QUACK QUACK TANK HUNTING – ( War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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QUACK QUACK HUNTING – ( War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. 1st to like and comment :D, nice vid Phly

  2. Hi play tiger

  3. 60FPS BACK! *ALSO VOTE ON WHAT COMBO NEXT!!!* Have a great day and also I
    did it, expect this video on the weekend!

  4. 14 views … nice

  5. This is so weird i was just ending with wt for today then i just tought “to
    end this day lets end it with phlys vid” and BOOM there was ur vid.

  6. nice phly

  7. play the Panzer 4 G and Bf 109 next, a nice German combo

  8. Next time drive out the T44 with IL-10 air support! :D

  9. vroom vrooommmmmmmmm

  10. u need to play wot blitz jajaja

  11. it on iphone android and windows 10

  12. Firefly and Spitfire mk 9, a 1944 British combo, now lets kill some

  13. gaijin didnt listen to you lol

  14. The 37mm flak doesnt have HVAP (APCR) tho, just normal AP. The duck (and Ju
    87 G) has HVAP and not AP. That’s why there is a disparity beetwen the 2

  15. nice video dude

  16. wasn’t it Opel that made those trucks?

  17. Yay Phly take Typhoon Mk Ia and Crusader Mk III!!!

  18. Hey phly, i dont have a browser so can you please let me know the name of
    the song of your intro and who its by?

  19. (ATTEMPT 4) Challenge: Conqueror and Swordfish… It tickles them to death

  20. Oden? Don’t you mean Opel?

  21. The kugelblitz gun dose over heat just saying phly!

  22. the 37 is so powerful BC ur round is hitting the top which on most tanks is
    only 50mm thick at that br

  23. destroy Three bomber with Saetta C.2000

  24. Tank challenge: Destroy an enemy tank by shooting through the enemy’s
    cannon barrel

  25. Nice video Phly

  26. Get in your t34 57 and the pe8 and teach the Germans how it is done !
    Stalin will be on your side master

  27. Heinie van der Walt

    Unloved combo
    Sherman FireFly Scorpion + Mossy 57 mm

  28. here is a challenge for you
    use any wellington and destroy a fighter with your bombs, your 500 lb bombs
    (250 lb is too hard)
    p.s the wellington is just so the bombs will be your best option

  29. So it seems even Russia’s tanks are unbalanced lol (I usually play only air

  30. T44 & LA9 (attempt 2)

  31. so here is my combo: german big cannon
    StuH 42 G combined with Me 410 B-2/U-4 ( one of the most beautiful panes in
    the game, in my humuble opinion)

  32. Duck master race

  33. RustEZZEProductions

    M4A2 (76W) and the PBJ with the 75mm.
    Show ’em what Murica can do.

  34. Phly why even bother with 37mm, when 30mm is better in almost every way?
    Check out the ‘War Thunder-Flame Fountains’ to see what i mean.

  35. More duck 37mm please. That was amazing!

  36. SU-122-54 and Il-28 for uncle Joseph!

  37. Lets make Churchill proud and be home for tea.
    Churchill Mk VII and Typhoon Mk 1b/L with two 1000 pound bombs

  38. Rikugun Chūjō Karen-chan 陸軍 中将

    Phly! Time to push the axis back to germany in a Post War battle! Use the
    Conqueror and the Venom with the Mighty Bombs! For King And Country!

  39. Okay, next: Duck b-2 with 30mm HVAP-T and Kugelblitz 30mm HVAP-T

  40. Awesome video man, subbed! :D

  41. The duck plane is amazing, but if you touch it it goes on fire.

  42. heres a hard challange: drive a t26 out in a tier 5 or 4 battle and have a
    il 28 as air support so u will need to get the pnts for the il28 itl be

    but dont woory stalin will be on ur side

  43. use the almighty combo! the t-34-85 and the pe-8!!!

  44. play with zut-37 and IL-2 with 37mm

  45. Sherman E8(HVSS) with the P-47 :D

  46. russian high callibre combo!
    zsu57 and the majestic PO2

    JK the il10 1946 or the TU2S 44

  47. Wirbelwind and Ho229!!!
    I often do this combo myself cause its just so trollish!

  48. Hey fly you should use free Golden Eagles Baron doses

  49. t-34 op my ass

  50. yamato 2199
    time to deploy for the glory of Japan
    a6m2 zero fighter and a smk land battleship

  51. Reverse Vietnam combo T-54 1951 & MiG-17.

  52. Baron, you can pen the T-34’s front with this SPAA, you know?

  53. try and shoot down plane with a kv2

  54. the crusader mk2 and the hurricane mk2 with the 76mm rockets.

  55. BTD-1 destroyer and the M24 Chaffee!

  56. M-22 and P-26!!!!!? Tiny Combo!!!!

  57. I think you may have meant Opel Phly?

  58. Take Cearnarvon and Griffon with Rockets :D

  59. How do you get your round count and temps to show on your hud in the top

  60. British 40mm combo?
    Hurrican Mk IV + Matilda !

  61. Yo phly, you are supposed to drive backwards in that thing…

  62. Hurricane Mk.IV and Tortoise my dear Phly

  63. What BR is the cruiser AA

  64. KV-2 (HE) and mig 15! plz you must feel the power of stalin!

  65. tiger 2 (10.5 cm) and HO 229 for the führer and the motherland!

  66. Tortoise and Vampire with the 2 x 1000lb bombs!

  67. i still think fir a challange you should shoot a plane down with the pt76
    in the water

  68. pz iv’s of any variant are my hitler lovers, they are fantastic and
    submissive hitler lovers……. mmmmmmm….. i love them

  69. the ultimate Normandy M4A3(74)W with P47 armed with rockets

  70. Roaring T95 vs Royal Tortoise! Bring in the turtles!

  71. thats not a KV-2 thats a KV-1 geez phly LEARN UR TANKS

  72. The JU87 and the Panzerkampfwagen IV.
    Fürs Vaterland!!!

  73. Give the enemy the D! (Attempt 3). Panther D and Ju 87 d5. It’s almost
    Valentine’s Day so you can give da d.

  74. “we got an M22 down there”.Just GREAT

  75. Hey Phly do the F82E twin mustang again in a RB good luck

  76. Firefly combothe Firefly and the Firefly FR Mk. V

  77. Jnorbzz is ALIVE????

  78. Beautiful turn of events!

  79. Play the panzerwerfer 42

  80. Phly, everybody knows you don’t use the 37, use the 30. Almost the same
    penetration, and you get increased fire rate AND more shells

  81. Phly, the Kugelblitz DOES overheat, and you think you know shotgunning, the
    shells start coming out at 45° to the barrel

  82. M18 and P-47 ground attack

    Nothing says Freedom like Murica’s fastest tank and one of their fastest

  83. Chat around 12:40
    Plly is here
    Say whaaaaaa

  84. Next time, 109f2 with 15mm armor piercing rounds and rockets, and a pzIVf2
    please :)

  85. Panzerführer Chavez

    ZSU-57 and Mig17. Very stronk Russian combo. Da?

  86. Opel


  88. do some crazy shit with ZSU-57-2 in RB

  89. Download this app
    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.free4ga.wt&hl=fr , use my
    invitation code “5r7uy” and make free golden eagles !!

  90. KV-2 and Pe-8 (with the 5000Kg bomb) Stalin’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

  91. Chaffee and pgj h, they have the same gun

  92. im quite early let me make a joke

    cod ghosts

  93. well take into account you are already going a couple hundred miles per an
    hour and then you shoot armor piercing rounds so its your current feet per
    second added to whatever the muzzle velocity is.

  94. That became a NASCAR plane

  95. Go Me410 mk103! It is very nice in tanks. One russian Youtuber WARTUBE, say
    that this plane is the best in tanks after fix Ho.(sry for my Eng).

  96. I am probably incorrect, but I want to say that the truck making company
    was called Opel…

  97. *’Murican Underdogs* (2nd attempt)
    The M5A1 Stuart and the P-40 Kittyhawk! With BOMBS!

  98. Next time play slow and deadly combo Wellington with 4000 pounds bomb and
    Matilda. It is crazy

  99. use the duck with the 30mm cannon, it is better as it can still pen and has
    more shots

  100. odin sekkingstad håbrekke

    Is3 and pe8

  101. (Attempt 3) Cannon Canberra and The Conqueror mk.2 for queen and country

  102. Next combo The 40mm combo the hurricane 40mm and the Cursader(The first

  103. Mig-17 and T-50
    and yes I want to see you die. ; )

  104. small round going super fast is always a good way to penetrate armor.

  105. Cromwell and Beaufighter. 2nd attempt .

  106. 7:40 screaming at the screan *IT’S AN AI FFS! D:*

  107. P-47M/D and T32 heavy tank this combo is fun.

  108. British 40mm combo, 40mm SPAA and Typhoon with the 40mm guns

  109. M22/P47 but have a 6.7 tank in your line up

  110. British tank destroyer with the 40 mm pom pom with a plane of your choosing
    for Queen and country

  111. Panther 2 and Me 262, NEIN NEIN NEIN!!!!

  112. please phly please american fredom combo easy 8 and b 24 salute!!

  113. TheFreaky Strawberry

    phly, plz take out the sea hurricane mkIC and the Cromwell. plz

  114. I have the same tank!!!! Its awesome

  115. Mindaugas Beliauskas

    Tortoise !!!!

  116. leopard l and the Arado 234 C3
    show them the power of the leopard and Arado

  117. tiger h1 with fw 190 d-13

  118. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    10:28 its norbz

  119. crusader aa and hurricane mk 4 40mm shred

  120. Tank smasher and Tank Shredder:Maus and Ho.229
    Use the Maus to forge a path through the map whilst derping any reds that
    come across your path. If you die spawn in the Ho.229 to mop up. Good luck

  121. Tiger H1 with Fw 190 F-8 with mk 103 pods!! Attempt #1

  122. Phly you gotta use the Mk 103 with the Hs 129 b-2, its much better

  123. Hellcat combo! Just because the names…

  124. I believe you mean Opel, Phly

  125. Dimitriy “TommyvercettyGT” Yukhymenko

    Fw 200 Condor or the Arado, and Maus!!!

  126. the kugel does overheat.

  127. KV-1 L-11
    IL-2M Type 3 with 4x 100kg bombs

    The KV-1 L-11 can be almost invincible depending on your MM but on the off
    chance you die jump in the IL-2

  128. The sdkfz 6 was produced by Büssing-NAG and Daimler-Benz FYI Phly and

  129. So phly, when you weren’t penning the KV-1 then with HEAT rounds, HEAT is
    only really effective against Flat, 90 degree surfaces, otherwise it
    doesn’t penetrate properly!

  130. MLG Colonel Sanders

    B24 and Cobra King. Freedumb combo! (Attempt 3)

  131. Do the Vought F7U-1 cutlass player made model from war thunder live pls

  132. David “madindie” Dew

    Great game mate!

  133. Tiger 2 and Ho229

  134. the chaffee and the mustang

  135. The Czechmate (bad pun) combo: s199 (bf 109 f2) and ze hetzer!!

  136. The first PBJ and the M2A2

  137. Are you Germany?

  138. p-47 and M4A2 (76)

  139. Ostwind and the me 410 with the 50mm

  140. panzer jager ll next plz

  141. Keep the intro music!!! I love it

  142. Phly could you please stop complaining about he game so much? If you dont
    like the game, then just stop playing it!

  143. yo phly the trucks are modified OPEL BLITZ as that was kind of the standerd
    truck for ze germans

  144. phly im 2 gen german pls for ze deutchland take out ze all powerful maus
    and ze horten Ho 229

    all heil ze deutchland!!!!

  145. Firefly Challenge! Take out both british Fireflies, the Sherman VC, and the
    Firefefly MK V! (with 16 rockets) The Queen Commands you!
    please :)

  146. Grrrrrrreat stuff!

  147. evan hunterlinville

    T50 and I-153 чайка(seagull)!

  148. Maus and E100 . Use a tier 5 Russian AAA TO KILL ALL NOOBS!

  149. Phly, I have a challenge for you: destroy a plane with rockets. On a timer
    more than .5 seconds. Have fun!

  150. “This is better then the Yak9T!” This will change. To the gulag with you.

  151. Zis 30 with il2, Teach them germans to not steal our beloved vodka

  152. In soviet russia, duck hunt u

  153. Algum brasileiro ae???

  154. plz drive the M4A2 (76) along with the P-51D5 with bombs..XD

  155. AAA gun plz 4th attempt

  156. and sky fortress

  157. Shepard Playz (D0GG1E)

    Murica combo M60 and any sabre

  158. that opening tune though

  159. Attempt #1 M6A1 And B17E. The Mighty and Strong :v

  160. Drake Tamer (EnderDragon24)

    Fly the Me262-U4 and use the reserve German tanks^^

  161. +Jnorbz247 baba

  162. Tu-2s and is-2 mod 1944. Late war combo

  163. (Attempt 1)
    Atomic bomb baby
    T34 (US tank) with nuke round and B-29

  164. T 32 and B 29 best American combo (attempt 3)

  165. F4U corsair (any variant you want) and the m22 locust. gogeta needs.

  166. m2a2 and f86f-2

  167. Phly plz do it just the Pz 4 g and the me 410 b2 u4 with the 50

  168. phly is pilot???

  169. I’ve destroyed an Is-1 with this spaa. 2 FKIN shots under the turret!!!

  170. Schylerchase Gaming

    Love me senphly!

  171. Phly!
    Your task is to fly the glorious airborne aircraft carrier. The Legendary
    TB-3 M-17.
    Bomb the enemy ground units and secure victory for the Motherland!
    For mother Russia!

  172. Glad game over finally got what he wanted, determination always prevails!

  173. How do you get cannons to be like 1 round burst?

  174. +PhlyDaily A-39 and M16 GMC

  175. How does he have tanks and airplanes on the same game?

  176. Sword fish and crusader

  177. the airbornepotato

    TB3 and T35! Motherships Hype!!!

  178. Opel made the German trucks. They are now known as General Motors Company
    (GMC), and own Chevrolet. They designed and produced them, finally shipping
    them off to Germany.

  179. I’ve done this with a t60 and a Gepard vs their 3 tanks just have to get
    close and hit there side

  180. m5 stuart , P-36c hawk( third attempt)

  181. has anybody been getting over heating issues?

  182. Kv2 and the po 2

  183. Boxtank and pe8 With tactical nuke. For russia!!!!

  184. M46 patton and AD2 Skyraider with rockets

  185. Очень интересный бой! Спасибо!!!)))

  186. Po-2 and Is-4

  187. Logan Parrish (Prussian J3T)

    Phly Please play the T-54 and MIG 9 Lap or MIG 15!!! Please this would be

  188. Mig-17 and top tier T54 1951

  189. Phly how you gonna let the mods call you out fam ? hit them bitchs back

  190. Phly please do the the all American rocket combo
    the T34 Calliope and the p-47
    let the Germans fear the rocks of america, rain hell over them.

  191. Rocket Apocalypse: M26 T99 and F-84B-26 Thunderjet with HVAR + Tiny Tims.

  192. Why no HS129 B3? 75mm cannon not good enough???!!!!

  193. Rocket Thunder – Panzerwerfer 42 and ME 163

    Use the Power of our advanced German Rocket technology to teach ze enemy of
    the Fatherland who is the best!

  194. attempt 7 challenge sword fish and butt tank get three kills

  195. M41A1 Walker Bulldog
    AD 2 Skyraider
    Attempt #4

  196. Oh ya and the 30mm on that plane is fucking op as shit much better

  197. hardcoreminecrafter9

    i got a few issues with this video, first the kugel does over heat, if you
    shoot nonstop the bullets go everywhere, second, the 37mm on the duck?
    c’mon phly…

  198. Phly dude the P 51A got the temps lower u can wep for the whole game 2sec
    on 100% with timer and ur back to a super low temp try it out dude omg its
    sooo op right now

  199. Zsu-57-2 and the last Tu-2 variant. Cuz Russia kamrade )))))))))

  200. Grass Brassington (thegrassmaster2)

    What if we went head to head, Hs-129 Duck, vs PeanutButterJelly-1H

  201. The Berlin combo. B17G-60-VE and the M26E1 “The Berlin Invasion”

  202. Kugelblitz had water cooled barrels irl. That’s why the real deal had
    2barrels of water on them

  203. is that a b17 tail on 5:25?

  204. Please for the love of Stalin he will turn in his grave. Do IS-2 and IL-10

  205. Phly you gotta use the Mk 103!!!!! It shreds tanks, especially at low tear
    it is insane! Same gun as on the Ho 229!

  206. do a re-enactment of Red Tails PLZ!!!P-51 Mustangs and B-57s vs Me 262s
    PLZ!!! PLZ!!!! PLZ!!!!!


    The Kugelblits now overheats. After sustained fire your accuracy goes to
    shit with the 30mms. Same with those 30mms on planes

  208. Pierre-luc Grenier

    You are so funny dude! Make me laught every vids!! 😀 Keep up the nice

  209. excellent game

  210. the 30mm is more effective

  211. that was a great battle.. its ones like this that make me want to try out
    the game.

  212. love ure vids man keep it up

  213. Matilda and british jet fighter

  214. 16:27 how is that a kv-2 phly?

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