R35 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

This one was hard work! The Ace with some other news.

World of Tanks for free http://play.any.tv/SHPHQ


  1. I would watch your streams if you switched to youtube :-)

  2. nice ace, and go for whatever stream you like : I don’t choose the media, I
    choose whom I watch ! 😉

    For low tier battle, I totally agree : they became rather tough to play.
    Lately, I’ve started a new line (german light tank) and grind them “vintage
    fashion” … man, the pzII grind with a stock crew was horrible, not
    because of the tank, but because of these MM (tier 3 full of BT7art, T127,
    PzIC and T18 …) and the experience of average player.
    This solution is so broken because when you jump in a tier 4 tank, you find
    back the average newbie player with 1001 battle under his belt …

  3. Armando Jorge Marques

    Go Irish :P

  4. as long as youtube has comparable quality i have no problem with that.

  5. About the 75% crew, I quess you can use a 100% from a different tank with
    multiple crew skills (6th sense) and put them in new tanks. Obviously you
    get a 25% penalty but you still have a 75% crew but with multiple crew
    And for a next video, maybe you can make a tactics video? In WW II the
    Germans used some tactics which we can use in WoT? Counterattack and such?

  6. I’d be fine with YouTube streaming. It seems to work pretty well.
    If there was some way to get notification, or maybe a regular schedule, I
    think it’d be fine.

    That was a great game. Nice work against the T1 and Pz.35t

  7. I recommend you go to YouTube Gaming, since Twitch.tv is perfoming badly
    (often impossible to watch a stream in high quality without constant
    buffering interruptions) in some regions of the world, such as Australia.

  8. No offense but I am happy to hear you had so much trouble with this ace. A
    short time ago I had a buddy try WoT and I decided to platoon with him so I
    picked the H35. I figured, it would allow me to carry a bit and give him a
    good experience and hopefully get him hooked. What a fail. Even though the
    H35 is a great tank we ran into so many players who had no issues trashing
    us. It was a terrible experience and my friend never enjoyed the game.

    As far as YT and Twitch go, I’d say do what’s best for you. To be fair, I
    rarely have the time to watch something live so I don’t get on Twitch much.

  9. Glad you finally got the ace 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  10. Youtube already have livestreams since quite a while, is there a new system
    coming? I do think you should try Youtube, I’d probably more likely watch
    that as I tend to miss Twitch streams. Additionally, it’ll be more content
    for your channel “for free” 🙂
    Also, on Youtube streams you can back up in real time if you missed

  11. Go for youtube or go for twitch, does not matter which. It is the quality
    of gameplay that matters.

  12. side strafe streams on youtube, its great! go for it :D

  13. BTW who gave thumb down?

  14. As someone mentioned before me, YouTube is easier to access. I do watch
    twitch on my android phone but sometimes quality sucks. YouTube, in my
    opinion never fails in quality… Great game…

  15. I would say try youtube streaming first before you fully commit to it,
    maybe for a month or so. So you can see all the aspects of the service,
    user interface, server reliability, etc.

  16. But OSirish they are removing the maps for low tiers 🙁 only 2 maps…can i
    get my money back for my tier 2-3 premiums?

  17. you tube is best for me and you can make some money good game i never new
    this tank was in the game lol i play too much high tire games but time to
    time i do play my PZ2J

  18. Don’t like twitch very much. Save your money, and go for Youtube…

  19. congrats but can we see some american auto loader ?

  20. I’d rather you stream on YouTube. I never go on twitch to watch livestreams
    but I’ve watched a couple on YouTube since they introduced this feature.

  21. Go for Youtube!

  22. at some point could you expand your idea about moving up the tiers too
    fast. you mentioned it on your stream at least once. it is something i have
    often wondered about, how i know when i should move on to the next tank in
    the tech tree. could you explain when you think a player is good enough to
    move up to the higher tiers

    secondly, i have watched a bit of stream on youtube before, it is no real
    difference in my experience. if people are youtube subscribers, they can
    see when you are live streaming when they open youtube and look at the subs
    list, not sure emails are really needed. i often open youtube before i open
    my emails anyway

  23. Twitch is great but u need to go there and You tube is more popular on
    daily base ( at least in my case).
    Nice game, cheers.

  24. Awesome video. Are you going to do a Is it worth it for the Type 59 Patton?

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