QUEEN OF THE CITY – Russianized Matilda Mk 2 (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

QUEEN OF THE CITY – Russianized Matilda Mk 2 (War Thunder Gameplay)


  1. Challenge: Get an ATGM kill after the missile does a full loop.

  2. Uber slow vehicles could use their own spawn points for faster/smoother approaches.

  3. I was kinda getting into that documentary for a moment lol

  4. Hardest challenge ever:
    Take caernarvon, t17e2 and Fairey Swordfish.
    You have to take t17e2 and kill one or few pesky and overpowered ru251 and show them their place.
    After inevitable death take Fairey Swordfish and get a kill on tiger2 with torpedo and show him who is boss.
    Caenarvon is just for br.

  5. that is my country INDONESIA

  6. Dude, can we meet and get drunk? You’re a funny guy lol keep these videos up.

  7. the fortress and a jumbo

  8. Life is a bitch baby ?

  9. Do the IS-2 & SU-6 pleeeeeaase for great Russian biasness the comrades would be pleased

  10. You sent me back to the hanger by hanger I mean grab a stool and some rope

  11. one shot!! enuff said

  12. When you actually try to watch the miners while the matilda is making its way across the map

  13. I wanna see PhlyDaily and friends take on BoTimeGaming and his crew in a fight to the death.

    Two tank rounds, two plane rounds.

  14. No david attenborough voice in bbc earth video?
    I won’t watch

  15. i love the AI drivers, there like o yes i climb hill at 8kph 4th gear seems like a good idea lol

  16. AWESOMEair Gaming

    12:34 did you just assume my gender?

  17. Love that James Brown at the end. Your edits are getting so much better than you were a few years ago. Good job.

  18. Is it weird i was more interested in that documentary than the gameplay


  20. Possibly Your Retard Son

    Most educational video yet

  21. Show them the fighting Way of the Samurai! (attempts no. 9)
    – Light tank : M24 Chaffee (SDF) or M41A1 Walker Bulldog (SDF)
    – Main battle tank : Type 61 and/or Type 74
    – Tank destroyer : Type 60 SPRG and/or Type 60 ATM
    – Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun : M42 Duster (SDF) and/or Type 87 SPAA

  22. why don’t they use gas masks

  23. No depression?
    Where do I sign up?

  24. hello i’m Indonesian

  25. This tank is weak. My glorious tiger eats it

  26. Angelsilhouette

    Das ist alles volk/leute

  27. I’d watch Phly give commentary on BBC films.

  28. but come on the gun is great

  29. when i heard this song when phly was getting his payback i had memories of gta san andreas come back <3

  30. Show those jerries whats what by using the IL-2 1942 with the t-34 1940

  31. Can you play The KV-1 in the next vidio pls?

  32. Question: if i bring less ammo i’ll reduce the chance of ammo racking, but does that still works in arcade battle? Or just in RB?

  33. is that hesh rounds your using

  34. Claudius Müller

    please play the new Harpoon ?

  35. now I really want to see that documentary 😀

  36. So I’ve found that the Pz III L (and J1 even though I play that balls to the walls) is more of a support tank, or a “Surprise Mudda Fukka!!” Tank. I like waiting around corners for Shermans and M6A1s, the APC shells fragment pretty nicely, and you’re going to 1 Shot most tanks from the sides. It’s pen is kinda crap, so side shots are really the best it can do. Shooting T-34’s in the side of the turret, seems to be less effective than frontal hull shots (the only thing you can actually 1 shot from the front). I noticed if you have to fire more than once, your probably gonna die. OH! and your engine is gonna get REKT from everywhere. I get shot in the front of the turret.. No engine, Gun seems to work, but I’m sitting still for like 35 seconds. with a Jumbo looking right at me.

  37. PV-2D plz

  38. Ladys AND Vodkas ! Weclome to the new Tank Russian Bais Volum 4 !

  39. The Cat n Dog combo!
    Play the M41A1 Bulldog and the F8F-1B Bearcat

  40. Strategic Bomber

    Phly after getting 10 kills “So at 3.3 we do decently ok”

  41. imbeciliac gamer

    phly u and another Youtuber have to be attached by the tow rope and get 8 kills between u both #attempt12

  42. The World Mender

    Hey Phly, how do you feel about doing longer videos? Just a little suggestion

  43. Phly please play the Japanese Ro-Go !
    #attempt 10

  44. Mohammed Ibenosman Salbu-rouane

    sooooo the matilda got biased.

  45. Taemir Castillo taplin

    Russian bias

  46. Kapitonas Spurga ir Kamikadzė Džiusną

    is it possibel to use binos in arcade?

  47. Hey im from indonesia in the java island

  48. Why don’t you fly anymore, phly?

  49. omg Phly nice turret rotation sound at 9:02minutr

  50. it does great in urban maps for me atleast

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