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Source: PhlyDaily

#tanks # #warthunder


  1. @MrBrander p

  2. play the Conway please!

  3. You should make a “Like A Boss” compilation out of all your videos. I feel that you have enough of those moments to do that.

  4. x̶x̶_w̶o̶1f̶r̶a̶m̶i̶t̶e̶_x̶7 X_XXXII_

    Love dis phonk music classic., 0:01

  5. The Slumlord Hunter

    Well done on the nuke. Just got my first ever in a Falcon running it at 10.0

  6. Me who’s gotten nukes only to be shot down by teammates *cries in sadness*

  7. Your intro startled me because I thought my screen was broken jeez phly

  8. Please take the i-16 type 10 for a phlight?

    Been requesting for years

  9. fucking sick intro

  10. 11:12 what a perfect but weird timing lol

  11. That bt5 racing to his ground and pounder lol

  12. like a cannon…only smaller….

  13. Phil using phonk = Phil gets instant godmode

  14. Average Snail god praiser

    Wish I had the hvg

  15. what was the dude in the BT5 strategy cap then J-out and didn’t see him in the kill feed after that??? Does anyone have an idea as i see this type of gameplay regularly

  16. Less gooo phonk intro

  17. crimson moon gaming

    Hey phlyDaily I would like to game on warthunder with you one day so we can grind together

  18. I have got a message from a Phly dailyreward and wanted to ask if its real since I don’t think it seams legit

  19. HVG been buffed with a auto loader now?

    It used to have like 7.9-8.5 s reload (absurd for its size)

  20. Phly pls stop recycling content

  21. is Italy even worth a grind? feel like the ariete is just a dollar store challenger

  22. What is your phavourite/least phavourite map in war thunder?

  23. Italy is so underrated, especially at 8.7, the centauro is an absolute beast and at 11.0 the centauro 120 is a killing machine.

  24. i dont know if im crazy but isnt there an AUBL at 4.7?

  25. Not a fan of the generic infomercial music inserted into the video.

  26. So happy for you finally getting to see ur nuke go off

  27. I have to say my man : Its not the rampage like you used to do

  28. Mmmm, APFSDS at 7.7. My American 6.7 heavy set loves this.

  29. ME Waiting for the Spintires/ Warthunder game XD

  30. 11:11 the announcer agrees, no more adphantage

  31. It basically needs SnowRunner physics YESSSSS

  32. Never thought I’d see the day when Phly and Phonk would enter the same plain of existence…

  33. If they added the ground physics you’re talking about you’d whinge constantly oh this is stupid why am I getting slowed down, WTF I just got killed because I hit some soft ground. It would be constant whaa whaa whaa

  34. UnicornStalkR Gaming

    Too bad I’ll never own it

  35. Jesse Van Vilsteren

    Ground physics would make the game unplayable for the lower tier pc users, way to much rendering to do that on a semi budget pc.

  36. MostDopeWhooper whoopwhoop

    I hear the intro phonk music drop in, but see no tanks drifting… Bit anti climactic

  37. Hearing Gone Beethoven

    FUCK YES!! Phonk music and warthunder. perfect fucking mix!

  38. Day-112 of asking for a T18b (57) Video.

  39. What happened to White Rock Fortress map?

  40. Nein hier ist Patrick.

    Intro and introsong banged pls more

  41. Italian Cancer Machine

  42. Day 1 of asking for cheese wedge six shooter

  43. too expensive for me 🙁

  44. love the phonk music tbh should start using it more

  45. Phat R3 with hvapfsds

  46. “I need a nuke on those coordinates”
    “but sir those are just corn fields in the middle of nowhere, and we’re winning the battle do we need it?”
    “fuck it, nuke them”

  47. Definitely, pizza was radioactive – such a teenage mutant 60 mils)

  48. Seeing a new Phlydaily vid gives such a feeling of happiness.

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