Quite Possibly The Saddest War Thunder Video Ever Made | M64

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Quite Possibly The Saddest Ever Made | M64


  1. im 30 seconds in and i guessing C

  2. Killing a CC should be a perma ban imo

  3. dam i was wrong. but did you win the game anyways?

  4. @MiniSlac morning

  5. Day 73: We want the whole “Phly Album”, its almost done (Long Range Yeets, The Missile Knows Where It Is, The Final Countdown…), just put them all on one LP and I will buy it.

    Kiss the cat! xoxo

  6. where id rage and type love in chat, phly laughs. beautiful

  7. I’m from taiwan

  8. Russian bs wins again

  9. Phlydaily flies planes
    He also drives tanks
    he does both real good
    for that we say thanks
    If he reads my comment
    I’d cry and say this
    thank you phlydaily
    pls play M26

  10. M64 was made because the Continental R975-C4 engine was getting too old and availability was dropping, so the Taiwanese Army did what they could and jammed the turret of M18 and Chassis of M42 together and call it a day. This happened when the US started befriending Communist China, so Taiwan wasn’t getting any new equipment or parts.

    Also the armour was decent enough since its primary role was anti-landing, so it is either facing small arms or big-ass cannons.

    • Same concept with the Brave Tiger. Forced to toss an M48 turret on an M60 hull because giving ROCA modern tanks would upset Chinese-US relations. The only thing the US could give the Taiwanese was the command and control suite and fire control systems of the M1 Abrams.

      Also, the Taiwanese aren’t too concerned with the armor since any Chinese MBT would outmatch any tank the Taiwanese could get their hands on anyways, and the plan is to have them fighting defensively in close range urban areas in case of a Chinese invasion.

  11. I-16 type 10 please Phly. Requesting since Sept 2018.

  12. When is gaiijin going to stop the biased cheating???? Game f***ing sucks !

  13. Ah, the bullcat.

  14. in world of tank is so powerful to spot but idk in this game

  15. 14:49 = pain of every pilot ever

  16. This vehicle is actually Taiwanese so is shoukd be in the US tree

  17. I got a nuke sack in a me262 a1/u4. It would have been a clutch win for them if he had of got it off. He wasnt happy. Sometimes I wish id made videos of my own gameplay.

  18. Why does that gun sound like a nerf gun being primed?

  19. I don’t care what anyone says, a nuke plane should be invisible. I you already worked hard enough to spawn it, you should be guaranteed to drop the bomb.

  20. I got a Nuke with the jumbo 76 yesterday and a team mate in an R3 shot me down but luckily I got the nuke out before the plane tipped

  21. Leading For Landing!

  22. imagine japan fighters got the B-29 just before they drop the Nuke. Damn son! 😀

  23. Why does the game still have team damage? It only lets people be big piss babies to each other.

  24. wow 0:56 ROKAF Phantom II

  25. i cant enjoy playing this game but i do enjoy watching you play it

  26. I’m pretty sure it has the chassis of the M42 Duster

  27. Nah that would be unfair for the team that have basically three points and almost win.

  28. Just started the vid:

  29. The other day I got a nuke, however, a friendly also got a nuke like 15 seconds before me so he got his dropped when I was like 1km from dropping mine as well.

  30. I game I do research too

    This is why sometimes I want to go to gaijin’s HQ and mark it’s coordinates, then send a fucking Tsar bomb there and watch the HQ be vaporized.

  31. im kinda scared that Phly might turn into a Joker

  32. Strategic bombers with pressurization should spawn at around 30,000 feet. It’s a joke what WT do with them.

  33. actually it was not as sad as advertised. anything Phly does turns into a good time.

  34. 0:40 Are you into scalemodeling Phly? Nice Video btw

  35. damn… it was ALMOST fun!!!

  36. Love How everyone making a video on this thing says that regular machine guns can easily kill it but the actual gameplay shows the opposite XD , this think just like all light shit on WT is very survivable (not intended but wt stuff xd)

  37. @Le Akahoshi yeah, but people are punished for team kills, even if it’s damn arty that was used half a minute ago and someone drives into it. TK nuke bomber is 100% INTENTIONAL f**king reset all the SL in that person account to zero at least!

  38. I want to look tu-4 throw super bomb

  39. Thats right Phly. Laugh to hide the pain

  40. The Island Dweller

    agree but raise the the sp for b29 w/ nuke to 4000

    edit: or maybe 5000

  41. Phly apologizing profusely for missing that shot on the sherman was so wholesome

  42. Gary the Metrosexual Fruitcake

    I just know that the TU-2 is going to be a garbage human being and shoot you down.

  43. Thousands of tonnes of fuel o_O

  44. Worst feeling when getting shot down with the nuke. What I learned while trying to drop them is to always keep as low as possible, giving you better chance to protect yourself while in a B-29 or TU-4, the enemies are forced for headons, easy kills.

  45. cheater alert here: Diman_Mironow, ADAM2425 and mateuszm55 fvckn radar and aimbot cheating pos

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