such as Evolve stage 2?P.S its
    free on steam.

  2. Are you going to do more Armored Warfare or have you played it out?

  3. Hey Circon! Question, im looking to have the best tank of each type (Lights
    mediums heavies etc, but fuck arties) which types do you consider the best
    of their lines?

  4. Circon, you should really think about overhauling this Q&A. Firstly, you
    should change the name. There had been quite a few good sugestions. Q&A
    sounds so dull and impersonal. Secondly, you should play some replays while
    you’re answering the questions or even footage from some other games.
    There’s plenty of great stuff you’re not uploading to YouTube. I know you
    said you like to keep it this way so we could do other stuff at the same
    time, but when I come to YouTube, it’s usually when I take a break from
    work and just feel like chilling. If my ADHD kicks in and I open something
    else, sometimes I find myself tuning out the voice in the background. Also,
    this format is pretty much directed to your hardcore fans. If someone who
    doesn’t know you stumbles upon these videos, it’s very unlikely they would
    stay. If you would have some sort of footage, you could attract more new

  5. What’s your most played game and your current favorite video game?

  6. Have you ever thought of making a tutorial series on youtube? I would
    really love to see that!

  7. its weird hearing the angry grandpas theme song on this channel lol

  8. Matthew Taylor (MattNificent)

    Make the comments bigger so i can read. ffs.

  9. I’d like to see you play heavies or tureeted TDs. Specially I’d like to see
    you play American tureeted TDs or T34. I know you like fast tanks. But
    still we can learn something new.

  10. Circon, Why do you think it is taking wargaming soooo long for new maps, HD
    models, and reworking OP or bad tanks?
    It CAN’T be a money problem right?

  11. If they add half tracks etc they will need to change the name of the game

  12. What place do you want to see a map made of?

  13. Hey Circonflexes, in percentages how much would you say a tank is better
    per crew skill for example 0 crew skills is 0%, 1 crewskill 20% 2 crewskill
    30%? Do you think offering the Berlin quartet again is making it pain to
    win because of this?

  14. What the hell happened with Versi????? :(((

  15. What do you think about a more advanced exterior look on tanks not only
    camo paterns but to see the camo net and to add more variety

  16. circon, how do you feel about the sandbox server as it stands right now?

  17. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Swedish T8 HT with a 120mm Autoloader.. So.. if it gets 4 Shells it is
    probably going to Clip every T8 Tank 😀 And with 3 Crew Members? Ridiculous
    Long Reload or OP AF

  18. Circon, you should do a video like that one Foch did a few months ago, 5
    things you would change about WOT

  19. Is the background music from GuP?
    Btw, what’s the name of the song

  20. hy circon, why do you “hate” QB

  21. Question: Thoughts on being able to customize the look and appearance of
    your tank more in WoT??

  22. Why aren’t your videos in 60fps?

  23. Question: how have you been feeling doing live streaming on twitch? Is this
    the kind of community you wanted to attract to your twitch channel and are
    you happy where you are now with both your twitch and youtube content?

  24. Have you ever met the mighty SerB in real live?

  25. will you ever again play with jingles on twitch

  26. If you had the power to decide how arty is implemented in World Of tanks
    (but not the power to remove it), what would you change/do? Would you give
    them a complete overhaul or only balance the existing system?

  27. what is your view on the possibility of multi turreted tank in world of
    tanks E.g. the SMK and T35 !

  28. Q: How, in your opinion, would be the best way to re-balance arty in a
    manner that it isnt overpowered but not useless at the same time?

  29. How would you go about introducing world of tanks anyone? How would you go
    about teaching them? Or what would be the best way for a person to curb the
    learning curve.

  30. Q: Whats your favourite tank (honestly), map and which tank, map you
    dislike the most? (No arta coz we know you hate M53 🙂 )

  31. Q: What do you think about the possibility of a multi-turret/gun system
    being implemented into WoT (because the Mark 1 has 2 turrets/guns, so they
    have to do sth about that.)

  32. what is your connection with QB?

  33. are you looking forward to the armored car and Mark 1 event coming in world
    of tanks?

  34. Circon, important question – can you increase the size of the questions in
    these videos, you know, so I can actually read them without going full
    Retina 5K mode? Blijf je ding doen!

  35. Hy Circ, please describe the non-relashion with QB:). I gues i’m not the
    really one who wanna see a platoon with u2 guys. Have fun!

  36. If WOT eventually dies out, what will be your plan in the future?

  37. What 3 things would you change in overwatch? Also put more overwatch on
    your channel

  38. mods for ?

  39. The Sanity Assassin

    Q. What are the games you will never play and for what reasons?

  40. Do you like to cook food? favorites?

  41. Hello Circon, welcome back, I hope you had a great vacation :). Can’t wait
    for more memes today :)

  42. Mingles with Circon~~~~~ :)

  43. First person who said first

  44. Yay

  45. do you have anything against QB??? and would you pay for a mode which would
    take artillery out of games??

  46. TopNotchMemes

  47. Q&A!! Wooo!

  48. Siema pl

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