QuickyBaby tries to get 10 frags in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Object 430U. Today I’m trying to get my record number of frags in World of Tanks at T10!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Rheinmetall Panzerwagen Tech Tree Showcase live now 🙂

  2. Bounces 4k+ in a MEDIUM tank, but he’s having a good time, so I guess we won’t talk about how broken it is.

    • Oh. He mentioned bad accuracy, but if you look in tanks gg at the only gun stats that matter, it has gun handling stats comparable to those of the E 50M. THE E 50M. It also has higher base DPM despite having a higher alpha gun – because balance.

  3. Its funny how that obj 268 4 said report 430, but when qb gets 10 kills obj 268 4 calls qb a hero

  4. Now the E50M can keep the STB-1 and leopard 1 company in the world of tanks that WG forgot.

  5. i have a feeling this tank just outshines the 121

  6. Y de pronto te encuentras un comentario en español diciendo que le pongas subtítulos 🙁

  7. Word of the wise here for you QB, with HEAT loaded, go for the upper plate of the front of the 268 v4, it’s not very thick and with heat it’s around a 60-80% chance to pen, which is much better odds than shooting at the small and bizarre copola

  8. Balanced?…sure buddy…it’s balanced…it’s OP as fucking balls…280+ upper hull…basically impenetrable turret…stupid good cammo…ok mobility…heavy tank gun with amazing aim time and gun handling…give me a fucking break…430u is OP and 268 v4 is broken af.

  9. FooledbyRandomness2

    good game for a noob

  10. WG’s balancing department at its best.

  11. Free ticket to Gulag for you QuickyBaby

  12. 430 reorted!!!! lol

  13. Russian Bias, refined ?

  14. qb next time just shoot the 268 v4 in the upper front plate with your heat shell… its an auto penn with heat

  15. In your hands even M3Lee its a dangerous tank ? GG

  16. Seems more like a 113 to me

  17. That vas a good one 🙂

  18. I prefer E 50M

  19. Your T110E4 was a G for pushing that Obj 268’s gun away from able to shoot you, I feel like you missed it.

  20. Nice game Quicky 😉

  21. talks about OP armor while getting penned frontally……OP?
    Hotel? trivago.

  22. Why do you get sooo good rng? 390 average damage and 440+ from 1st shot at Batchat, 403 from 2nd and 404 from 3rd. Correct me if I am wrong but just pointing that out.

  23. I know you prolly don’t need anymore exposure at this point, but submit this to best replays of the week, that game would sure get featured!

    Great job!

  24. you can correct your words by using “this 430u is terrific not horrific”

  25. Min 0:50 talk about the amazing armour 10 sec later gets pen by an ap shell :))

  26. I got 10 kills on Xbox t4 t28E

  27. @TheOneAboveAll entire soviet tech tree is broken.RNG is Russian number generator.germans are shit in this game

  28. Love this video! You did such a great job of explaining what you were thinking and what was happening on the battlefield!

  29. Quickybaby tries to get 10 frags but fails miserably as he gets 11

  30. Hi everyone, just want to tell you all that if you are new the community, please don’t use this guy to learn the game. You should get to know the other community contributors that would actually help you learn the game.

  31. Russian ego getting worse and worse evry patch…

  32. Utterly overpowered tank. You’re wrong if you disagree.

  33. Obj 268-4 teammate called the team retards and reported you at 5:36, but 3mins later at 8:14 called you a hero!

  34. Honestly this tank doesnt bug me. The 263 v4 is 100x more op.

  35. What was happend with your voice? lel .. this is so fcking nice!!!

  36. Another op Russian tank… And with a gun that can’t bounce off of low armor TDS.

  37. 3:23 Impossible shot, Russian accuracy, just, how?

  38. Its a tough tank only complaint about it is it gets set on fire alot

  39. Mister Torgue Flexington

    And jingles just made a video on high use of gold ammo,it’s tanks like this that promote gold.

  40. true fans notice that qb pulled the mic to himself. And they dont like it. he sounds like the sports commentary guy

  41. Seams balanced

  42. Well played QB .

  43. Those guys on the comments clearly have no idea who quickybaby is, especially that guy who called him retarded XD

  44. Is there any way i can make my tank look like this without mods? I’m not familiar with new custom paintjobs but it looks amazing!

  45. Sooo it’s faster than heavies, more armored than heavies, side armor is spaced and sloped, accuracy at range is Russian… This is literally the only tank you need. Minus the 268v4 because that thing is just a wreaking ball

  46. Emilis Steponavičius

    Nice crisp mic

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