QuickyBaby Sells Out II in World of Tanks

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EU►https://tanks.ly/3TtIzrt | NA►https://tanks.ly/3KxLzzg ASIA►https://tanks.ly/3PSyGkc These are affiliate links and if you make purchases of the bundles I will be paid.



  1. 24 sec ago nice

  2. I am the first one again son

  3. I guess QB has finally reached sell-ebrity status

  4. Still cant buy because im f2p

  5. Nice one, can’t wait to watch

  6. The mad lad did it, they are finally selling 3D skins

  7. Imagine …… having money

  8. Hey QB, are the bundles available on console?

  9. thank you quicky for making a game that makes it hard to get tanks with your walet more bareable for a little bit

  10. Get that bread

  11. wake me up when Comannder Quickybaby be there

  12. What is the diffrence with cromwell b and cromwell

  13. Expensive vacation I guess..?
    Also worse kits than your previous sell out.

  14. is it easy to make credits with the cromwell b? / does it have preferencial matchmaking?

  15. great tank until you a low tier anymore. cromwell used to be amazing

  16. Hey QB, im a huge fan of you, i really would enjoy buy some things that you put on sale or something, but i dont got really the right to buy anything because im not an adult, sorry that i cant buy anything but ill still always watch your videos till the end. Thank you for this amasing content! Im from NA servers

  17. maybe they were celabrating early…LOL

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