QuickyBaby’s Charity Marathon 2019 – LIVE NOW!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Raising money for Cancer Research SpecialEffect.



  1. Keep it up Will, you are doing some amazing thing here. Hope you know that?

  2. I dont know if you can call 12 hours a marathon, but good luck

  3. Alucard Van Hellsing

    Hey friend I don’t think your videos are crappy and I’m sorry for your loss it pains me to see a YouTuber like you talk about things even though I seems it doesn’t cause you to burst into tears on video but I love everything you have done for the community keep it up my friend and love you lots

  4. Operation secure the baguette is a go

  5. Wish I was unbanned in the twitch chat

  6. Terrible content my arse, have you seen those twitch thots?

  7. We can do so much!!

  8. My mom has breast cancer rn fr

  9. When QB introduces himself as Will Frampton you know it will be a serious video

  10. ~It’s the most, wonderful time, of the year~
    GL on the stream QB.

  11. Yea Frick you cancer

  12. Use all the money on lootboxes

  13. Let just remember that you Banned Skill becasue he was trying to help about charity

  14. Watching as I write this. I hope you crush that target and help get rid of this monstrous illness – cancer.

  15. All the dislikes are proof QB uses sub bots XD.

  16. fantastic mate.

  17. I’m still curious as what is in the kappa file on qb’s desktop

  18. The only WoT streamer I know that does this. Every year. Research gains made in the UK can be used throughout the world. It is not just for them but for everyone that may need it. Well done Will.

  19. You’re a good man QB!

  20. Your work is incredible Will

  21. I can’t really donate, but please do continue this annual stream!

  22. u a good guy man…. big big heart!!

  23. I believe the cure for cancer has been found, but has been hidden from the world so that doctors, hospitals, etc can make money to keep our families surviving when they could be living.

  24. when quickybaby uses his real full name you know it is serious

  25. Do WoT Reddit meme review

    Attempt #99

    Way better than wasting money on those dumb lootboxes

  26. Crazy Russian Gamer

    Sweet haircut Will!

  27. Yep your vids are terrible !! Not…. keep up the good work QB Merry Christmas

  28. Angel of the Death *****

    Hi Quicky. Are you a fan of Brexit? Where is the conversion to euros? 🙂
    Otherwise a lot of success in the Charity Marathon.

  29. well done mate. will give a little bit when I have some cash. I know what it is like to play WOT using only my little finger and down half the ring finger after an accident. Look froward to checking out the progress in tech. again well done Sir.

  30. you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  31. must be nice to be unemployed to have time to play all day 🙂

  32. You are an inspiration to all of us! Thank you for everything!

  33. The shirt is back!!!!!!!

  34. You’re doing an amazing job, Will.

  35. How much did WG contribute?

  36. Make sure you check out charity organisation before you donate! There are many that are totally corrupt, UNICEF is a great example.

  37. Well done Will! Merry Christmas

  38. When is the marathon ?

  39. Proud of what you have done for so many people.

  40. Great man ! Self I lost me girl and mom on cancer. Horror ! Good this fund raising !!

  41. 1 thing for you: ?

  42. and this is why you are my favorite streamer <3

  43. Congratulations QB. We are proud.

  44. We support you as you are a good person.

  45. Its so refreshing to see someone using his youtube fame to do something so good for such a good cause, year after year. I salute you QB, youre an awesome dude.

  46. More like 14 hours! Awesome stream, I donated for the first time this year. Thanks to you qb!

  47. My father is suffering with Stage IV colorectal cancer. Thank you for doing this.

  48. Noooooo, I missed the stream.

  49. Uhh hot girlfriend 😉

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