Quickies of the Week #41 – 360 No Scope Kill! D:

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2 minutes into recording the voice, I got sick. Sneezing, coughing. A nice trip of bad health, but I’m not missing a week of Quickies already, so please bear with me 🙂

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Locastan’s Mod Pack

GME(Generic Mod Enabler)

Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sound mod


  1. Nice vid m8

  2. First!Gimme that internet cookie :))

  3. Number 5, mlg suckas. 

  4. First lel

  5. great vid man

  6. Top quality content, making sammiches in the middle of the video ;)

  7. I like the voice in every quickies and you make the game to be more fun in
    you eyes ;)

  8. Yeeeha made it into the vid :D

  9. 13:15 new perk in 9.6 called 7th sence. pretty usefull unless ur on a
    cliff, so it’s sorta situational, I’d say that it’s a ok perk.

  10. @HighFlyrer: Do you also feature quickies from older replays that are sent
    in now?

  11. These derp gun snap shot hit will be reduced by 90% in 9.6 according to
    wargaming, but I doubt that, and good luck to those who suffered RNG a lot,
    cuz you are goona suffer a lot more. 

  12. Great film as always .. I have a question for you, What is the fastest Top
    Gun you have ever seen .. I did one in 1 minute 43 seconds, and followed it
    with 10 kills in 3 minutes .. Is that a record lol… 🙂 .. I will Email
    you the replay now, but its uploaded on Quickys Replays as WOT replays
    wont let me upload replays of the SU-76i ?, No idea why.. Ape

  13. Joli tir !

  14. That lorr. arty was trying to ram the e-25 from the bridge and failed
    hard….typical tomato player.

  15. Nice game by that ELC…

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