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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m going to have to fight fire with fire and lead a team of artillery against their ultimate rivals… more artillery!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Quickybaby pokemon videos would be great

  2. Mr. Quickybaby, do you EV train your pokemons?

  3. The M44 is the best tech tree arty tier for tier, and one of the best to back you up.

  4. Quacky baby or Quicky baby???

  5. Click-Bait!! Title does not describe the video very well.

  6. It’s the medal that everyone wants!

  7. I’d really like to see more video production in your videos or little skits. Bring them back or RIOT!

  8. the bourrasque is a medium tank and u were able to spot so many vehicles from some good distance while being unspotted at the moment ik that go into the bush to spot then back fifteen meter to shoot, but like as soon as i go fifteen meter back fps goes to 20 or so while it was at 120 before and i am not able to spot that good even in an LT. i play amx 12 t and i want to get the amx 13 105. someone pls send help

  9. 0.42 dispersion but gun feels better than the latest Italian prem autoreloader (0.35)?

  10. I have gotten spotter medals in a kv-2 thank you, for console tho

  11. *I just hate arty*

  12. At the intro I thought that my phones speakers has finally broken.

  13. 12:02 he didnt stand a chance

  14. Well I did complete the marathon but I am totally burnt. I am gonna take some days off to recover.

  15. Its “Red-sher”.

  16. I just wonder if WG will launch a marathon that would require playing eg. 10 hours a day, how many people would bother to accomplish this?

  17. Yeah, I thought that the burrasque wasn’t for me during the marathon. So I skipped it and regrettet it some month later. I bought it at the next chance and have real fun with it since. No 70% winrate but fun although I’m usually more a heavy tank player. This tank is kinda easy to play in today’s meta.

  18. Im an average 55 percent player and achieved 68 % winrate solo in the Bourrasque with 6.8k damage max…
    MoE to 92.5 percent… This tank is crazy op, with Gold only and bond equipment i got to 525 m viewrange 😀

  19. Most games over by 10:30 Quicky……the current MM is crap

  20. Fucking OP no skills tank

  21. quicky baby why dont you make tutorials on different maps and also tutorial on how to play all the different types of tanks i have played 4400 games and my winrate is 43 percent i am unable to play this game well

  22. I didn’t like how you were going “Please shoot the scorpion” when one of them had just fired and RNG caused their shot to go wide. RNG really does mess artillery up, especially if they don’t have a huge splash radius.

  23. i got to the 7 mission in the challange with my main f2p acc

  24. 11:20, it’s called a mini Batchat.

  25. Can u please make video on how to play for beginner.i’m New to this.. Thanks

  26. BTW, decimating means dealing damage of 10% of the whole health. Not very impressive.
    The modern common mistake of saying “decimate” instead of “devastate” is making me sad.

  27. Oskars Random Things

    0:07 you see qb get a smile on his face from about to start talking to us <3

  28. some quite serious emotional preparations you have there. XD

  29. Quick baby can become the new actor for thor

  30. There are KV2s that have their vision maxed 😉 Not all are short sighted.

  31. 6:43 Yeah… The m40/43 one shotted me…

  32. When I see these small magazin autoloaders I always get nostalgic remembering the old SP I C. I use to love that freak. I guess she was just too good for a techtree nonpremium tank.

  33. QuickyBaby: I’m playing free to play!
    Me: Yeah, it’s a real f2p experience. I just wonder how many f2p players managed to fully grind out marathons for OP premium tanks like Bourasque, EBR, TS-5. Pfffffft! F2P my ass.

  34. Snorlax pwnez Chief.

  35. 👍. Just started running this game. Well after a 26g update. Wow. Dose anyone know what causes a 600ms ping and how to lower it?

  36. World of Tanks, Gotta catch em all!

  37. _Ilija__2016 Replays

    I love the EBR 75 FL 10 with that 2 rounds in magazin and i thik i will love Bourrasque if i will have him but i needed 2 stage to complet for bourrasque but i dont have a time😔😔😔

  38. No crew skill shown so no good could have level 7 in there to get your free account going

  39. Which pokemon game u play qb

  40. The M44 has earned my respect and I usually hate arty. Well played QB and M44

  41. when did you last played arty? u try hitting a moving target when u aim in 4s and the bullet makes 3-4s to target after reloading for 40s… good luck on rng then!

  42. Half of the comments is about his intro LOL

  43. That this tank can face t6 tanks is bs it can two tap some of them killing them in 2 seconds with no real counter for the t6. THe bad gun handling dont really matter we have seen it before with tanks like the 430u. tier 8 in this game is just a shitfest where the games are usually 50-60% premium tanks due to alot of them being better than most of whats in the tech trees.

  44. Huh, I got the Borrasque, but not tried it much, might change!

  45. omg my favorit tank😔🔥

  46. The only premium consumables I ever use are automatic fire extinguishers and they’re only on the tanks I really like playing the most and am best in

  47. Are the WOT servers down!?!?!

  48. Is the game still worth to play i retired when object 268 ver 4 release

  49. What do you mean “as an adult”? You are what 15? (Just kidding, wish I was as young as you though. And as skilled.)

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