RADAR GUIDED BRRRRRRRRRTTTTT | Goodbye Aircraft ( War Thunder Anti-Air Gameplay)

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  1. I think jets will get missiles that, much like the AA radar, you can set a target from say, 3km out and fire and it will seek that target, this would make it more balanced because if you get closer than that… well… brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt.

  2. Phly, I suck at aiming SPAA, and I play on the ps4 so maybe that has something to do with why I am bad, but having that available to me makes SPAA something I can enjoy.

  3. R they going to add this to the sabers because their radar works the same way but u have to have the enemy in ur sights

  4. Charlotte Elwyn Yeager

    Plane radar!!!!!! Like nightfighters

  5. That “Hehehe” laugh he does reminds me of Candace from Phineas and Ferb XD

  6. Look i think ” Radar” works well enough as just being mouse controlled. controlling your gun with a mouse rather than the physical controls of the tank is radar enough

  7. The next Prowler will be the F-18 Prowler.

  8. NikolaiSlapabitch

    But this is exactly what these AA tanks were for to take out low lvl planes I don’t see an issue I think this is the best and easiest way to introduce radar into the game I think they should add it to planes that used it aswell suck as the saber jets and even some of ther heavy WW2 fighters that used them

  9. Why gainjin dont add Osório mbt this tank are the rival of M1 abrams and he até wins bit he are not chosed by the arabiam because he are the prototype um 1987 .

  10. i finally got gud in realistic tank battles thanks to you, can u possibly use american planes suck as the p 61 and show me how its done

  11. They do not have radar

  12. Too much hand hold
    I agree

  13. The “I agree” at the end was perfectly timed lol

  14. I think radar needs to be implemented into the game in some way, but not that. Maybe an indicator the gives you a general idea of where it aim instead of showing you EXACTLY where to shoot to hit the target?

  15. I was more hoping for air burst for the large gunned anti air the high tier ones really didn’t need help

  16. The irony that plane player cries cos tank player ruined the game, then seeing butthurt tank player cursing plane player.

  17. Hi Phly, could you play as the British using Cromwell’s, Churchill’s, whatever…. no HE filler would be a fun challenge!

  18. I really like this easy mode. I’ve been playing over 4k hr’s with tanks and it feels i’ve been killed mostly by planes. Numerous games we have been for good. After few planes, we lost majority of our tanks and we lost, because the enemies last two tanks got two cap’s. It’s not fair and the headline says ”tank realistic battle”. Also i’ve died in numerous fun duels with another tank, when their cas came and deleted me. Sometimes even the enemy pixel’s controlles responded and said sorry for that plane. I already see less planes in tank rb and i’m very happy about that.

  19. Oh yes, i forgot. Take out the SB2C-5 and use it as a high altitude fighter. Surprice is waiting. Attempt quite many.

  20. this would teach asshole in the air
    let the tanker be tanker

  21. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Play the M48 in stock configuration (you can uncheck the modifications making it stock)
    Or…play the M48 using only the APCR shell. Good luck, you will need it Attempt #25

  22. its really fuckin simple i wouldn’t recommend shooting at me
    because you gun goes pew pew while mine goes

  23. Ston3bridg3 Viking

    Man, this is just to much. A radar wouldn’t help you lead for target…. then you should do it with the German planes with Radar as well. if you can’t hit a aircraft with these Spaa you shouldn’t be in one, it’s way to easy to kill them without the lead. Not a fan of this.

  24. Not sure you’ve made a video on the Type 87 Japanese Gepard?

  25. Give A-10 already

  26. People are just going to get salty because it means planes and CAS in particular are less horribly overpowered and it becomes more realistic warfare. It’s an improvement for the gameplay.

    When was the last time you saw CAS low-flying in a wartime situation where there’s anything like modern anti-air? That’s right, you didn’t.
    Because the invention of guided missiles and radar-guided AA cannons utterly saw an end to the era of underhindered CAS. It’s why the US never bothered to design a sucessor for the aging A10 Warthog for decades, untill the F35 JSF; untill the invention of stealth, there was no point in having a CAS plane at all, save for situations where there is no AA (Afghanistan) and the A10s also work.

    As Israel discovered during the Yom Kippur War trying to attack Egypt’s AA screen, and as the Russians discovered trying to fly sorties of terrorism against civilian villages in Afghanistan, but then suddenly the defenseless farmers had Stinger missiles.

    Israel had to let the Egyptians advance into the Sinai out of their AA screen, and the Russians had to cease daytime flights altogether to get around it. AA simply rules the sky. Especially when the radar gets more advanced like on the PRTL Cheetah, a Gepard with improved radar. Two or three linked Cheetahs can take down an entire squadron of attack helicopters in under 20 seconds, without the flight having much of a chance of doing anything back.

    Basically the only limition those systems have is ammunition capacity.

  27. suicide cas is not great either in rb. Sim requires enough skill to actually do something, but rb is just kamikaze everywhere

  28. Challenge time, win a game against the russians in the F-84b

  29. High tier sucks

  30. Is it not possible to fly under the radar?


    THE THING GOES BRRRRRRRTTT, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka

  32. I wish there would be proper sights for AA, at the moment only rate of fire matters.


  34. but in reallife cant you fly below rader?


    But for real imo slow firing SPAAS like Russian ZSU-37 with single 37mm should get something to make them better, with slow ass firerate it more difficult to take down planes. It does not help the that the Russian 37mm HE round is not that great with its 23g of explosive or something. Sometimes one round seems to do the job but rarely, for one fighter I had to put three rounds in before it went down.
    Compare that to Ostwind with its 250 shots/minute firerate and HE round with nearly 100 grams of good stuff inside, one round for fighters is all you need in like 97% of cases.

  36. Ugh, those CRAMs will make you deaf if you happen to be near one when they go off. I have many memories of LSA Anaconda

  37. that’s not too much hand-hold man, Arados have fucked us long enough, it’s time for some paybacks. (or at least not seeing them on the skies much anymore)

  38. Asking Phly for the possibility of a top tier anti CAS video yesterday and then this shows up, christmas came early this year. Thank you so much for that Phly! Now grinding down the path the Gepard 1 gets an even thicker grin on my face.

  39. We need a huge map, 64+ players with planes tanks and ships. Could be split into BR groups. Respawn with SL or SP idc. That would be all I would play.

  40. I do think, and kinda really hope that they will bring the Helicopters back from last years april fools, but in the techtree for rank 6. Its fun, and its different, but it will need a bit of work to be balanced.

  41. If anything, Pilots in Ground RB will have to either adapt or die. No more coming in high and diving on the enemy, now they have to come in low and fast and surprise the enemy.

  42. People need to learn to stop flying high and instead come in low so the aa has no time to engage, like pilots did realistically

  43. Teodor Todorovski

    I think that I mean Rachel isn’t good idea but I think that is to accurate

  44. This feature is especially good on the French SPAA, the AMX-30 DCA because its BR of 7.3 is much lower than the other SPAAs with this feature. This means that planes at this slightly lower tier are less gun shy. In most matches you’re the only spaa with radar so can can wreak some serious havoc on planes

  45. This is bad…

  46. why was there a fraps counter at the start? PHLY USES FRAPS

  47. I think this makes sense, it’s to simulate warfare not just give some play time to people.
    this also opens strategic and tacical possibilites like the spaa systems becoming a higher priority target for the ground units.

  48. New jets,faster more agile,a bit help with aiming wouldn’t be too bad,can’t wait for the 1.79 update ,they are probably going to add new jets

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