R.I.P. Tier 10 Matchmaking 🔴| World of Tanks, The Best Alpha in The Game

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks FV251b 183 Gameplay, The Biggest Alpha in The Game. World of Tanks Best Tank Destroyer, Most Dangerous Tank, Balancing Meta Tanks – 5/FV4201 Chieftain, Kranvagn, VZ-55, Super Conqueror.

Today I am going to balance some META tanks in World of Tanks… Chieftain, Kranvagn, Super Conqueror, VZ-55… Get in line!

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. So how bad has this been for you or not noticed any difference?
    Stay Safe!

    • 20 games today,all X tiers,terrible mm whit lot of Leos and krans,every third battle i was in team that dies in 3-4 mins and i was doing alone 2/3 total dmg on my side -_- its even worse than previouse

  2. Day 1 of telling Dez I love him

  3. Playing Tiers X is now PURE GARBAGE, game last not even 5 min PURE WG garbage like wg is pure fraud

  4. alejandrozapataq

    now i think about it i havent seen a single kranvagn since the battlepass started in NA

  5. i said this would happen after clans wars finshed and with battle pass teir 10 is just so bad atm

  6. 16:05 „I was ready for the Penetration“

  7. It is sooo trueee ❤

  8. Meanwhile I cant get into any good position in my E100 since most of the time all flanks are held by hulldown Kranvagns…

  9. What a shame. Oh dear. Never mind.

  10. wish 183 would be obtainable

  11. Mm has always sucked it’s always been broken and wg says they won’t fix it because it’s broken as intended

  12. I have not seen any problem with the MM in NA server

  13. It’s always a good day when the 183 comes out to play 😎

  14. Tier 10 just got way worse than the usual circus it is. Infested with at least 2 FV’s every game. Absolute cancer ^^

    • It’s usually a platoon of 3 or a mix of 260s, 279e’s, and Chieftains

    • i almost never see more than one of those team
      i just see turbopeeking players with autoloaders dying to be able to shoot one or two into me or ooga booga yoloing superheavies penning my turret’s roof wirh HE for 1000+ with the enjoyer gun

  15. I stop playing this game, after Russia attack Ukraine,

  16. When U said RIP I thought that it will be 3-15 tier10 battle because that’s what I’m getting all day

  17. Love to see you play your favorite tank.

  18. AGREE THIS 100% too many battle pass vehicles in battles and they ruin every single game lol

  19. accairriducibili

    How to get that mod for MOE?:)

  20. Pixelateduniverse

    How do you even land those “not fully aimed shots” without even having improved aiming equipment is beyond me. My best guess is that the pudding you gave to crew must taste super delicious. When i take a shot like that, it goes to moon.

  21. Yesterday I was just casually playing with my Cent AX and then I got el halluf as a map and enemy had 7 krans and we had 6, we lost in 3mins.
    And just a minute ago I marked my M103 in 160 battles, u proud of me Dez? :))

  22. I dont get it what is the difference between this and fv4005 ? Could someone explain a thought that this is tier IX haha

    • It was in the tech tree once as the british tier 10 td, it got removed and fv4005 took its place. You can get this tanks only through events like black market.
      It has more armor and is much slower, the rest ist similar.

    • @SchalLPlatte123 no it got replace by batger

    • @Rudenko right and the fv4005 got in the second TD line, Sry.

  23. Stopped playing upper tiers years ago…impenetrable armour…those wheeled shitters…horrible MM…overpowered pay to win tanks…thanks WG🖕

  24. can you let us know when you find updated gun Mark mod which works again ?

  25. Did they secretly change the he ammo? How come my FV215b does not act like this when I fully aim?? My shots bounce or just straight up disappear and hardly ever go right to center of crosshair??

  26. ty dez for participating in kranked battlepass meta
    i rather prefer the leopard1

  27. I miss the og HE the new HE suck ass

  28. How do you get a FV215b 183?

  29. This guy legit sounds like the commander Arnold Schwarzenegger change my mind

  30. Rising Phoenix Bronco

    Uninstalled game. Intentional mismatches with 0-10 asskickings make game not playable. Good bye. Best wishes.

  31. I think SConq will be the harder to balance due to its shield.

    • What do you want to balance on the SConq? It is slow, it gets easily ammo rack and you can pen it’s turret on multiple places.. the only good thing on it is it’s dpm.. SConq is balanced

    • @Marco Rácz the “balance” refer to what Dez said in the video. Keep kalm bro.

  32. Dez, 1 small tip: if you blind fire, zoom out first and shoot from above. It changes the dynamics of the bullet trajectory so you actually shoot where you aim. If there was a tank there the trajectory would be different. Know what I mean?

  33. No one cares about playing tier 10..

  34. That half snap shot on the first game on fv4005 Was amazing. I laughed so hard at it and was like no way he damages him from thus far. And heee diddd😂😂😂😂

  35. kranwang?

  36. Ahh man these videos make my day 😂

  37. I just noticed the Leo skin for Battle Pass. Did they seriously put a Hoffman device on the barrel? lol that is for training. Lets go to NTC!

  38. Again HOW do people land those quick SHOTs WHILE my fully aimed LEOPARD with good crew miss all my full aimed shots?????

    And this happen if certain tanks aren’t balance

  39. Waiting for Type 5 heavy to be featured….

  40. How can you R.I.P. something that was already dead? There is nothing worse than t10 MM.

  41. Great video Dez! Balancing the current meta with old meta. 😁

    Shows that the FV 215b (183) still have a role to play in the hands of good players like you!

  42. It has always bugged me that the people who got the FV215B got to keep it when they switched it to the FV4005, But the WT E100 was taken from the game completely. I had the WT and lost out and never got to the FV before the change as I got sent away on a Military Deployment…

  43. Good lord – imagine hitting an ally with a Death Star BEFORE the changes to team damage….. O_O

  44. I like the video 💙
    But one question
    How can i get this FV ?
    Ps : i want thus fv not the tech tree even they are similar but i like to get the death star

  45. Truevision on wot console cold war mode has ruined this game for me, I can’t watch or play the old way anymore lol. I mean the spotting mechanics in this game are a complete farce! So true vision makes it infinitely better

  46. Well I’m one of the kranvagn scrubs so I can’t complain 😀

  47. I hate that I missed out on the 183 but somehow managed to get the heavy tank version…

  48. It has indeed died. The games the last two days have been a joke at tier 10 with the amount of sub 50% players being put into one team.. the 15/3 games are worse than ever.

  49. Gregorie Gardner

    thaT first shot awesome… if that was me though that shot would fly to the moon and hit nothing

  50. social3ngin33rin

    I’m too poor to afford to play this with what I would consider a “competitive” loadout like you lol. I’ll stick with Arty to help rebalance them.

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