QuickyBaby Sells Out in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Credit Boosters EU: https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wot/creatorspecials/quickybaby_1/
TS-5 + Credit Boosters EU:
TS-5 + Credit Boosters + Free XP Boosters + Premium EU:
Credit Boosters NA:
TS-5 + Credit Boosters NA
TS-5 + Credit Boosters + Free XP Boosters + Premium NA:
These are affiliate links and if you make purchases of the bundles I will be paid.



  1. @Hunter no I used the link in the launcher in side panel to find on site but might be buged for some people

  2. Why theres no asia server?

  3. I want to add, If in any situation it did make u feel like you were selling out. You have said many many times this game is Pay 2 Win, we all know it. If we play we accept that. You went out of your way and took an opportunity to create the P2W that was also extremely effective spending for any player at any caliber. Thank you QB, Even tho I am entirely F2P I appreciate that you did this for the community you have put 10 years into. Great Great stuff, Keep it up and I love watching your streams every day!

  4. I’ll have to pass, luckily I had one on garage on a 10 game rental and it just feels like a lower dpm turtle with larger weakspots

  5. ieatstheinternet

    I don’t really want a TS-5 but I think I’ll get it just to support Quicky cause I think he deserves it. Hes one of the best content creators in all gaming and I feel like I owe him for all the videos and streams and I never sub to twitch cause it feels silly.

  6. God dammit it’s not on the Asia server. Quick baby is there anyway you can get them to put it on the Asia server. I really want the TS-5

  7. Anyone realise that QB’s head is technically floating?

  8. That QB invisible collar though

  9. Nederlanderssss

    Lol most of the creators used the same tanks… TS-5 or Somua or combo… Where are the Renegades and Bourrasques 😛 I like the creditboosters, but kind of useless like all sorts of boosters since I have 100s of them.

  10. LOL I have you beat in the old car department I’m driving a 1963 VW dune buggy great video

  11. Great now we will get more overpowered TS-5 in the game 🙁

  12. Why are the bundles not available on NA???

  13. Rip, not able in Canada looks like

  14. That neck transparency. Clearly honest offer, nothing to hide,completely see thru

  15. Here i thought we could get the Quickybaby Commander i always wished for D:

  16. Any change to see something else than 15-1 games all the time?
    Or is there something else

  17. Soon QB Will have gold teeth and will do tours of his infinity pool

  18. I would love that if a QB sticker would come with this package not just some random camo. hope something like that will be available in the future 🙂

  19. Yesterdays Wanted Man

    The game is fucked up as it is without rolling around with your picture on a tank and speaking of picture , that’s the best one you have ?

  20. horrible – nah, after watching you play I am impressed. I think that the creator bundles would be awesome. Usually can’t afford any premium tanks – I am a free to play tanker, I get my gold through Christmas gift cards if I am lucky to get one. Been playing since 2011 and the grind is sometimes too much. Right now I am on an extended vacation from the game. Watching this helps me to keep this game from being dispelled for game time. Great community to stick with thank you “QuickyBaby” for doing all that you do.

  21. I hate this TD, it is defeat magnet for me, 43% win rate, most battles the result is 0-2 before I reach any good spot to shoot, I have 4x skills crew and all field mods selected, and the accuracy not great..

  22. I recently go into World of tanks on pc, *played mainly console* and I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for tech trees to grind, Currently going for EBR and Super Conq, lemme know your suggestions

  23. you had your head severed on the screen Mr. baby :))

  24. damn qb making so much buck from this he already bought an active camouflage necklace Kappa

  25. Great to see you looking out for players, and not actually selling out. <3

  26. Damn , I thought it would be the premium Italian autoreloader

  27. I guess the T95 wasn’t using equipment at all

  28. Şevki Furkan Kel

    like t28 this beast is mini t95

  29. yeah boosters!

  30. “I don’t think asking him for mercy is going to help IS THAT A FOCH?”

    I lost it!

  31. where is QB commander?! we want you in game!

  32. Gvozden Stankovic

    qb with invisible circle neckless 🙂

  33. Should have brought back the FCM 50T

  34. I think it is great idea from WG. Finaly some reward for you from WG for all those years :). TS 5 great chose. I ve got it too, its total beast, as u said I also play it to chill a bit when everything goes wrong in my games :).

  35. Edoardo Tregattini

    did anyone else notice qb neck base is missing?

  36. QB you are forgetting that maybe the T95 just has no equipment haha. So many players that play without equipment because its just so expansive

  37. Dang..not on NA server?

  38. Congrats. Good on ya

  39. Ejector Tuning would actually be pretty powerful if it was a flat 6% camo boost after firing like the Anti-Reflective Headlights is a flat 3% camo boost to mediums. But it isn’t, lol.

  40. QB the link to NA isn’t is saying unavailable??? Has it not started for NA yet??? Help!!!

  41. I don’t think this was good decision but I respect it

  42. Malo vise Malo PREVISE

    so no content creator picked the progetto or borat

  43. Spend the money then they nerf it. Love the creepy picture.

  44. Everyone picked TS-5. No love for the Panther 88.

  45. If i use credit boosters without premium day do i get less credits?

  46. The thing I do not understand is why worgaming releast the ts 5 for gold just now

  47. The Proceedings

    I liked getting the ts5 for free, even if I had to play a ridiculous amount.

  48. Just so everyone knows. QB isnt the only content creator as he briefly glossed over the fact. Other great deals from others like Skill4ltu, Dezgamez etc etc

  49. QB. Do you have a green undershirt? Your head is floating.

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