R.I.P. Tier 10 Matchmaking🔴 | Minotauro and 1.18…

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Source: DezGamez

Bundles: https://tanks.ly/3qcoqZT | World of Tanks Controcarro 3 Minotauro, Tier 10 Italian Gameplay. What is new with World of Tanks Update 1.18 Patch.

So, after 1 day of playing in update 1.18, I already feel like I want to take a break from this tier…

What do you think?


  1. I still LOVE the game and the update had so many good things, but will chill a bit from tier 10s maybe… 😉
    What was your overall experience after the first day of Update 1.18?
    How was the MM, artillery MM, new map, balanced tanks and maps… What’s your take on it?
    Have a beautiful day!

    • I still LOVE the gam…. Get Life or a GF……lol how are you 12 ?

    • lmao so you gonna avoid t10 and play which tier? tier 8 is a absolute joke as well , T9 you gonna meet minotaur’s as well , honestly mate the game is a joke with this update and they call the biggest update of 2022 so my hopes for this game is down hill , this game lakes innovation tbh , all they can do is releasing copy of the same tanks.

    • when i played WoT I ONLY played the elc amx. i had 5k+ games on that tank. then with the light tank mm changes they nerfed it and it wasnt a speed demon anymore. so i stopped playing.

    • I enjoy your reviews Dez, but i think “boring” is a subjective point of view, i myself am having a blast with it because i can finally do what Chieftains have been doing for so long haha

    • have you seen tier 8??? i no joke got 10 vepiras vs me i no joke could not do anything as a tier 7 lol

  2. Matching making fixed ??? Now tier 7 and above you can’t have two lights in a platoon. Yep in the last 12 years seeing a platoon of light tanks was my biggest concern in this game Thank goodness the fixed this huge problem!!!

  3. I make 1 week WOT Break because I dont want to have so crowded Games with Italien TDs

  4. For some reason i’ve been having a lot of draws since the update. In the first 4 games I played in the new T8 tech tree td, 3 were draws.

  5. My current concern with mm AMX 100 50 line rebalanced to medium tank. Agree trying to do light tanks some games 3 elc even on my team or same light tanks why…have one passive one active scout but 3 the same….

  6. “No weak spots” is the new Motto of war gaming.

  7. The He of the t5 is pretty good against those many lightly armored vehicles at the this tier stage. Was nice to play.

  8. I am not paying a cent to WG untill they confirm Crew 2.0 will NEVER come to WoT. I havent bought anything since they tested it the first time.

    And i have put down tons of money in the past for the game.

  9. There’s a reason why a lot of players play tier 4 – 6 because as they play high tiers it gets boring …

    • myup, turns out easy to pen tin cans that force players to think creatively to not die creates better gameplay.

    • yeah, T3-6 is way more enjoyable than 8-10 after they introduced untenable tanks like chief or 279 and match them vs T8s… gets boring quite fast

  10. WG should introduce a new map completely flat with no bushes trees, rocks etc except for two ridge lines about 50 to 60 metres apart facing directly each other. All the hull down OP tanks can go and play to their hearts content.

  11. I’m actually thinking about uninstalling the game, I also played about 50 games yesterday, and honestly it was a terrible experience. The Vipera, and the Minotauro has turned the game to complete trash. Their armor is way overpowered, and I saw the tier 8 TD’s in almost every game getting about 4 K damage, and bouncing even more at least 1 every game. very disappointing.

  12. great video dez

  13. No Dez, not just tier 10, but tier 8 and tier 9 matchmaking as well. At this point playing in tier 6 is great since you dont have to see these obscenely armored tanks.

  14. just remember Daki got 313 000 damage bounced with Minotauro in training room !!!

  15. Alexandru-Loren Magdalena

    They put vipera so i wont play it until they nerf it

  16. i wish theyd unnerf HE T.T

  17. The MM changes made it even worse. 50+ battles yesterday and they were almost all one sided and in most cases camp fests. It is part of the hull down meta and the nerf of arty. The lack of arty is going to make the camp fest even worse.

  18. I played 10 games last night after the patch in tier 6 and tier 8 tanks. I noticed that a lot of the games were slower. It was frustrating to play the new premium tank was in the battle, especially while playing tier 6 because you just cant pen them unless they make a mistake, but they can two shot you in 6 seconds. I had to be very careful with all the tanks I played and stayed away from playing heavies where I could meet them in cities head to head. Luckly most people don’t know how to play these tanks, but I was unhappy that such tanks were placed in the game yet again.

  19. Aaaaand blprrrp, I loved that saying after the last arty hit xD Dez I have experince like that every day. Garbage vs pros. + Days with totally crap RNG, Like you shoot a tank with soft lower and higher plates, and you hit it right into the middle which a size of a stripe, that is tough and you do not pen it – by every shot you fire. Or shells going right on the target and right instead of it you have feeling like the enemy tank would have a bat, cause it drops or flies right over it.

  20. I like the light thank chaos games and I also kind of miss the odd game with 7-8 arty a side

  21. for me the tier 10 now is a stare fight and it’s super boring, sad about how the game is going.

  22. i played 25 games yesterday after the update and there were 2 spg’s on each team for all of them. nice MM

  23. At this point, WT E100 look like the most balance thing. In the past few years.

  24. today i played a battle on fjords i was in E75 an i had 3 vipera’s hull down against me and i had 2 vipera’s with me hull down !!!
    i just sat back and the tennis game begin !! they were shooting each other hull down unable to pen with gold !!!
    it was literally a tennis match with gold rounds !!!
    in the end the other flank pushed and we won the game 15-3
    i had fun watching the tennis game !!!
    at least i got 1 shot of damage at the end
    its bad …………

  25. I’m confuse aint this the same as Kranvagn or close to it? , so you said the same for that tank as well?
    or you saying every tank with god tier turret will be the same? im kinda confuse here but this tank is a rip off of the kranvagan , i mean wargaming knows the meta and what makes them money , dont be suprised if they have a team of profissionals behind the monetization , this is 2022 we talking about , the industry of gaming is a shithole what comes to monetization.

  26. Play your Cobra and thank me later. I full dream mag so many Minotauro in last night’s session. Side is guaranteed pen with Cobra

  27. For next month this game I unplayable, minotaro and vipera are to strong!!!! They nerf kran. and this come in. WThell wg.

  28. I spent the day playing T4 and T5

  29. When you think 15-5 is rare… lmao
    Its normal on our server.
    You werent complaining this much when we had 4 chieftans per side a few months ago.
    Go have a 2 week break till ppl get bored or the new shiny & go back to their usual.
    The more you nerf arty, the more dez complains anout hull down metas
    Funny that

  30. If it’s hull down You can barely pen one spot on the tier X with a JPE100 heat shell. The tier 8 prem hull down has 45mm more armor in the thinnest spot than the tornvagn. At least the tornvagn can be penned by most premium shells at tier 8 (I’m not a fan of gold shells at all. I hold myself to a high standard playing this game and RARELY press the 2 key myself) WG have ruined tier 6+ entirely with this and I never really found anything less than tier 5 fun. I think WG need to get called out on this. The timing of the CC bundles??? Just as they release the most clearly game braking vehicles. All just after the anniversary event AND the auction? WG are getting extremely money hungry right now and no one is calling them out on it. I had spent 2500+ USD on this game over the last 5 years (been playing for 10) till early this year. I was a loyal player and fan. But it’s becoming all too clear lately that WG care more about money than actually fixing the game. They do just enough to keep the paying player around and to drag new players into the game so they can slam premium tanks in their face. (I know this is probably never gonna happen but) if Wargaming chilled out on the cash grab and sat down and thoroughly combed through the game with the entire community’s input they might make one of the best games ever made. But instead it’s all money… sad.

  31. I play tier 7 MAX. . . This has become sick, I regret every minute (better say years) invested in the game as well as a lot of money. I’m really disappointed with this move, besides all these META premium tanks and now this. The game loses all possible meaning in such a MM and a balance that has not existed for a long time. . .

  32. Tier 5 right now is not a barrel of fun also. Hordes of TDs, barely one light, which is rarely bothers to spot, so everyone are redlining or suiciding. I would love patch 1.18, if there will be no italian TDs in it. As of now, just want to take a break for a week, so all the hype will go off.

  33. you are ok with the changes to ghost town that pretty much ruin it? It was a very good map before. All WG did was cut of flanking fire from the corners, like the want on every map.

  34. I returned to the game after 3 months of break then there is this. I am going on another break from another 5 or 6 months.

    Also one more thing i got 3 arty in one battle today so i think it’s not working perfectly 😑

  35. I rly like Minotauro, especially when I play against it with JagdPanzerE100, load 420 pen heat and can f*ck them as I want. Same goes for tier 8 Vipera, I face confident “I have OP Armor tank” players, and then BAM RHM with troll gun on Heats, I’ve encounterd few players who cried on pm that i ruin their gameplay xD
    And Ofc when I play clicker I focus only on them, all the time.

  36. How to conter hull down tanks wg?

    Make arties great again ❤️🎈

  37. I literally have no interest in this tank. Ive farmed the kranvang when it was Top of the tree and i was dissapointed. Powerful tank, but boring. On the other part, happy to the change to the m4 tier x, a tank that enyoed before, and now is awesome, the top gun is playlable for me now (it was a little frustrating before)

  38. Yeah…I noticed that some of the games were like you mentioned. It was slow and then people died like flies.

  39. what was my expirience since yesterday ? im still stunned !

  40. MM: tripple scout is the norm now. But artillery there was half of the time 1 and 2 on each team

  41. I agreeI agree, yesterday all the games were slow and boring, TierX 3-4 minotauro, Tier8 the same 3-4 vipera.


  42. t8-10 lowest number of tds in a battle was 14 7v7 highest was 20

  43. I agree with you french M4 guns are awesome and Italian TDs are boring to play, no fun.

  44. Kinda funny reading so many comments about arty. Even asking for arty buff so they can help with the hull down meta…
    Considering how much people hate arty, I’m kinda surprised lol

  45. btw… on the contrary Tier VII is just so bad….

  46. To those people who said Minotauro is balanced

    On my way destroying your mom with my balanced tank

  47. Played t9 med it was so hard to pen this guy even on side it has troll bounce

  48. I have been playing for 4 years, I have noticed a pattern…Everytime WG introduces a new tech tree, the tanks are OP. Everyone rushes to play those tanks, and they fill up the matchmaker. You get battles with 3+ of the new OP tank. If you play the older tanks, your stats and gameplay take a hit. A few months later, when the excitement of “new” has worn off and more and more people go back to playing their old favorites, WG nerfs the “new” tanks… It is predictable, like a clock…

    Nothing to get bent about unless you are a stat monkey…

  49. There’s reasons why I have the urge to make them implement ATGM to counter the hulldown meta. Yet people hate me for it.

  50. Hi Dez,
    I have been playing since 2013, honestly these Hulldown monsters are catastrophic for the game.
    Sure there is a way to eliminate them, my point is:
    Every new introduction of a super-powered tank render the previous tanks more or less useless.
    This is sad, because I like to play a variety of tanks, they should balance other tanks to keep them on a equal basis.
    Personally I won’t play nor buy these Italian TD’s
    And my personal point of view:
    They said WTF e100 was op…. Well look at this Minautoro and tell me it is not straight out wayyyyy better..
    Superb work Dez, love you much

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