Quickies of the Week #44 | Disgusting Luck

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Source: TheRiisingSun

I missed a Quickies of the Week? That won’t do. 2 episodes this week then!

1. Upload your replay to http://www.wotreplays.eu or http://www.wotreplays.com
2. Send the link to TheRiisingSun@hotmail.com
3. Name the Subject “Quicky”
4. Add a Description of what happens AND give a timestamp, so I don’t have to use too much time searching for the actual action.
5. Hit send.

Locastan’s Mod Pack

GME(Generic Mod Enabler)

Gnomefather’s Historical Sound mod


  1. That Bulldog! O____O

  2. I forgive you for delayed quickies!

  3. 7:15 – well… I was looking for that cheeky T-28 who took a pot shot at me
    about a min before and run off, when this Pz. I shows up, so uh… yeah –
    “hmmm alright…”, then the T-28 pops up from the other side… “hmm…
    double alright…”

  4. 5 kills with one clip…that Bulldog deserves his sun glasses

  5. Lol my 12t replay 

  6. Riccardo Pompei

    Oh god E50M and bully are awesome!

  7. Dat full hp SU 122 54 kill in the AMX 50 120 with only 2 shells, gotta love
    the pikenose and the lifting :D

  8. BigBossTussBall

    Jesus that M41 clip. 0.0

  9. maniacsurfer004

    what is the background music name?

  10. Apart from the “destroy 14 enemies” and “kill 5 scumbags” medals, the De
    Langlade’s medal is one of the most difficult.

  11. “BAM!”

  12. Dat Bulldog though…

  13. “That’s skill” lol

  14. 3:11 *** DISCLAIMER *** The following three clips DO NOT, under ANY
    circumstance, represent the majority of artillery gameplay replays.

    • Silver Marksman

      +Chris Brooks me personally, i only have played to t5, but the low teirs
      are brutal, higher teirs have larger splash and are more forgiving, but
      lower teirs rely on skill more than higher ones

    • Silver Marksman

      +Stephen Green someone needs to look up the definition of a joke

    • +Silver Marksman Thanks for the tip. I just looked it up and it confirmed
      that your comment didn’t meet the definition. Wasn’t even close I’m afraid

    • +Stephen Green I’ve seen it done. In fact it was me who did it.

    • +Stephen Green Wait you’ve been playing for over TWO AND A HALF, YEARS and
      you only have 17.5K battles? How about, a year and a half and now I have
      30K battles.

      You see, when you’re going to lie, you need to make it believable.

  15. Minute 5:44 that shit was pure skill i know it cause it was me hahahhah 🙂
    years of training

  16. YAAAAaaaaaaaaaa quickies Y shure love this and the funny voice you make
    keep up the great work ;)

  17. Haha, loved the ST-I replay in the beginning :P

  18. Yay, I saw me in the vid(4H which killed the toaster).

  19. ThatIsDebatable

    That clippening – if only I could use autoloaders (too hard, potatokappa)

  20. e25 driver maybe knew the bc arty dont have enough gun depression

  21. That last clip, very good.


  23. “First. Your thumbnail is broken. Fix it, HF!”
    “It’s Youtube being a douchebag.”

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