Q&D #7 // “Judge Idej”

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Been a while since I did one of these! If you have any questions for the next one, make sure to leave it here in the comments below, and to mark it clearly as such.


a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here: http://play.any.tv/SHL9q

War Thunder is a free to play, online air & ground combat game you can try it out for yourself at: http://warthunder.com/en/registration?r=userinvite_2900230

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds


  1. 9th view, yay

  2. Robin Lortie-Lafontaine

    What a coincidence! I just spent the last couple days re-watching the
    previous QnDs.


  4. hi PHJ, liked your mode pack very much. are you going to upload the 9.5 ?

  5. you look exactly how I…
    … never imagined you would look :D

  6. PHJ can you do a video of a cruiser II with the derp plz

  7. PHJ have you ever thought to have “Caption Guy” narrate a few replays and
    you get to “Shine sun shine up His”?

  8. Jedi, I love your videos! As a Scot, did you vote for independence from the
    UK? I really want to know what a Scot thinks about this issue. 

  9. Dredd is the law. Actually.

  10. 0:43 “I don’t think this is going to be too long of a video.” Jedi! It’s 40
    minutes long! ;)

  11. Hey Jedi you need majestic beard 😀 Just grown my own and it’s glorious :D

  12. Thanks for answering my question. You should really try out Silent Hill
    series for a fear dose (the 5th one is the most “playable” (at least on PC)
    as all the previous ones have terrible controls). Honestly, i don’t think
    alien isolation was that scary of a game, just a bit jumpy and tense. SH,
    on the other hand, has pretty much no jumpy moments, it’s just the
    atmosphere and the distorted imagination of the creators that does it for
    me. I’ll put it this way: it doesn’t make you scream or piss your pants,
    but rather throw up your dinner in disgust, go insane and lose the will to

    Perhaps you just simply haven’t played any really scary games yet.. Or
    maybe your’e just much more “man” than i am.. Or maybe you’re partly a
    sociopath.. All of the above probably ;).

    So yeah, my recommendation for a horror game is Silent Hill, if you ever
    feel like giving “scary” things another go.

    P.S. the “duh” part of my nickname comes from when google decided that you
    need to have your full name for a youtube account (which was 2 words) so i
    just added something derpy. It’s probably possible to change it by now but
    i’m just too lazy for that. So yeah, if you’ll remember, just call me urban
    tarzan in the future (if the comment section runs out of good questions
    again.. 😉 )…

    Sorry, another messy, essay-long comment.. I’ve heard you like reading,
    though, so no biggie.

  13. Q: “Would you sacrifice yourself (as in death-level of sacrifice) for the
    good of humanity (and possibly beyond) if you knew that your death would
    mean that an evil villain would die with you as well?”

    *Best to make choices beforehand so you don’t have to think about it when
    the time comes ;)

  14. ?do think there should be a premium tank for every tank type in every

  15. Loyal follower? Well I am insane, so it figures! Oh, I’ll let you off with
    not picking ten, tell you the truth, I couldn’t pick ten!

  16. Woman in the Cave? The Descent?

  17. Caption guy’s punishment should be to have to grind the T28 Prototype with
    the stock gun, while driving backwards at all times.

  18. Playing an IS 2 with the stock gun? Poor fellow :D

  19. +PointyHairedJedi Damn you! when you cliff dived with the the churchill
    three i happened to have a mouthful of red wine, it is now in my
    keyboard… managed to save the screen but how in the name of baby jesus do
    you get red wine out of a keyboard =(

  20. Hurray! Faster internet incoming, brace yourselves! Cool stuff, keep
    entertaining us PHJ :D

  21. can you show us some skyrim gameplay? I’m interested in inspecting you

  22. Studio48, Is that a swapshop reference I hear? Rats and ketchup,
    Demolition Man I assume? 

  23. Jedi, I never imagined you having long hair. 

  24. Jedi –when the heck are you going to put a link up so people can sponsor
    your channel? Many of us have sponsored Foch, Circon etc.

  25. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

  26. Question: Dear PHJ, since you’re obviously a massive fan of Sci-Fi, do you
    follow or even support in any way the development of real life space
    technology, like e.g. the recent test flight of the Orion, the government
    backed british Skylon project or the exploits of SpaceX and the likes?

    Looking forward to your answer! Keep up the good work, thx for providing
    fun content to us!

  27. QUESTION: So, Jedi, what is your least favorite tank in WoT or the one you
    think of badly?

  28. Woman in White? You mean in black?

  29. Q: If you woke up to a zombie apocalypse would would you do and where would
    you go?

  30. Question. How do you feel about Americanisms creeping into proper
    i.e ‘store’ instead of shop and the short billion rather than the long

  31. Phj when will you release your mod pack?

  32. The International Caption Guy Fan Club and Filler Article
    Clipping Society will be holding a massive online conference and fund
    raiser to hire an attorney to file a slander law suit over
    PointyHairedJedi’s comments concerning our hero….All four members are
    expected to be in attendance…..

  33. Re: Graphic novels…. have you had a look at Corto Maltese? Thoroughly
    enjoying those; very well drawn and really interesting historical settings.

  34. Jedi, you mentioned the island you live on. Where is that island and what
    country is it a part of?

  35. Q: “have you read any Bernard Cornwell novels, if yes, how did you like

  36. Question! What do you get for down/upload speed, because i get no better
    than 5mb/s down, and 0.5mb/s upload.
    And oh i plan to start putting out content of my Own, i have two Videos
    uploaded so far, and more to come!

  37. Question: Other than reading and playing video games,what other hobbies do
    you have?

  38. you can take your time with a dance with dragons. it takes him eons to
    write books.

  39. Question:
    Hey phj do u think that he rounds should be buffed or at least hesh and hep
    rounds changed in anyway?
    Furthermore do u think wg will ever nerf the t54 heat rounds?

  40. T49 is love, life and satisfaction in one package

  41. I see you are grinding the Lee in WT:GF. Have you tried setting your 75mm
    to a hotkey so you can target with that gun only? It helps a lot as the
    default is the 37mm so even when they all fire you often miss with the 75.

  42. Q. What made you get into world of tanks in the first place?

  43. What do you think of the Lee in WT:GF?

  44. *QUESTION*
    In WoT, what was the most enjoyable line of tanks to grind and why?

  45. Question: This has probably been asked before, but: How did you end up
    playing with people like Circon and Jingles? And have u met them in real

  46. I see you like Crusader kings 2, so I would recommend the Knights of Honor
    game, it is kinda similar, it is simpler to learn how to play, and it is
    really cheap. At the moment its 3 euros on steam, you could check out some
    reviews and gameplay videos if you like, I think it would be a great game
    to upload videos of

  47. do you play elite dangerous jedi? edit:was only 15 minutes in , give elite
    a go jedi , doesnt take long to get a decent ship.

  48. Dang it Jedi, just pack up and move to another country already so you can
    get better Internet!!

  49. Hello Jedi I have a question

    What do you think/are you bothered about war gaming’s new game World of

  50. Question:
    Are caption guy and jingles plans for world domination together or are they
    independent of eachother? Also how can we help caption guy’s plot?

  51. How old are these replays? KV-1S at tier 6, T49 turreted tank destroyer..
    what are you trying?

  52. +PointyHairedJedi
    How many times I have to propose before you marry me?

  53. I kind of imagined you always looked like obi wan. I was right.

  54. Question:
    If we send in a replay and it doesn’t get featured should we leave it or
    send it in again, hoping you see it?

  55. Jedi, do you have the Valentine II? Would like to see one of your reviews
    of it. I know it’s only a tier 4, but I feel that you might be bad at that
    tier as well. lol. I could fill in for Caption Guy if he needs a holiday.
    It was a smart move for him not to troll your Mum. I think the payback
    would be bad for the both of you! lol

  56. Question!
    Jedi, can you do an evil laugh? XD

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