QUEEN OF DERP – FV4005 (War Thunder 1.67 Stream Gameplay)

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QUEEN OF DERP – ( Stream Gameplay)

Thumbnail Credit – http://live.warthunder.com/post/581972/en/


  1. Love the music

  2. AC/DC love there music

  3. Is that a playlist? (Plz send if it is) or is it a radio station?

  4. i think phly has a man crush on Freddy mercury

  5. You have a good taste in classic rock man

  6. dude, throw like twelve bushes on that turret

  7. Lone survivalist314

    Dem glasses real???

  8. this tank is so boring to play

  9. dude I don’t know but your voice doesn’t mach in my mind you should play without webcam

  10. What playlist is this? Because I’m all about it right now

  11. Don’t you dare complain while ACDC music plays you HEATHEN!!!!!! I’LL LIKE YOUR VIDEO WHEN IT SHOULD BE A DISLIKE TO POISON THE BUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. save the queen

  13. FAMILIA RM dos santos machado

    is kv-2

  14. hey wanted to know if I could do a vid with you and you know this that any way you in?

  15. Love Queen, Scorpions and Beatles!!! Best groups that ever ever ever existed. Classic Rock is great, but there is no Beatles in this world anymore ??

  16. you remind me of my cousin, but you are not bad ass enough to be in the navy.

  17. Hi phily

  18. Try play this tank in arcade

  19. Why is your face in the middle of the screen? What’s the point? Move it out of the way I want to see the gameplay.

  20. Tier 1 Stronk Combo: Take the Su-5-1 into tier 5 RB and see how many cyka bylats you can kill before you run out of your 8 rounds

  21. Phily plas do the fv007 and the Lancaster #6

  22. I love queen to m8

  23. Wont this get copyright claimed or do I not understand something?

  24. Basically what this tank is:
    Huge tracks, with a naval cannon.

  25. homer trump the bad youtuber

    is the wyvern premium plane the only propeller plane with air brakes and a jet engine???

  26. WTF!? Hangar on tank tracks?

  27. pls do FV4005 vs KV-2

  28. Hey phly
    Lvt with the 57 and the pby 5a catalina. Play the amphibians combo

  29. my girlfriend has sent my PS4 controller at her mom’s place and i am not allowed to play any games. its been 7 months now and she keeps all my money… i haven’t played my favorite game… war thunder… in 7 months. watching phly videos sure do help ease out the pain.

  30. 14:16 VAC

  31. Is dat more of dat peach schnapps yer guzzlin’ there Phly?

  32. Phly you hydrate like a mofo.

  33. FACECAM!!! “FANGIRLS!!!”

  34. Whenever he got shot at and said “oooo oooo oooo” he literally said it 14 times. Fml

  35. HUUUUUUUUUUOOOOOOO!!!! <3 *Bohemian Raphsody.*

  36. “God damn, I’m fuckin massive” – PhlyDaily 2017

  37. My ru 251 finds these delicious.

  38. Name of third song?

  39. You have a very good playlist.

  40. Dominic Hróòvitnisson

    YAY!!! i actually left the stream around this time…glad i get to see what happened
    PS: you’re awesome Phly

  41. Aurora, Illinois! (Wayne’s World)

  42. you can play t34

  43. mad Video as always Bro.. that FV4005 is sooooo much fun!! Rock on Phly!!!

  44. su 100 and

  45. Can you guys tell ne how to disable HUD in the replays?

  46. Phly, bro we watch your steams, we donate to your streams. Your YouTube videos have always been that cream of the crop content. This isn’t the right path.

  47. is it just me or is the Wyvern 10x bigger than the houses and tanks

  48. due I have ben waiting like a wekk and my teir 2 bomber is not donde what do I do

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