QuickyBaby Goes 1 v 6 – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’ve got my work cut out for me in the T110E5 trying to handle a 1 v 6 situation in World Tanks!


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:


  1. “it not the problem with e5. it problem with scoq is too good”
    sun tzu

  2. This vehicle is so dumb to me, correct me if im wrong, but whats the point of playing with a tank that has decent hull armor and a great turret if it has that BIG of a weakspot which everyone can easily hit and pen. I think youre better off playing a medium which has worse armor but better gun stats because you will get penned either way…or finally play a true heavy with an actual good turret without a weakspot

  3. Do you have Chieftain? I really want see this tank

  4. Might fuck around and ice skate on the freeway later.

  5. With all do respect QB, they should have won, if they capped. The e4 should have went behind the rock at b2 (to ambush you) and the rest should have capped

    Still a solid game though

  6. Come on quaky, every time I see your videos come up with click bait titles I know you are going to be top tier in 3-5-7 mm. Give us some good videos in same tier or bottom (I know not available in tier 10) tier. That type of reviews is better, more relevant and relatable to us as players when it’s situations that we are more likely to experience. This is why you are no longer my favourite cc, I prefer lemming, skill or RagingRaptor for content. Friendly feedback btw, I’d love you to be my favourite again, it’s just a little too predictable.

  7. Pretty awesome replay qb

  8. They’d had gone together enemy team at 1vs 6 even if enemy elf came around with your battle with vk. You’d of been hit in sides if elc timed right.

  9. no arty = enjoyment. arty = game ruined. rng should be removed as well

  10. Lecture or Ticket but not Both

    QB can’t help but mention the T-30 was a tier 10 any chance he can

  11. Why am I upset that QB won? That ELC could carry the game if he do the right thing aaaaaaaa

  12. Why do the bushes dissapear, when he gets closer to them in snipe mode?

  13. No arty, tier 8s…
    Yeah quickybaby… what a fucking achievement…

  14. Christopher Cornwell

    Great game and good commentary!

  15. awesome game !

  16. I swear Skill and QB just decide together which tanks they wanna review/feature in their channels. Skill uploads a video on the tech tree of T110E5 and QB posts a great game in it. Although obviously this is a series, it’s still kinda fun that they release relatively the same time.

    Then again QB does tech tree showcases for us 🙂

  17. I just got this tank gun is nice. But that weakspot is very annoying.

  18. With the new equipment I faced off a pregetto, 277, 705 and an is3 by myself blocked 6600, no gun rammer or stabilizer

  19. The e5 was my first and as of now my only Tier 10, it struggled against most opponents but now from the buffs. I’ve fallen in love with all over again. Im glad they buffed it, shout out all e5 tankers we’re back in business

  20. No one:
    QB: “ThE t30 WaS a TiEr 10 HeAvY tAnK!”

  21. the American tanks get ripped off all the time low rolls or misses the game is bullshit

  22. When u watched this live i was almost screaming how close that ending was keep it up qb

  23. Nice one, no high caliber?

  24. Why oh why would that ELC just sit there that whole time? Muppets. GG QF.

  25. Pz Kmpf VII would like to say a word

  26. Pretty sure the coppola on the e5 is still nearly impenetrable on the Xbox;.

  27. I go tilt too when the only 3-5-7 top tier heavy camps valley instead going city…… 😉

  28. As expected. Top tier: check. 2-key: check. Slaughtering wounded lower tier opponents: check. Enemy team muppets: check. Typical.

  29. sorry, but they need to buff the is2-II

  30. Running2 StandStill

    Great vid QB! I always liked this tank even without the buffs.

  31. i hate the fact that russain tanks keep coming out stronger and stronger and 1 of the 2 og hull down heavys still has a fucking trash weak point that makes it so it cant go hull down yet were it the is7 weak point on the turret for fuck sake

  32. Did the supper conqueror get any buffs ? Unless you have a ridge line as no arty the tank is so weak

  33. Still usless cant comped with other tier10:s so its crap

  34. cheeseburger hottudoggu

    E100 vs Chieftain Mk6
    T110E5 vs Obj279

    *coincidence, i think not*

  35. Lmao all these tanks getting “Blitzified.” In blitz Is4, E5 are like the main Heavy tanks in the meta, and the E100 is very strong

  36. wot has a habit on me almost everytime when im aiming and fully aimed on a 1 shottable tank and damn rng saved that enemy

  37. Awesome gameplay

  38. 7:07 When someone describes my physique

  39. Let’s hope WG watch your movies as I miss E100 (also E75) and T5 (also 103) in my garage and would love to see them as TotT in September 😉

  40. E5 is a good choice ?

  41. This guy banned skill4ltu 😠

  42. So I’ve found out that with the right equipment you can get the dispersion on the E5 down to 0.29, making it the most accurate American gun in the game

  43. 1 tier 10 in perfect situation vs 5 tier 8s

  44. I didn’t even got tier 10 yet sad for me tho I wanna get the T71 DA

  45. Wot ban you as you shot as per all others

  46. I dont think prenerf E5 would hold up in the current meta tho, meds are better than ever plus the increase in gold spam

  47. Nice game 😀

  48. Legit game, good decision at 11:00, then a bit of luck (that Jgd Panzer was pepegga af) + smart play with moving back and giving yourself a bit more time. Solid.

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