Quickies of December 2014

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Arh, felt so rusty. Not used to remembering so many tank names, so sorry for all the hiccups and pauses. Hope you’re still able to enjoy 🙂

With the series on a hold and submissions coming in slowly, the entirety of December was able to get crammed into one video.
I’m hoping to do the same with November, but at a later time, as I assume more will come in, with this newly released one, so we’ll get back on track with the Quickies from now on, at least 🙂

TheRiisingSun Forum

Locastan’s Mod Pack

GME(Generic Mod Enabler)

Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sound mod


  1. Hey man, when will the prizes of the kv2 contest be given? Dont have my
    prize yet and I’m curious to know what it is. :p

  2. Welcome back :)

  3. Lol fail! The last half of the video is just blank screen. 

  4. It appears to have wrong lenght to me!

    After ening the quickies, there are 6 minutes of black screen awesomeness

  5. Good to see you back.

  6. Haaaaa finally he’s back !!!!
    Good to “see” you again, i follow a few tuberz for WOT, but you, my friend,
    have something special with your videos…maybe the music, maybe your
    comments…anyway…i guess i can say we missed you =)
    Hugs fellow metal brother ^^

    BTW, your vid stops at 9:30 but continue to 14:30…

  7. Last 4 mins is kinda dark. ;-)

  8. Whats up with this video?
    It lasts till 14:31 but is black screen from 9:28 to the end?
    Aaaand the quality isnt that good… has it been 720p always?

  9. I guess hibernation is over :D

  10. You cant like this reaction i got hacks

  11. Became a patron yesterday, new content today.. thats some delivery 😀

    p.s last 5 minutes were the best!

  12. Finally… xD

  13. i thought “yay a long video to get back on all the quickies he skipped” and
    then “oooh xD”

  14. My favorite part were the last 5 mins, great stuff there

  15. HF15 – “What year is it? :O”

    Welcome back bro!

  16. man those last 5 min and 3 sec are such creative art works, you can just
    keep watching it and you will get your life brightend for free, who doesnt
    want that?

  17. Welcome black!

  18. Do you take old replays?

  19. 12:34 me ammoracking three mouses, watch now

  20. Nice to see you back man! I was worried that you might have left us for
    “real life”.

  21. How can you be that creative in the last 5 mins

  22. WAIT What? A new quicky? cool… chips, drinks… let’s rock

  23. The last 5 minutes of the video was 2 T95’s trying to kill eachother
    HF figured it was like watching old people have sex, and so put a black
    screen over the shocking action

  24. Nice to c u again

  25. I liked the last 5 minutes the most…
    Nah just messing with you 😛 Nice to see you back!

  26. long…..long…….long time coming.

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